Hey folks, since I have to get out of my hotel early and hit a con as soon as freaking possible, there won?t really be much of an update. However, I do have a few items that may interest ya. Thanks again to Tobey Cook over at Cosmic Rants for making this look all shiny.

I?ll start plugging away at my final Con-report installment for SDCC as soon as I?m done with the re-location of myself and my family into our new home (I?m thinking Tuesdayish).

Here?s Tom Jane (and me, but you already know that? I suck at being serious). He seemed to be a nice guy and everything.

I overheard that someone picked a fight with him at a bar this weekend (or tried to, depending on the account) because he?s, you know, the Punisher. Yeah. It?s just something I heard, though.
Didn?t they know he?s not the Punisher anymore?

And here?s Ernie Hudson, who I finally pestered for a picture. He?s a real gent and incredibly kind… It was pretty damn cool to get a pic with my favourite warden.

I had a ?squee!? moment last night when I met the astonishing Mark Buckingham, the artist for Fables. I wish I had more time to talk with him (I was on the way back to my hotel), but he did say that Fables isn?t going anywhere and that it will keep going and going and going… All great news to me! (And hopefully to some you lot out there, of course.)

Alright, I have to wrap this up. Off to the last day of the con. Then it?s flying.
I hate flying.

Until next time, dear readers?
…provided I don?t plunge into the West Coast somewhere.

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