I liked Grantland.  Who didn’t?  The articles were well written and, perhaps more importantly, well considered.  These weren’t your every day “here’s a thing I like/hate and why” columns you find on so many web sites.  There was depth, even when the subject matter suggested otherwise.

Of course, it had to end.  Let’s face facts: long form pieces have a niche audience, and if you’re writing about subjects that generally have huge audiences (like, say, sports), then you’re going to have a hard go.

And perhaps we’re setting ourselves up for failure by introducing a section of niche articles for a niche fan base, but we’re firmly in the camp of people who believes writing the pieces is its own reward (it’s certainly not money).

We have a lot of smart people writing for us here at ComicsBulletin.  And they often have a lot of incredible things to say.  And sometimes that takes time and many, many words.

Welcome to The Long-Form.

You may have noticed that a few months ago the navigation was changed on ComicsBulletin.com.  And, if you were so inclined, you may have noticed a few new sections popping up.  If you go to Columns, you’ll see a nice list of sections in the drop down, one of which is The Long-Form.

We’ve already populated it with the longer, more in-depth pieces we’ve published at CB, things like the multi-part series on the phenomenal Daytripper, the brilliant piece from Keith Silva on artist Vanessa Del Rey’s work on Hit, or the fantastic series of articles by Jason Sacks on the modern classic, “Thriller.”  You’ll see a new piece added in a few hours about the 2015 edition of Best American Comics.

Expect weekly additions to the section.  Every Wednesday, we’ll add something we consider to be more intense and considered than the average column on any other site.  Next week, we’ll start our series on the Sandman.

A lot of time, energy, and thought went into all of these pieces and we think they’re pretty special.


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EIC of Comics Bulletin, author of "I Pray Hardest When I'm Being Shot At," contributor to "Best New Writing 2014" and "Joss Whedon: Complete Companion," shopper of multiple YA books