Fellow Canadian, member of the Webcomic Alliance, Illustrator and Habs fan in Hocket. Drezz Rodriguez has been in the comic and illustration community for over a decade. We discuss muses, traditional mediums, creativity and mental blocks.

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Kurt Sasso has had a passion for talking with creative people who tell interesting stories. Since 2008, he has been the driving force behind running and interviewing in a one person operation Two Geeks Talking (or TGT as the acronym that is most commonly used). With his love of all things Geeky from Cartoons to Comics/Webcomics, TV and Film, Music (of all kinds), and Video Games (yes, even from the Commodore 64 days) this show was a natural progression to expand his knowledge and showcase these talented persons that cross his path.Currently in his seventh year as host of the show, he continues to bring in famous guests that will share their personal experiences, stories and life aspirations all for the younger generations to watch, listen and learn as they too find their passion in life. As he has always said, “Everyone has a story to tell… It’s up to me to bring it out of them.”