WonderCon, despite its temporary move to Anaheim, was as much fun as ever. In addition to getting to meet Felicia Day, hanging out with Once Upon A Time/Battlestar Galactica/Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer Jane Espenson and interviewing Rod Roddenberry, there were great panels and some really interesting and fun work on offer (Puddin Don't being one of our personal faves). But while there were a lot of costumed characters across the street at the Magic Kingdom, the best were definitely to be found at the Anaheim Convention Center.

And they had an amusing impact on the environs. The convention center was split between WonderCon and what looked to be a high school girls volleyball tournament. As the doors to WonderCon opened and the crowds, some in costume, started to pour in, nervous faces began to appear in the doorways of the rooms reserved for the volleyball players, obviously confused and concerned about the intrusion of geeks into their world. As the days wore on and more costumed folks made their way through the lobby, the athletes grew bolder until eventually they too were stopping the cosplayers to snap pics of themselves with a wide array of characters, asking questions and getting tips on creating their own. It was a thing of beauty, and this year's WonderCon featured some great costumes.



10. Spartan — Not the Greek Kind

We always respect a good Spartan costume. The UNSC were out in full force this year, in a variety of colors, gender, and general 'tude. 



9. Disney Tribute

Yeah, we were in Anaheim, so it might have felt a little like overkill, but the workmanship was so good. And certainly popular: they had a hard time getting through the crowd and into the actual con. We particularly loved the two different Robin Hood characters, one from the 1973 animated Robin Hood and the other live-action.



8. The Judge Isn't Pleased

Despite holding his own between two sharply dressed Spartans, Judge Dredd doesn't appear to be that happy. Of course, is that really a surprise?



7. Witch King of Angmar, Mark 2

This upgraded version of last year's model, which we saw previously at San Diego Comic-Con, features an upgraded helmet which, among other improvements, contains a second fan to increase air flow (Smart!). No word on whether the mace is slated to lose any weight before the next show; it has clear advantages when the line for the concession stand is just too long.



6. St. Patty's Day, Bringing Enemies Together

Found these two just hanging out by the game tables towards the back. Not every day you see a Wookie wearing a green bowler hat or an Empire pilot sporting non-regulation green clover badges. Obviously, the two had just tied one on at the local pub and were ready for the Masquerade. Hey, Empire stooge, some friendly advice: let the Wookie win.



5. Two Harleys Are Better Than One

These two little girls didn't plan this meetup. They ran into each other while checking out the Con with their fathers, just off-camera, and were happy to strike an impromptu pose. We particularly loved the the laces for the boots of the Harley on the right.


4. Sometimes, Size Does Count

That beast of a weapon was at least six — and possibly up to eight — feet long (okay, so we forgot to bring our yardstick — we'll try to remember to pack it next year) and weighed a ton. Wisely, this Noble Spartan waited until Sunday to don this set of armor. The con was crowded enough on Saturday that he wouldn't have had to fire that thing to take out the Covenant. Just trying to walk around with it would have created a substantial body count.



3. Duct Tape Warrior Princess

The thing that makes this outfit one of the top ten is the construction. All of the scales, leg and arm bands, and lorica segmentata-style shoulder guards are made out of duct tape and cardboard. Each cardboard piece is wrapped seamlessly which, when working with duct tape, is not always easy to do. And the costume itself was incredibly light…. and not just because there wasn't a lot to it.



2. Another Zelda Generation

These kids, and probably their mother, made sure these outfits were good from head to toe. And that's not all the serious work that went into their look. Hard to tell, but even the makeup jobs were done well and fit with the characters. There were lots of families this year. And why not? After all, the family that cosplays together…



1. Someone Looks a Little Angry

Our favorite costume of the show. The well-done pose, augmented with props, sells the excellent cost
ume, complete with beak, eyebrow makeup, and spiked black hair. But while the execution was flawless, it was the originality that really sold us on this one. That and the gentlemen's perfect expression.


So that's it for this year's WonderCon. There were fewer costumes than last year (we appear to have caught Southern California off-guard), but the level of dedication and imagination for those who brought it was pretty impressive, and based on the reactions of the volleyball players, we weren't the only ones who thought so. We're looking forward to what next year holds!