I?d like to start off this column by saying R.I.P. Dave Cockrum. He was a legendary creator and I still remember reading and getting a thrill out of his X-Men issues as a kid. Uncanny X-Men #150 is a personal favourite.

A True Creator

Over on Dave Cockrum?s message board, the following was posted:

      The Cockrum family has generously requested that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to

The Hero Initiative

      . You can donate via the PayPal link below, and so

Hero Initiative

    may track the generosity of Dave’s “Legion” of fans, they respectfully request that you enter “Cockrum” in the “Address 2” line.

If any fans want to show their love, click the link and help honor a great talent and a true professional.

This Has A ?Bamf? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Power Man

There are plans for a new ongoing series featuring Luke Cage in 2007, no confirmation on the creative team yet, but expect an announcement early next year.

This Has A ?He Likes To Break Things, And People? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

When Monsters Attack

Ait/Planetlar has a new OGN coming out in summer 2007 entitled MONSTER ATTACK NETWORK. Writer Marc Bernardin popped in to tell us a little about it:

      First off, a little about us. I’m currently a senior editor for

Entertainment Weekly

      magazine, covering any and all things movies, but mostly editing our film critics. Before this, I was a managing editor at


      magazine. My writing partner, Adam, is a TV producer in LA, currently living the Kiss Army dream and exec-producing Gene Simmons’

Family Jewels

    reality show. Together, we’re in the middle of writing a 5-issue miniseries for Wildstorm/DC slated for release in summer 2007. Oh, and we’ve known each other since 5th grade.

What is Monster Attack Network about? Well, the genesis came from watching too many Saturday afternoon movies as a kid. They were always one of two things: kung-fu movies or Godzilla movies. I watched dozens of them, multiple times. Even the one with Godzooki, Godzilla’s human-sized kid. (Yeah, I know.) I had forgotten how wonderfully cheesy those movies were until I caught one on cable a few years ago. And my mature self wondered, “These giant monsters keep on attacking Tokyo and every time they get there, the city is sparkling, shiny, and all but beckoning to be trampled on. Who keeps rebuilding Tokyo?”

Our book is set on the fictional Pacific island of Lapuatu, which is lousy with giant monsters in the same way that California is lousy with mudslides and wildfires and the midwest is lousy with tornados. As a result, Lapuatu’s governing body has established the Monster Attack Network, a mix between the Office of Emergency Management, paramedics, and FEMA. They manage the crisis and rebuild afterwards. Our lead character, Nate, runs MAN and takes the job very seriously. Too seriously, probably. His No. 2, Zeke, is the dapperest black guy in all of the Pacific… and really handy with a forklift. Our mysterious femme is Lana, a newcomer to both the island and MAN. And there’s a bad guy, and a giant octopus, and human sacrifice, and salty language? you know, for the kids.

After a couple of false artistic starts, we (my writing partner Adam Freeman and I) are thrilled by the work newcomer Nima Sorat is producing-there really is nothing like seeing your first script come alive. Feast your eyes on this:

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Who Will Wear the Helmet?

Paul Gulacy will not be taking over the art chores of Aquaman, but instead will now be the artist on a new Dr. Fate series written by Steve Gerber.

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Writer of the Year

Brian K. Vaughan?s much anticipated collaboration with Eduardo Risso on Wolverine will take the form of a 3 issue mini series that should be out in spring of 2007. BKV has stated that after this mini series is wrapped up, he will mainly be concentrating on new concepts and creator owned work for the foreseeable future.

This Has A ?Fresh Ideas? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Buyer Beware

Alan Davis posted the following warning on his website:

    Another, more serious and unpleasant concern is in regard to images being downloaded from my site. I have had two people contact me to say they have been offered pages that they believed were taken from the site, printed on art-board, inked and presented as an authentic original. I don’t think there is anyway I can stop the thieves, except by ceasing further posting or discontinuing my site altogether.

The pages in question were from the ‘Unpublished pencils’ section. Anyone offered one of these images should know that the pencils remain un-inked unless there is a link beside the page with a scan of the inks. So, caveat emptor.

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Bug Killers

Tony Lee recently let is know that he will be writing the new ongoing Starship Troopers series at Markosia. The official release was as follows:

      With more Starship Troopers required, Tony Lee (

Doctor Who



    ), the award-nominated writer of the original trilogy was called back into service.

“When they told me they wanted to return to the Tigers, I wasn’t sure if I could.” Tony Lee admitted. “The original trilogy was totally self-contained. But they showed me the sales figures and the letters, proved to me that the fans wanted more ? so we did a brand new comic, an episode #0, with a fresh, eight page story with Andie Tong inside.”

That eight page story led to Markosia and Mongoose agreeing on a new, ongoing Starship Troopers series, starting in April 2007 that continues the story of the Tigers and explores the world of the Mobile Infantry in more detail. Tony was immediately on board, with Chris Dibari (The Hunger, Robin) taking over the art duties.

“This is the first time ever that Heinlein’s book has been created for an ongoing, monthly comic audience.” Lee stated. “The problem with the trilogy was it was written two years ago. We weren’t allowed to use things that hadn’t been agreed at that point with SONY, or used by Mongoose, and so we couldn’t use exosuits, Skinnies, a whole load of things from the novel. But now, two years later ? the game has progressed and so have the characters. We’re now able to look past the Tigers, expand the universe, show the M.I Grizzly and Cougar Exosuits in design, follow the Pathfinder squads, delve more into the minds of the Sensers ? the stage is far greater than before. And when they explained that to me, I had to return.”

Chris Dibari also sent us some exclusive art from the series:

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A big thanks to everyone who contributed to the column this week. Keep sending stuff in; it?s much appreciated!

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