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Before we start this week, I?ve got a recommendation to make: I noticed a copy of a graphic novel called The Resonator at a bookstore this week and picked it up on a whim. Turned out to be really, really good. It was written and drawn by Prentis Rollins, a long time inker in the comic industry. The format is pretty interesting: it?s a flipbook. On one side, it?s The Resonator and when you flip it over it becomes The Making of a Graphic Novel, wherein Rollins explains the genesis of his story and outlines each step of creation along the way to the finished GN. Rollins really knows his stuff, and both halves of the book are excellent. For some reason, this project hasn?t gotten anywhere near the publicity it deserves, but it?s well worth your time and money. You can pick it up online through Amazon here.

And now, your weekly rage?

World Without A Justice League

For a while now, rumors have been swirling that the current season of Justice League Unlimited would be the last. However, a post made earlier this week strongly suggests that the end is near. While the author of the post has remained anonymous, several sources have privately confirmed that JLU is shutting down production and the show?s staff has shrunk to a skeleton crew. Cartoon Network?s official position is that the show?s future is ?undecided?, but many suspect that it won?t announce the cancellation until after the final episodes air later this year, if they even decide to announce it at all. Further, it is still heavily rumored that Bruce Timm will be leaving Warner Brothers Animation following the completion of the current season. It?s unclear if Dwayne McDuffie will also be leaving or if he will stay on. Some of the JLU staff members are said to have already been shifted over to the new Legion of Superheroes cartoon. With that in mind, the future of JLU looks pretty bleak at the moment. If Cartoon Network were to order more episodes, there?s no guarantee that the same creative team would be brought back together.

A letter writing campaign has already been started to help save the show, but it looks to be an uphill battle. Given the way Cartoon Network canceled Teen Titans, it?s hard to hold out much hope here. I?m told that the JLU creators considered the current season a major boon from CN, and arranged the final episodes to be a proper finale for the series. If this really is the end of the Dini/Timm era, at least they will have the chance to go out in style.

This Has A ?Who Blew Up The Watchtower?? Factor of Six Out of Ten

You?re In The Army Now

Remember that crossover that Kurt Busiek is said to be working on for Dynamite? Well, I?ve got some additional info on that. And it?s not what I was expecting. No, it?s not Red Sonja related, or anything to do with the Lone Ranger or Highlander. Instead, it looks to be Army of Darkness. I?m told that Busiek is a big fan of the Evil Dead/AOD movie series, which would explain his involvement. That?s one half of the crossover, anyway. Info on the other half is a little harder to come by, though it?s expected to be a major character from one of the other comic companies. Also, I?m told that it may be in conjunction with a larger push for AOD down the line?

This Has A ?Hail To The King, Baby!? Factor of Eight Out of Ten


I?ve heard some rumblings that Dark Horse is planning a Goon black and white project, that may happen as soon as this summer. The early word is that the project will be similar to the Batman: Black & White series DC did a while back. But I?ve also heard that it may be along the lines of Hellboy Weird Tales (emphasis on Weird!) in which different creators from across the industry give their take on the Goon and his world?.

This Has A ?Zombie Union Strike? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Let Sleeping Gods Lie

Ross Richie and the crew at Boom! Studios are planning a new anthology one-shot for April: Cthulhu Tales. Creators involved include Keith Giffen, Benjamin Roman, Andrew Cosby, John Rogers, Andy Kuhn, Michael Alan Nelson, Andrew Ritchie, Johanna Stokes Filip Sablik and Mark Badger with a cover by Dave Johnson. Expect the format to be similar to last year?s Zombie Tales.

This Has A ?Rise of The Old Ones? Factor of Nine Out of Ten


Over on the Image Blog, Frank Cho has posted some preview art from his forthcoming Women: Selected Drawings and Illustrations. Fair warning, some of these may not be work safe. However, if you?re so inclined, you can click on the pics for a larger version.

This Has A ?Room With A View? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Cat On A Wire

Spotted over at C.B. Cebulski?s blog:

In case you were wondering, that is not a cover. Rather, it?s the first page of story in Spider-man Unlimited #14 written by Cebulski with art by David Finch. And I believe that one is coming out in March?

This Has A ?Touching Evil? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Langstrom Returns

Remember the Bruce Jones/Mike Huddleston Man-Bat mini series I mentioned here last year? I hear that it is finally set for an April release. If so, expect an official announcement shortly?

This Has A ?Motivational Flyer? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

Word from an ATR reader in Britain is that the latest Doctor Who Magazine has announced the details of a new Doctor Who Adventures comic, which will launch this spring. The title will be released biweekly and feature self-contained stories by artists like John Ross. There?s no word yet as to whether the comic will be released in the US, but given the recent announcement that the Sci-Fi channel will broadcast the first season of the new Dr. Who early this year, I wouldn?t entirely rule it out?

This Has A ?Ninth Regeneration? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Abandonment Issues

Ross Campbell (Wet Moon) has a book lined up through TOKYOPOP later this year. It?s called The Abandoned and tells the story of two girls in love, in a small town suddenly beset by a zombie plague.

Isn?t that always the way?

Ah well. Here?s a couple of pages to tide you over until it hits.

This Has A ?Who?s Your Daddy?? Factor of Six Out of Ten

Look! Another Countdown?

Dean Haspiel (The Quitter) is teaming with a number of other cartoonists on something called Act-I-Vate. I?m not entirely sure what it is, though I suspect it?s an anthology of some kind. Possibly web comic related. The other cartoonists involved are Nick Bertozzi, Dan Goldman, Leland Purvis, Tim Hamilton, Michel Fiffe, Josh Neufeld, Jenn Shannon and Nikki Cook. The group of nine have been posting teaser images here, with details promised to come out on February 1st.

This Has A ?Burning Dove? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

And that?s a wrap. See you in seven.


PS If anyone has any rumors, stories or news to share, please email me at blairm@silverbulletcomicbooks.com. Thanks to everyone who has been sending stuff in. It?s greatly appreciated.


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