It’s been one of those interesting weeks.

The Priest diatribe from last week garnered passionate response on both sides of the argument, and a special thanks to anyone who fired off an e-mail, or posted on a message board, to weigh in on the issue. Also gotta mention the love people have been showing the little Cross preview that ran in last week’s All The Rage. I had this private panic attack when it came time to drop the final lettering on Clement’s pencils, so the positivity was much appreciated. Judging by the response, and by the other script I’m polishing over the weekend, 2004 may be a very cool place. And because of the script I’m working on, time is a bit monopolized, so this week I leave you in the care of the Quotables. Been scribbling these in my notebook over the last few weeks, and finally sat down and put them all together.

Back with force next week. Enjoy the upcoming holiday. Go see Return of the King.

RED #3 (Warren Ellis)

“I don’t threaten. I don’t pose. I don’t play. I kill people. That’s all I do. That’s all I’ve done since I was nineteen years old. I can either hide and do nothing, or kill. You wouldn’t let me hide. The people who come after you need to know what happens when I can’t hide.”– Paul Moses

“The things this country’s men have turned into make me sick. I am haunted by everything I have done. I have shot women in the back. I’ve blown men’s brains out over their wives. I’ve made children watch their parents bleed out into the street. I did these things because it was explained to me that America would not remain safe otherwise. These are the hard choices. And make no mistake, I will go to my grave regretting the horror I have spread. But I am not a monster because I kill. Killing is easy. I am a monster because I accept the hard choices. I am a monster because I see that my actions in the service of my people will cause nothing but terror and pain. And I do them anyway.”– Paul Moses

Alias #28 (Brian Michael Bendis)

“You best stop giving me that look, little Ant-Man. I didn’t kill you because it’s cheap drama compared to what I plan to do today. But that doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t. I want you to look at me–look at me like you look at her…Look at me like you want to fuck me because I’m the best a third-rate character like you could do.”– The Purple Man

Catwoman #25 (Ed Brubaker)

“I’m just so tired of watching the heart get ripped out of my little piece of Gotham…

the East End. My soul is tied to this place now. Because it’s cost me so much in blood and tears…But this is where the Catwoman was born…and if it has to be, this is where she’ll die. But not without a fight. Never without a fight.”– Catwoman

Batman #621 (Brian Azzarello)

“Two people had been murdered. A mother and a father. When their son was taken away by policemen, they told him he would be fine. He didn’t say a thing. He knew they were lying to him…and so did I.”– Batman

Fantastic Four #507 (Mark Waid)

“Because you were too arrogant to hear me out, your machine was unable to harness the energies you’d tapped. And from then on, there was no redeeming you. If I’d tried harder to make you listen to me, could I have saved the world from the path you took? Probably not, but “probably” isn’t much consolation when you set my wife’s face on fire. Tortured my children. I can’t take the blame for all you’ve done, Victor. But someone has to take the responsibility.”– Mr. Fantastic

Wanted #1 (Mark Millar)

“My boy, when you’ve killed, caressed, or fucked just about anything that ever walked or crawled, sometimes it’s enough just to sit back and watch for a change.”– The Killer

Silver Surfer #3 (Dan Chariton & Stacy Weiss)

“The deity is real, because your mommy’s mind makes her real. This is why it is so important to think only thoughts of light. Dark thoughts, too, take on their own reality, and once created it is impossible to uncreate them.”– Amnel

Sleeper #11 (Ed Brubaker)

“Okay, maybe you don’t understand your situation, you piece of shit…but you are one pussy hair away from spending the rest of your life strapped to an operating table. Now, you tell me what you know about Tao, and maybe we can make you a deal. Maybe get you a room with a view, instead.”– Marc Slayton

DEMO #2 (Brian Wood)

“I’m gonna be writing all this down, for you to read. It’s ‘cuz I don’t talk much.

I don’t talk at all, really. Not anymore, and not for the rest of my life.”– Emmy

Superman/Batman #4 (Jeph Loeb)

“Now, before you black out…my glove? It’s called “The Claw of Horus.” It draws its power from the magnetic core of the Earth. Essentially…I just hit you with the planet.”– Hawkman

Teen Titans #6 (Geoff Johns)

“The proper office of a friend is to side with you when you are in the wrong. Nearly anybody will side with you when you are in the right.”– Kid Flash, quoting Mark Twain

Ultimate X-Men #40 (Brian Michael Bendis)

“We get to look people in the eye and say, “Listen I’m a mutant. I’m not a good person, or a bad person. I’m just a person. And really, the only thing even remotely special about me is that I would fight, hard, for your right to be different.”– Storm

New X-Men #150 (Grant Morrison)

“You did it, Logan…you released the Phoenix Consciousness. I used the disintegrating asteroid and the sun’s energy to build and power our transport. Total telekinetic control of matter at the molecular level. I had to die to come back, Logan. But I don’t know how long they’ll let me stay.”– Jean Grey, the Phoenix

“I kept running from all the rotten feelings En Sabah Nur brought out in me! Running from this rage I’ve repressed my entire life. So you know what? No more running. No more holding back. I’ve decided to let the rage loose. I’ve decided to let it loose on people like you.”– Cyclops

“Magneto had become a legend in death, an inspiration for change. Now look at you–just another self-important old man, with outdated thoughts in his head. You have nothing this new generation of mutants wants…except for your face on a T-shirt.”– Professor X

“Live, Scott. Live. All I ever did was die on you.”– Jean Grey, the Phoenix


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