So is Paul Jenkins to leave Spider-Man with Axel Alonso’s appointment as Spider-Man editor, as hinted at in Sunday’s column? When asked, Joe Quesada posted “It’s not true.” And Paul Jenkins followed up by saying “I’m not going to be leaving Spidey, okay?”

This Has A Rumour Value Of 9 Out Of 10

The New Adventures Of Morrison And Millar?

There are other interesting appointments on the cards too. My spurious speculation on Sunday as to the new X-talent led to a number of people telling me that my inane witterings were closer to the truth than I could have dreamed. One says “Grant Morrison has indeed been approached to write the X-Men book.” But close readers of Joe Quesada’s words in a recent press release, up on most comics news sites, noted that Quesada referred to the “writers” of the X-Men book. That’s plural folks. Which, if the Morrison rumour is true and he does take the book, it may be with long-term partner Mark Millar. Who is already writing the Ultimate X-Men book as well as Authority, Authority spin-offs and is currently up to his eyes with Sikeside, his British TV horror series.

Now. Millar said that he’d turned down two very high profile books recently… we know one is JLA. Could the other be X-Men? And could he have changed his mind?

I don’t know. It’s possible, that’s all I’m saying. And Millar isn’t saying anything, which let’s be frank, isn’t like him.

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Update Updated

I’ve just been informed by an anonymous source that yes, Mark Millar has turned down the X-Men title. And, apparently, The Darkness.

Mark Millar finally broke his silence though. Or rather he didn’t. After being confronted with all these rumours, he replied “Sorry, Rich. I’m keeping schtum on this one.” Great. Thanks a bunch, Mark.

So it looks like it might just be Grant Morrison on his own then.

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