As revealed last week, this will be my last ATR column; my day job is taking up more and more of my time, so Ill be passing the baton to Steven Saunders. Steven has been working behind the scenes for many weeks preparing for the ATR challenge, and the whole editorial team at SBC is throwing their support behind him. I?ve made a lot of friends and met a lot of creators I admire via the column; all in all it?s been a real pleasure. So here we go one last time before we go unwrap those Christmas presents:

Living Legend

A high level source at Marvel tells me that 2007 will be a major year for Captain America. I?ve been told that events in his title will make the Spider-Man unmasking look like breakfast with Aunt May.

I?m a huge fan of the Brubaker/Epting run on Cap, and am really happy to hear it will be getting its time in the spotlight next year.

This Has A ?Throw That Mighty Shield? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Stake Through The Heart

Long-time fans of the Buffy the vampire slayer TV series have been buzzing about Joss Whedon ?releasing? Season 8 as a Dark Horse comic in early 2007. Fans of the franchise will also be pleased to know that Buffy Season 8 will feature stories by noted comic book scribes Brian K. Vaughan, Brad Meltzer, and Jeph Loeb.

This Has A ?Slayer Army!? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Editorial Attack

Amazons Attack is only one of four major mini series coming out from DC next year after 52 is completed. Some creators that have been attached to the 3 other minis (each will deal with a different facet of the DCU ? much like the 4 mini series that served as a prelude to Infinite Crisis) include Greg Rucka, Kurt Busiek, and Judd Winick.

This Has An ?End The Rann-Thanagar War, Already? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

Someone Help the Man Out!

Over on his message board, Mark Millar posted the following:

    A-List artist urgently needed!, Earn more than anyone at Marvel or DC.

That’s right. This is FUNNY MONEY… and you will also get half of the TV rights for a big show going into production next year. I’ve got a 96 page graphic novel coming out with a strict late summer deadline and the publishers (from the book world) are giving this both a huge push and budget.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. What happened is that the artist I was hoping to use wasn’t able to work at such short notice and now this thing is up for grabs. Ideally, I’d like to see this painted, but priority for the publishers is that the artist is a big name and preferably with a couple of awards under their belt. Sorry, this ain’t open to even the most talented of newcomers as the situation is quite unique. If you have any top ten experience, any awards and are just so damn good then please contact a mod for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Yep, you can earn more than Hitchy at Marvel or the Kuberts at DC… AND half the rights. It’s insane. But the deadline is fierce. We’re talking finished art for this project needed by July. And it’s 96 pages, preferably painted.

Don’t delay. I need my artist by Friday.


PS: People I’ve been meaning to work with forever include Ryan Sook, Tony Harris, Steve Dillon, George Pratt, Jon J Muth and others. If any of you lads have a spare six months then get in touch ASAP!

This Has A ?Don?t Make Him Beg? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Life in the City

Over on the ENGINE, Frazer Irving posted the cover to issue 1 of his upcoming Image comics mini series GUTSVILLE:

    1846. The British barque Daphne, bound for Australia, sails from Portsmouth; crammed with colonial passengers, aristo-adventurers and frothing missionaries. Four days from Sydney the waves are wreathed in sparks, the sky runs like quicksilver, and the very sea seems to open wide and swallow?

2006. The descendents of the Daphne?s passengers eke out a desperate life in Gutsville: a shanty-city held together with mucal slime and weed. They live in the belly of a great beast whose exterior none have seen and whose innards are all they?ve ever known. Here in the dark, lit by methane lamps, harvesting moulds from pus-polyps set into the viscera of an impossible being, a new culture has arisen: a mongrel-society of Victorian values, religious doggerel, and survivalist justice?

And always the question ? whispered in secret gatherings beyond the eyes of the watchful Jonahkin priests:

What is the beast..?

After GUTSVILLE is completed, Frazer will team up again with Joe Casey for a 6 issue Marvel mini series that will have him draw almost every major hero in the Marvel U.

This Has A ?What Is The Beast?? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

That?s It, You?re On Notice

From the Oni Press March solicitations: STEPHEN COLBERT’S TEK JANSEN #1

    By various.

Solar plexus! Bursting out from the Comedy Central show, The Colbert Report — it’s Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen! In this stunning continuation of Stephen Colbert’s critically acclaimed, yet unpublished prose novel, everyone?s favourite sci-fi hero must stand against the enemies of freedom, no matter what dark planet they crawl from! Featuring a 1-in-4 variant cover by John Cassaday.
32 pages, $3.99.

I have it from a very good source that two of the writers (listed in the solicitation copy as ?various?) are John Layman and Tom Peyer.

This Has A ?Bleep Blorp? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Lots of Kicking

Russ Heath will be pencilling some of the flashback sequences in the new Immortal Iron Fist series by Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction. Fans of M. Heath will be able to check out his art in issues 3 through 6 of the new series.

This Has A ?Lots Of Punching Too? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Return of the King

The format to the ?lost? Stan Lee and Jack Kirby Fantastic Four issue has been revealed: an 80 page giant one shot that will feature the story inked and coloured in a 70s style (as if it had been released that way back in the day), another version of the story inked and coloured in a modern style, Kirby?s raw pencils, as well as a reprint of Fantastic Four #108.

This Has A ?Lost Classic? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Mini Series Without Fear

Last week we reported that Zeb Wells is working on a mini series that will spotlight Battlin Jack Murdock. I?ve learned that there will be at least two more top secret mini series featuring Daredevil stories out in time for the big 100th anniversary issue. Expect to see some classic DD creators in the anniversary issue as well behind the aforementioned secret mini series.

This Has A ?Radar Sense? Factor Of Seven Out Of Ten


X-Men #200 by Mike Carey will be the centerpiece of a massive X-Universe crossover between all the X-titles and will see the return of classic X-men antagonist, Mr. Sinister.

This Has A ?Bring Back Nimrod? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

A big thank you to all the creators and editors who took the time to contribute to the column, to all the readers who sent in scoops, and to all the readers for their continued support. Happy Holidays everybody!

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