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I have to be honest: I was a bit wary going into Kick-Ass 2. We already got a great story of what would happen if you throw all of the classic superhero tropes and clichés into the “real world”. So how could Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. get one excited to re-enter that world? Well, Millar found an answer — a real fucking Justice League! And, so far, it has really been working out.

When we last left our costumed kid vigilante, Kick-Ass, he and Justice Forever — the newly formed superhero squad — were in the restaurant of Jimmy Kim: local businessman, restaurateur and… oh yeah, human trafficker, gangster and pedophilic pimp. A real pillar of the fucking community if there ever were one. After breaking up his card game with other local gangsters, Colonel Stars — leader of the pack — calls in his beautiful fucking behemoth of a dog, Sofia, to chomp down Mr. Kim’s special region. In this issue, we see what becomes of Kim. Colonel Stars and Lieutenant Stripes question and make things clear to Jimmy as Sofia keeps a hold of him while Kick-Ass, Battle-Guy and Night-Bitch go free the young women Kim had upstairs. They give the ladies the $50,000 left on the table from the card game, threaten to come back if they hear that Kim is back in business and get drive off into the night.

After this successful first mission, Justice Forever is on top. The team garners applause as they walk past, many new members in a short time and new methods of helping out the community, other than pummeling goons. Dave and Marty even come out to their friend, Todd, and are helping him to also become a superhero. Millar writes the team as growing complacent. And we all know what happens to those in Millar’s world that become complacent…

As Colonel Stars puts in place a tabletop with a Justice Forever emblem in the team’s headquarters, a blast from Kick-Ass‘ past returns, and he’s got a fucked-up team of his own. The Villain Formerly Known as The Red Mist enters the room after killing Sofia and has his lieutenant Mother Russia shoot Colonel Stars. As Stars lays on the floor bleeding, Red Mist’s goons tear the place apart as he begins taunting and beating the Colonel. Millar writes it as though these characters are not just punishing a superhero for something, but rather doing all this out of pure pleasure and enjoyment. To say the least, these are some fucked-up cats that Red Mist has rounded up.

Red Mist’s return is a wonderful blend of frightening and hilarious. He speaks of how he had left the country to travel the world and learn what he needed to fuck up the “assholes who killed [his] father“. Millar is undoubtedly referencing how Bruce Wayne left to study under the best to come back to Gotham and be the Batman. Then, he cleverly undercuts it when Red Mist says he realized that he could just pay for someone to fight his battles for him (Millar saying that this is probably what Bruce Wayne would really do). But that someone is Mother Russia and Mother Russia is one horrifying bitch!

Red Mist introduces Mother Russia by saying that she had once been a bodyguard for Vladimir Putin. Now, Putin, himself, is a scary, dead-eyed, ex-KGB motherfucker who could probably kill you with a glance. For anyone to be his bodyguard, they would have to be terrifying. But for him to give that position to a woman, she must be all kinds of frighteningly fucked-up!

Dave’s alter ego is also discovered by his father in his room, while looking to see if his son is on drugs. After a short argument, Dave storms out with his Kick-Ass suit implying that he is not returning. The short scene seemed to be abandoned quickly, but I hope it comes more into play in a later issue.

In this issue, Millar does what he does best: start with great characters, give these characters their perfect world, write some seriously over-the-top violence… then pull the rug right out from under them. And throw in a few “fucks” for good measure. But the one perfect combination to go with Millar’s writing is John Romita Jr.’s art. The amazing JRJR knows just how to capture Millar’s over-the-top situations with such beautifully violent wonder. And with Tom Palmer finishing up Romita’s breakdowns and Dean White on the colors, the book gives you many a page that you feel the need to look over more than once.

But, in the end of the book, there is a scene that many readers may find objectionable. More so than the end of issue #2 with Sofia grabbing hold of Mister Kim’s member. I will not ruin it for those who have yet to read the issue, but I will say one thing: HOLY FUCK!

But the main issue with this series is not the violence, but the long lapses in time between each issue. Hell, Sofia had been fucking up Jimmy Kim’s junk since March! While Mark Millar now promises that issues #4 & #5 will be out on time, I will not be holding my breath. And what of issues #6 & #7? That said, I do eagerly await #4. Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl are going to need to watch out: the Mother Fucker is coming for them.

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