Where can I find how much my comics are worth?
— Unsigned

Anywhere you can sell them, my anonymous friend. Their value is exactly what someone else is willing to pay you for them.
Of course, that’s not the answer you want, so once again I direct you (and everyone else who discovers a gold mine of old comics somewhere) to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide or online sites http://www.comicspriceguide.com or http://www.nostomania.com/.

My question is how one is supposed to grade and value hardback volumes with slipcases. I just returned from the Orlando MegaCon convention and one of my purchases was the very nice DEADMAN COLLECTION from 2001. It was in a half-off bin because the slipcase was slightly damaged. The book and its dust jacket are in seemingly mint condition.
Now, the way I understand it, doesn’t one grade the book itself? If the book itself is in mint, it gets a mint price. The value is usually raised “above” the mint price based on a mint dust jacket and slipcase, right? Somewhere I heard that. Is that correct (or maybe that’s only with long out of print items)?
Or does one assume the mint price includes the slipcase and then goes down with damage to the slipcase, effectively making my Deadman volume a “very fine” or “fine”?
Now, I understand that in reality if the book is still readily available with the slipcase, then one with a damaged slipcase will be worth much less (otherwise, I myself wouldn’t have gotten on at half price). However, I would like to try to understand the general feeling on this in order to know how I should grade my copy and what grade/price I should assign it in my inventory database. Thanks.
— David Young (young_d1@firn.edu)

Well, David, the price you should assign to it should be what you paid for it. And since the dealer you bought it from had placed it in the half-off bin, it would seem likely that he took the damaged slipcase into account and valued it at less than mint condition.
Of course, there is also the school of thought that believes that it is no longer mint as soon as you remove the plastic shrinkwrap!
Which brings to mind a conversation that took place during a meeting at DC some years ago, when putting comics in “collector edition” polybags was all the rage. (The “Death of Superman” issue was one of them.) Someone in the Marketing Department commented that the “serious collectors” were just as concerned that the polybag be in mint condition as they were about the book inside.
“So,” I responded, “you’re telling me that these guys won’t even open the bag because then it won’t be mint any more?”
“That’s right.”
“Then they’ll never KNOW the condition of the book inside. In fact, we could stuff old issues of G.I. COMBAT in there instead and they’d never know the difference!”
“Well, um…yeah…”
I’ll leave it to all of you out there with “mint” polybagged books to ponder whether we went ahead with my suggestion or not.

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I found some DAREDEVIL comic books in a drainage ditch and there still in really good shape. I was just wandering how much they are worth. Some of them are ANNUALs. So if you can please email me back with an answer. If you need more info about the comic books email me and tell me.
— Chelsea Harris (Hoopstarch@aol.com)

I’d guess their value to be minimal, at least to the person who tossed them into that ditch. However, scroll back up to the suggestions of where to check their values. Or just read the books and enjoy them.

A suggestion: Why not stop answering questions on the market value of back issue comics? You could just give everyone a standard reply…
–Mike Comeau (michael.comeau@gnb.ca)

Gee, Mike, if I did that, I’d never get the chance to write a really easy column. Think of this as our own version of “The Antique Roadshow”: Lots of people who think that every old comic book they find (in their attic, in Great Aunt Edna’s basement, or even in a drainage ditch) is worth a fortune discover that they’re not.
That said, here’s where I go ahead and give people the catalog values for various and sundry books they think are going to pay for vacations, college educations or a new house. Those of you who find this boring should scroll down to the next break…

I have a lot of DC and Marvel comics from the early 70’s, mostly Superman. But I have two that I cannot locate to get a rough estimate. One is GHOSTS #41, the other is UNCANNY TALES FROM THE GRAVE #9, both from 1975. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. — John C (y2jjcampbell@hotmail.com)

The GHOSTS issue catalogues at $1 in Good to $8 in Near Mint; the range on UNCANNY TALES is $2 and $12.

I’d like to know if these comic books are worth anything?
X-MEN #122
THE PUNISHER (first issue unlimited series)
— Adrian (nahzha@yahoo.com)

CULT – $6 in NM; X-MEN – $4 in Good to $45 in NM; PUNISHER – $6 in NM.

I have a Spider-Man comic book that is titled SPIDEY SUPER STORIES, published by Marvel, 1977. This book is co-presentation on Marvel Comics and the old children’s show “The Electric Company.” Is this book worth anything?
— Mark (sandersm29@hotmail.com)

Depending on which issue and its condition, anywhere from $2 to $12.

I have a SUPERMAN’S GIRLFRIEND LOIS LANE in “The Forbidden Box from Krypton” #10, 1957 issue; how much is this worth? And BATMAN #127 featuring “The Hammer of Thor.” How much are they worth? Please contact me ASAP.

The Lois Lane book is actually SHOWCASE #10 and it catalogs anywhere from $215 to $3800. The BATMAN issue catalogs from $30 to $275. (Looks like you’re the winner this time!)

I have every DAREDEVIL comic book since it was relaunched in 1998. I’m thinking I should just keep the collection going until at least #100, but I’d still like to know how much they’re worth altogether.
— Michael Powell (orionxp@yahoo.com)

In NM, $6 for #1, $5 for #2 and $3 each for all the rest.

— Dave Marano (Rollin_On_Dubs_2003@hotmail.com)

$3 in NM.

I have a 1968 Disney comic book of THE JUNGLE BOOK. Can you tell me what it might be worth and who to contact, if I want to sell it?
— Anita (lcox@nrr.com)

That would be WALT DISNEY SHOWCASE #45, ranging from $3 to $24. As for potential buyers, I don’t make recommendations of that sort.

Trying to find out what the 1974 FAMOUS FIRST EDITION #F4 is worth??
— Candy (Lenslady@theriver.com)

That’s the tabloid-sized reproduction of WHIZ COMICS #1 and it ranges from $4 to $40.

How much are STAR WARS comic books worth published in 1977?
— Dorothy Padilla (dpadilla@europaautos.com)

Depending on which issues and their condition, anywhere from a dime to a hundred dollars.

— Spencer Naiad (goofy185@hotmail.com)

It catalogues at $3 in NM.

How much is the very first GAMBIT comic book worth?
— Jake Brackman (jdhjbrack@charternet.net)

The 1993 #1 catalogues at $2 to $15.

How much is the first Superman comic worth?
— AJ (AnthonyJ1220@aol.com)

The fabled ACTION COMICS #1 from 1938? Gee, AJ, if you had that in mint condition, you could probably get $100,000 or more. Of course, if you have one of the many reprints of the book, you might get a couple of bucks!

I have 2 comic books: THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Vol. 1 #102, and DAREDEVIL Vol. 1 #13. Could you tell me how much these are worth in VERY GOOD condition?
— Paul (paul_2284@yahoo.com)

$22 for HULK, $7 for DD.
Are Gold Key STAR TREK comics Sept. 1969 and #10210-812(no month listed) worth anything? Condition is fair.
— Derek Rougeau (jrougeau@berkshire.net)

Maybe $4 each, depending on how fair the condition.

I have a MARVEL TALES STARRING SPIDER-MAN #61 of 1975. About how much would you say it’s worth?
— Justin (Mastervincent238@yahoo.com)

$4 in NM.

I was wondering if it’s possible if you could tell me how much my comic book is worth! It’s called THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN THE BARBARIAN #1 from 1974. And it’s in plastic and is in near perfect condition. I am not having any success with locating any information about it. This would be really helpful! Thank you greatly!
— Stephanie (stephanie4969@hotmail.com)

It catalogs for $175 in NM condition.

I have the first 32 issues of Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man, including the green, silver, and gold #1’s. I also have a mint Superman (the one after he died where he comes back)! I have 5 #1 issues of X-Force with all the trading cards in the original plastic. How much are these worth?
— Steve (tokin1_2@yahoo.com)

All in NM condition:$4 each through #26, $3 each #s 27-32, $8 green, $10 silver, $6 gold. $6 for Supes and $5 for X-Force.

I have an Incredible Hulk card #1 made in 1992 and it looks 3-D and is holographic. How much is it worth? I also have a Youngblood card that was also made in 1992
— Jimmy McLellan (jimmymclellan@hotmail.com)

…I have like 10-15 1980 Superman cards (SUPERMAN 2). Are they worth anything?
— Angie (angie30069@aol.com)

…How much is a mint 1993 DC Captain Marvel hologram Hall of Fame card worth?
— Ross (stargurl8586@hotmail.com)

…I was just wondering if you knew where there was a website that would tell me how much my original Pokemon cards would be worth.
— Bobby (bad boy02628)

…I have a complete set of 94 Fleer Ultra X-Men cards and also a 6 of 6 matching foil card set. I would just like to know what they are currently worth in either market or buying just to get a general idea.
— Ben (cava1997@comcast.net)

I have no catalogue for trading cards nor do I plan on buying one. And I haven’t found any online sites with Pokemon card values. Anyone want to offer answers to these folks?

Okay, I have a bag full of pogs. Some came in little collector sets like an NBA set I have. Some came from MAD magazine (like the OJ “Slammer”) and others I actually bought from a street vendor… no markings of manufacture of any kind. My question is: Are they worth the storage space to keep? Will they ever appreciate in value? And how about McDonalds Furbys (the hard plastic Happy Meal ones)?
— Wolf (LTNBrooks@yahoo.com)

At last report, nobody wanted to buy pogs. I’ve heard the market for McDonalds premiums is a bit better, but, again, it depends on what somebody else is willing to pay for them.

I have the collection of THE ISLAND OF THE MISFIT TOYS; are they worth anything?
— Kelly Rankin (krankin@tuckeradministrators.com)

Not to me.

I just purchased the 4-MOST, Vol. 6, #3, which has a tennis theme cover and the first story is about tennis. Are there other issues of that era that have tennis covers or stories?
— Gordy Sabine (gsabine@birdzoff.com)

Depending on condition, Gordy, I hope you didn’t spend more than $9 to $70 for it (unless, of course, it was worth more to than that to YOU). As for other tennis-themed issues, other than a story or two in STRANGE SPORTS STORIES from the 60s (the BRAVE & BOLD issues and its own title), I can’t think of any. Anyone…?

I have a DC Superman comic book and I want to know how much it is worth but, I can’t find a year or issue # on it anywhere, so how would I go about finding how much it is worth?
— Brian (bkain22@aol.com)

First you need to find out what book it IS, Brian. Find a local comic book shop (1-888-COMICBOOK), stop buy for a visit, and see if the owner or someone else there can identify the issue.

When does a comic really become worth anything (as in how old or what edition number or…)? And how does one estimate the price of a comic?
— Xerxes (xunvala@hotmail.com)

It becomes worth something – the cover price – when the first person buys one. It increases (or decreases) in value each time someone pays a different price for a copy. One estimates the price by asking for an amount and seeing if someone will pay it.

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