This is the news I read this Wednesday morning, October 25, at Newsarama:


Due to an error, retailers serviced by Diamond Comic Distributors’ Memphis Distribution Center will not receive SEVEN SOLDIERS #1 (AUG060221) and SUPERGIRL AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #23 Standard Edition (AUG060226) this week.

These issues now are set to reach retailers on November 1.”


One more week to wait on Seven Soldiers #1. All because of an error, an error!


What the heck kind of error prevents an already six months late comic book to be shipped the very week it’s finally scheduled to be distributed? Didn’t it already ship on Monday? Did someone not pack it with the other comics? How do I know if my retailer has any connection to Diamond’s Memphis branch? If I fly out to Diamond’s Memphis Distribution Center today, can I pick up my copy tomorrow?

?and double sigh.

Shipping delays of comic books are nothing new, of course, but they have been happening with alarming frequency lately. It’s not an “end of the world” kind of alarming, it’s not even a “dang-it-the-water-heater-just-blew-up” kind of alarming, it’s the “dagnabbit, I’m really looking forward to reading this comic book and it keeps getting delayed, but that’s okay, there’s this other comic book I’m really looking forward to reading, but, shoot, it’s just been delayed, too, well, at least there’s this particular comic that comes out next week so I’ll look forward to that; oops, Newsarama just reported it won’t be coming out until the end of December” sort of alarming.

Am I venting? Heck, yeah. Am I disappointed? Certainly. Will I get over it? Absolutely. But it’s going to take a little while. I was really, really, really looking forward to reading Seven Soldiers #1.

In fact, there were, still are, I guess, three other comics I’m looking forward to this week: Planetary #26, Justice #8, and 52 Week 25. No errors appear to be involved in the delivery of those books, so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and hope. In the meantime, something has to fill the big hole that the delay of Seven Soldiers has created, so it’s back to this week’s pull list to decide what grabs me the most. It’s a toss-up between Action Comics #844, Castle Waiting II #2, Jack of Fables #4, Secret Six #5, and Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #4. Honestly, I could hold off on any of these and just catch up on the books I’ve been meaning to read but haven’t worked my way to yet: Charlton Spotlight #5, Rocketo #11 and 12 (nothing has restored my faith in the comic book as pure adventure story than Frank Espinosa’s Rocketo), The Eternals, or All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #5. Oh, wait, I’m still waiting on that last one, silly me.

It’s times like these when any issue of Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth between #s 1-24 looks real inviting. Or the Batman classic, “Night of the Reaper,” by O’Neil and Adams, just in time for Halloween. Y’know, just forget the frustrating present, throw myself into the illustrious comics past, pluck out a personal classic and just plain escape. Utilize comics to escape from comics. That’s what happens when you’ve read and collected comics for decades: you can slap the very hand you’re feeding on with the other hand you’ve been nurturing for years. Take that, DC! Take that, Diamond Distributors! Here’s Detective Comics #471-476 in your face, and not a delayed issue in the bunch, and that was in the day when they were being delivered to me by subscription!!

Well, I did state it would take a while for me to get over my disappointment.

Has Seven Soldiers really been that good? I think so. It has its flaws ? sometimes I had the feeling I was missing an issue between issues or a particular sequence got fragmented and pieced back together wrong ? but overall I’ve been getting a kick out of it. Morrison has dug deep into obscure DC history, plucking characters and addressing situations from late Silver Age and early Bronze Age issues of Justice League of America and World’s Finest Comics. Being a long-time DC Comics reader I really appreciate Morrison’s dismissal of the we-at-DC-have-decided-that-so-and-so-didn’t-happen-in-current-DC-continuity-therefore-it-can’t-be-used theory; Grant just uses whatever obscure characters he wants and blends it in to what he’s doing now. That’s the way it should be, and I love it. I know, I know, not everybody has read comics for thirty plus years non-stop and won’t catch the references, but I have, and it makes for a real treat, and if Morrison is reading this, I want him to know it.

I’m not helping myself here. I’m just making myself want Seven Soldiers #1 more and more.

Maybe only Memphis is being affected by the delay. Maybe the rest of the country will get Seven Soldiers #1. I think I’ll call my local comics shop, Comic Odyssey, just to confirm.

Just to confirm that they got it! They got Seven Soldiers #1!! But Newsarama reported that it had been delayed for a week!!! And yet I’ll have it this afternoon!!!! Continuity had been disrupted (I guess only in Memphis), the universe reset itself (or is Superboy still throwing punches?), and Seven Soldiers #1 is at the comic book shop waiting for me just as it should be!!!!! I am so happy!!!!!!

Shamelessly bizarre, but happy.

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