By Beau Smith

I grew up reading most every comic book that I could get my hands on. In the beginning, I had no real favorites. I was just happy to own and read whatever comics I could get. Usually, the wilder the cover, the better I liked it.

DC Comics were the ones that I guess you could call my “first love”. For whatever reason, they were always at my local drug store, supermarket and various gas stations. They must have had better distribution in our little area. I was always attracted to the wild and varied characters that they had. It seemed that nothing was too far out there to be a DC Comic. Tomahawk, the early frontiersman that fought Indians, bad guys and sometimes giant purple apes, dinosaurs and aliens. Cave Carson, scientist and adventurer that dug up more dirt that the National Enquirer on a good Britney Spears day. He ran into everything from giant prehistoric moles to lava creatures.

To round it out there were The Sea Devils, Blackhawk and the Challengers Of The Unknown. So much to choose from and always a fun read. One of my favorites was Rip Hunter-Time Master. Oh, man! Now there was some far out fun and adventure.

Rip Hunter first showed up on the scene in Showcase #20 in 1959. This was time travel at it’s best because they never bothered to try and make the science real. Rip and his crew traveled in a big, round sphere and they were never short on action. They could talk to any person in any time without wasting time explaining how. It was like the TV series The Outer Limits where you just suspended all reality and just had fun. Is that asking too much? Nope.

Rip Hunter has had three great cycles in comics. His first one that I just mentioned to you, his second one in 1990, Time Masters, and his current status in Booster Gold. Each cycle has its own charm and fun. I’m very happy to say that DC Comics has finally collected Time Masters into a nice 220 page trade paperback. The original series came out in 1990. It was written by Bob Wayne, (Former retailer and current VP of Sales for DC) great sci-fi novelist, Lewis Shiner with art by Art Thibert and Jose Marzan, Jr.

I’ve been waiting for this series (8 issues) to be collected for quite a while. It’s a wonderfully written series that has equal amount of action and story. There are no heavy blocks of needless text and it’s loaded with all kinds of great DC guest stars that leaves you wanting more. It’s a smart read and one that you’ll truly enjoy. It’ll make you appreciate the great work that Geoff Johns is doing in the current Booster Gold series even more. Bob Wayne and Lewis Shiner make a very good sci-fi writing team that have a natural way with pacing.

Take my word for it all. Go find some old issues of Rip Hunter-Time Master. Buy the new trade paperback Time Masters. Put Booster Gold on your personal pull list. Drop some of those crummy books you’re buying right now. (and you KNOW which ones I’m talking about) Remember, I give this advice away for free and I shouldn’t.

Jacked Up.
Here’s an important reminder for you. March 5th is the street date for 24: Cold Warriors. It’s my 48 page comic book thriller based on Jack Bauer and his CTU adventures. It’s from IDW Publishing and the Fox Network. I’ve told you about it in detail here in Busted Knuckles, but now is the time to make sure your retailer is gonna have it in stock so you can enjoy it. Don’t miss it and make me say “Damnit!”

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover of the Week: Challengers Of The Unknown #32
DC Comics

Volcano Man. See what I mean? What kid could pass up a cover like this in the 60’s? A huge monster and the team of tough guys ready to clobber each other to see who gets to face danger first…pure genius!

You need this comic in YOUR collection. It’s fun, it’s manly and it’s just plain crazy. You deserve it.

Busted Knuckles Babe of the Week.

Suzanne Pleshette

When you thought of dark-haired beauties of Hollywood, Suzanne Pleshette was always the one that headed the list. She was a role model for being a real woman. She was smart, sexy, straight up and never took any lip. Her range was enormous, drama, comedy, musicals, you name it, she could do it. I think I first saw her in the great western Nevada Smith with Steve McQueen. I remember being a kid, but I was knocked out by her beauty and the way she handled herself on screen. She and McQueen made a great pair in that movie. I’m sorry to say that she passed away recently (1/19/08) but we will always remember her as an all time great Busted Knuckles Babe of the Week.

Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars

I’m not gonna waste a bunch of space here. The official announcement from IDW Publishing will be coming soon. Since all of you Knuckleheads have been so supportive I thought I would unleash the very first look at my new full Color mini-series, Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars here at Busted Knuckles. I’m writing it (of course) and the artist on the series is Enrique Villagran (Green Lantern Corps) As you can see from Enrique’s art, this book is loaded with action. As far as the story?think of The Transporter, The Island Of Dr. Moreau, No Country For Old Men with Bigfoot and Yetis. Got your interest? I thought so.

Stay tuned here for more.

Art by Enrique Villagran

The Roundup.

This week big thanks got out to Carl Insco of Pittsburgh, Pa. Carl was kind enough to send me a copy of John Benteen’s Fargo paperback in almost new condition. You don’t see that very often. I loved these books in the 70’s and look forward to re-reading this one. Much thanks, Carl.

Also my thanks go out to Lucy Holden for sending along that great 8X10 photo of The Creature From The Black Lagoon with the incredible beauty, Julie Adams. It’s framed and on the wall here at the ranch, Lucy. Thank you!

Be here next week when all sorts of new stuff is going to go on. I’m already working on all sorts of manly wonderment to entertain you with. All you have to do is show up. How easy is that?

See you next week, amigos.

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