Wha...Huh? #1
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The tone of this silly comic starts with the first page. We see the Watcher. He watches everything. Everything including pretty girls getting dressed. “…of all the awe-inspring events that have made the planet Earth so unique, I have never seen anything so pathetic as your purchase of this stupid comic book. And I’ve seen pathetic. I was there for CrossGen.” says the man with one hand down his robe. Ahem. The next page delivers the musical question, “What if the Avengers all had beards?” and then we’re off for 35 pages of intense wackiness from a whole slew of top-line writers letting
their hair (if they have hair, that is) down. We get a take-off on DC’s Identity Crisis, read a funny bit on racism and the Black Panther, read a funny take on “What if Stan Lee were the writer of Ultimate Spider-Man?”

It’s all a lot of fun, though your mileage may vary on some of the pieces.

Your mileage may vary regarding the art of Jim Mahfood. He’s fun for a few pages, but after awhile I exceeded my doctor’s recommended daily allowance of Mahfood. (You see why I write reviews and not comics.) All those sketchy drawings, all those Will Elder-style text in the art, got a little old after a while.

But really, my only complaint is that the comic didn’t have enough of the losers like Disco Dazzler, Spider-Ham and Darkhawk from the cover. Sigh. Maybe for the sequel.