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Under Pressure

Mark Millar made a return appearance on Fanboy Radio last weekend, and about halfway through the show, he was asked about his upcoming creator owned book, Go! which was rumored to be released through Image. Millar?s response:

      It?s actually coming out from another company. Although, I am planning to do a book for Image because we failed on the book we were planning in the first wave of creator owned titles. So, Sean Phillips and I are talking about a book for Image and


    is going to come out from a company that hasn?t officially launched yet.

When asked if the new company in question was 360ep, Millar strongly hinted that it was. However, later in the week, when 360ep CEO, Bill Jemas was reached for comment, he replied ?We?d love to anything with Mark, but we haven?t signed a deal yet.?

This Has A ?Line of Questioning? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Formerly Known As The GLA

As readers of the recently concluded GLA miniseries know, the Great Lakes Avengers are no more. And since the surviving members are all mutants, they are now? the Great Lakes X-Men.

And the newly christened, GLX will be making a return appearance in the GLX-Mas Special, a one-shot scheduled for this December. No word on the artist yet, but Dan Slott is back onboard for the writing chores. An official announcement is expected at this week?s Wizard World Chicago.

This Has A ?D?urge & Purge? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

My Name Is Legion

Under the distribution deal between DC and Humanoids, John Cassaday and Fabian Nury?s first volume of I Am Legion was not printed in the oversized format the project was intended and drawn for. However, I?ve heard that Humanoids (either by themselves or in partnership with another company) will reprint the first I Am Legion in the US using the same size and format in which it was originally publishing in Europe. Furthermore, the eventual second and third volumes will also be released over here in that format. As to the status of the second volume, I?ve been told that Cassaday has received the script but has not been able to start it just yet?

This Has A ?For We Are Many? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

O? Godless Nation

According to Variety, the rights to Andrew Cosby?s Damn Nation (which saw print from Dark Horse Comics earlier this year) have been picked up by MTV Films with distribution through Paramount Studios. Under the deal, Cosby will write the screenplay and co-executive produce with Ross Richie from Boom! Studios.

This Has A ?Vamps Aplenty? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

The Winding Way

Joshua Ortega first made a name for himself with the release of his sci-fi novel, Frequencies, but he has a number of comic projects coming up soon from Dark Horse and Speakeasy, among other places? And later this week, at Wizard World Chicago, The Necromancer, his first ongoing series will debut, courtesy of Top Cow. Recently, Ortega checked in with an early look at the first issue:

    All right, since this preview starts with Page #8, a quick recap is in order:

The issue opened with an introduction to the star of The Necromancer, Abigail van Alstine, a 17-year old high school student who has ?a knack for the way,? or a natural talent for magic.

When we first see Abby, she?s in the lair of the grotesque demon Berzelius, who is goading her to kill herself by showing her flashbacks from her recent past through a ?magic mirror? of sorts.

Abby has short, black hair with red highlights at this point in the story, just like on the covers?so why is she long-haired and blonde in most of these preview pages? More on that in a moment…

The mirror then flashes back to 300 years ago in Colonial America, where we witness the final stages of an epic battle between the Enlightened Mage known as Locke, and the Dark Age demon called Mali.

Locke defeats Mail, and binds his body to a sacred lake and his soul to the Netherealm (or Necrenegrum in the Mage?s Tongue), telling the demon, ?The Dark Aeon is over.? Mali?s blue blood rises to the surface of the water, the image dissolves into an azure haze…

And that brings us to our preview pages!

So, first off?why the two looks for Abby? As you?ve probably guessed, we?re seeing her at two distinct stages of her life….best described as ?pre-tragedy? (blonde) and ?post-tragedy? (red and black).

?Pre-tragedy? Abby has literally lived a charmed life, and her powers have always accentuated her natural beauty and charisma, and her good fortune. She?s lived in Colorado Springs since birth, and has experienced little drama in her life?except for her relationship with her father, a well-respected pastor who?s becoming increasingly frustrated with his daughter?s rebellious nature.

Though Abby is a great student, a cheerleader, and popular in school, her father just isn?t prepared for his daughter to grow up, and her tendency to question the Bible doesn?t help things at all?as evidenced by their confrontation in these preview pages.

One of the things that we?me, Francis, and Top Cow editorial?wanted to achieve with Abby?s different looks, was to make her background different than most magic-user protagonists. Most of the time, magic-users are dark and brooding outcasts who are forced into becoming what they are. In Abby?s case, she?s a gorgeous, popular cheerleader who pretty much finds magic on her own. Granted, she?s barely aware of her powers at the ?blonde? stage, but still, Abby?s not at all dark or brooding…yet.

The other reason we?re showing both looks for Abby, is to make sure we establish her long-term look?red and black hair, red shirt, black jacket?early on in the series. If we were to tell the story in straight chronological order, you wouldn?t see Abby?s ?costume? until Issue #4. By using flashbacks and some non-linear storytelling, we?re able to see both version of Abby, and if we pulled it off, also make the story that much more of an interesting read.

So, what?s in store for Abby after these preview pages? In one word, tragedy. And it has everything to do with Mali and the Dark Agents, Locke and the Hierarchy, and an epic conflict that?s about to rear it?s savage head once again…

Considering we?re talking about these gorgeous pages of art, it would be a crime not to mention the brilliant work that Francis Manapul is doing on the book (with the help of Kevin Conrad and Brian Buccelatto, of course).

As every pro and editor I?ve spoken with has told me, Francis is doing the best work of his career on Necromancer…and considering his experience and previous work, that?s saying quite a bit.

His designs for Abby, Lock, Mali, Deacon McCabe (who you?ll see in Issue #2) and the rest of the characters are just phenomenal, and the detail that he?s putting into the work is incredible. Most impressive of all, he?s not sacrificing storytelling for detail…he?s doing this amazing balancing act, and it?s simply amazing to watch. Readers, you are truly in for a treat…

Mark my words on this one: Francis Manapul is on the verge of super-stardom. Savvy art collectors take note!

The Necromancer is going to be quite a ride. I encourage you to check out the first issue, and if you dig it, then by all means come along with us for the whole ride. And don?t worry, I know where we?re going?heck, I?ve already plotted the ending to Abby?s story, roughly 50 issues away?so you can be sure that we?ll return you back to your home safely when the ride is over.

But be prepared to be thrilled, surprised, and frightened along the way…we?re not saints, after all.

This Has A ?Dark Aeon? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Justice Lords

Information about the next season of Justice League Unlimited has been dropping at an accelerated pace recently. Action Figure Insider has identified most of the Legion of Doom roster: ?Lex Luthor, Gorilla Grodd, the Key, Dr. Destiny, Evil Star, Cheetah, Black Manta, Bizarro, Parasite, Giganta, Silver Banshee, Kanjar-Ro, Blockbuster, Dr. Polaris, Livewire, Clock King, KGBeast, Sinestro, Gentleman Ghost, Copperhead, Black Mass, Toyman, Metallo, Star Sapphire, Rampage and some unconfirmed.? In addition to the previously mentioned appearances by Warlord, Hawkman and the Legion of Superheroes, other DCU characters slated to show up include a few of the Outsiders, Deadman and the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

Also, there?s been a report that the season finale (and possible series finale) will deal with the ?source wall?, which as DCU fans are well aware, usually entails the New Gods? and Darkseid.

This Has A ?Fourth World? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Breakfast of Champions

In another JLU related note, Paul Dini will be writing a Supergirl-centric episode in the new season, according to his website. Additionally, Dini mentions that he has left the day to day writing staff of Lost to concentrate on feature film screenplays, TV animation pilots and ?a new monthly comic book series? which he describes as a ?sexy action/adventure with a very harsh, sinister twist.?

Dini has also started his own blog, which you can find here.

This Has A ?Kurt Vonnegut? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

On A Horse, Darkly

In a late (and I mean late!) rumor out of San Diego, word is that Christian Gossett (The Red Star) has signed on to do a project for Dark Horse, following the completion of his commitment to WETA and the King Kong production team.

This Has A ?Run Makita, Run!? Factor of Six Out of Ten


On Friday, Activision announced that it had acquired the rights to make a “non-persistent role-playing game” featuring Marvel characters. For those of you not fluent in gamespeak, “non-persistent role-playing game” is just a new way to describe a traditional ?off-line? RPG, like Final Fantasy X or Kingdom Hearts. Though in this case, an action RPG like X-Men Legends is probably closer to the kinds of games we can expect out of this deal. Potentially with the whole Marvel universe in play?

Additionally, this deal shouldn?t affect Marvel?s earlier agreement with Microsoft Game Studios to produce a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, ala City of Heroes.

This Has A ?Shall We Play A Game?? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Statue of Liberality

Ah, yes? It?s time for the return of my own personal Civilian Justice. Long time ATR readers should recall Mike Mackey?s Liberality For All. I mean, who can forget a description like this:

    It is 2021, tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. America is under oppression by ultra-liberal extremists which have yielded governing authority to the United Nations. It is up to an underground conservative group (known as F.O.I.L.) led by Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North to thwart Ambassador Usama Bin Laden?s plans to nuke New York City.

The first issue will be in the August issue of Previews and Mackey has been promoting his self-described ?world?s first conservative comic? on the Talk Radio circuit with Sean Hannity and G. Gordon Liddy, both of whom seem to love the book. And why not? It basically portrays them as heroes as against terrorists and the ?liberals? who essentially collaborate with them?


Now, whether people are actually going to buy it is another matter. The people who follow Hannity and Liddy don?t strike me as the comics buying crowd. Though given the surge of popularity that Passion of The Christ enjoyed, I could be wrong.

See, my take on all this is that the book is going to be hilarious, whether intentionally or not. Though you can see for yourself below?

This Has A ?Cyber-Conservatives? Factor of One Out of Ten

The Seal Is Broken

Earlier this week, the comic world was rocked by Kevin Smith?s surprise announcement that he had finally finished the Spider-Man & Black Cat miniseries. And over at his yahoo group, Terry Dodson mentioned that he is currently drawing page eight from Spider-Man & Black Cat #5.

Now, I?m sure we all feel silly about making all those end of the world jokes? And? I wonder why the sky just turned red?


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