Following up on very positive reader feedback from when we first mentioned the idea a few months back, we now present the first ever all artwork edition of ATR! Sit back and let your eyes feast!


Criminal is one of the best creator owned books on the stands these days. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips have given readers a modern day crime noir classic.

Over on his blog, Sean Phillips has been posting some gorgeous preview art from upcoming issues:

This Has A ?Heist Gone Wrong? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Just in Time for the Holidays

Dirk Manning the writer/creator of the online comic series, which has just been picked up as a 4 issue mini series by APE Comics, sent us some exclusive preview art:

This Has A ?Disturbing Yet Alluring? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Buy War Bonds

Chris Weston has been teasing readers with some images from a mystery Marvel project. Rumour has it that it is a J. Michael Straczynski mini-series that will feature some old World War 2 era Marvel heroes:

This Has A ?Timely? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten


After his 2 issue stint as guest artist on Robin, Frazer Irving will begin work on a 6 issue mini-series that will be published by Image comics in 2007.

It is called Gutsville and you can read more about it here.

This Has A ?Witch Boy? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

The Master

Paul Gulacy has always been one of my favourite artists in the business. He has been drawing a variety of classic comics for decades and still has an edge, a unique style, and a great knack for staging fight scenes.

Here are some sneak peeks from his upcoming Squadron Supreme mini-series (with writer Marc Guggenheim):

This Has A ?Deadly Hands? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten


Tim Bradstreet?s website has moved, check it out here.

And check out some of Tim?s upcoming Punisher MAX covers:

This Has A ?Please Do Some Interiors? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

The Hatch

Over on his blog, Mike Wieringo (who I hear may team up with Warren Ellis on a project in 2007) posts an amazing variety of daily sketches. Tons of great stuff via the link, but I really got a kick out of the LOST themed drawings:

This Has A ?Dharma? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Setting the Standard

No art preview would be complete without some cover previews by two modern masters: Brian Wood and Jock, from the ENGINE cover thread:

This Has A ?Drool Worthy? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Hope everyone enjoyed this special edition. Email me and let me know if you?d like for us to do this again.

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