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I?ve been on the road over the last few weeks visiting friends and as luck would have it my New York trip coincided with a Mark Millar hosted drink up and my Boston trip with the Wizard World convention. Coincidence or conspiracy at work? I?ll let the readers decide.

All Millar, All The Time

Mark Millar?s drink up at the Irish Rogue in Manhattan was a rousing success, as fans and comic pros mingled and drank the night away.

I drove down from Montreal and had a great time talking to Mike Cotton from Wizard, C.B. Cebulski and Nick Lowe from Marvel, Garth Ennis, Jeph Loeb, Joe Quesada, and the master of ceremonies himself M. Mark Millar.

I?m the guy with the glasses being hugged by the drunken ginger haired Scottish comic book writer in the picture below.

Garth Ennis (to the right of Mark Millar in the picture in the black suit) was overheard to have said that he will remain on the Punisher ?until they rip it from my dead hands?. So Punisher fans rejoice, Garth isn?t going anywhere anytime soon.

John Romita JR is also slated to draw a Punisher arc written by Garth Ennis once their schedules allow for it next year.

This Has A ?Get Me A Guinness? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

On The Horizon

Issue 2 of Liam Sharp?s Event Horizon is out soon. Liam provided us with some nice preview art.

Liam will also be giving away (via a contest) original art from MAM TOR publishing at his Comic Expo Brighton panel in November.

This Has An ?Anthologies Rule!? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Boston Tidbits

Boston is a great town with amazing restaurants, nightlife, and a lot of cute girls out to party in between classes. Throw in a Wizard World comic convention and it turns into Shangri-La for any young fanboy. I personally had a blast and plan on being back next year.

A few choice tidbits overheard on the con floor:

  • Chris Batista will pencil a 3 issue arc on Hawkman that ties in directly to Infinite Crisis (specifically the Rann-Thanagar war).
  • George Perez will be pencilling one of the Superman titles next year.
  • Howard Chaykin is working on a Green Lantern story.
  • Walter Simonson is working on an issue of Solo.
  • Andy Diggle will be part of the DC panel at Brighton. Expect some sort of announcement at that time. Bob Wayne mentioned that Diggle has more DCU and Vertigo work coming out next year.
  • The new Blade television series will have a lot of big name comic book creators involved on different levels. Expect to see a lot of familiar names in the credits.

This Has A ?No, I Did Not Try The Damn Clam Chowder? Factor Of Seven Out Of Ten

Hyper Hypos

Clint Hilinski sent me some preview art from his new series ? The Hyperactives – coming out of Alias this December.

This Has A ?With Great Powers Comes NO Responsibility Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

A big shout out to the gang at Millarworld for the good times in NYC!

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