In an e-mail to All The Rage regarding Adam Hughes’ non-appearance at Bristol’s Comics 2002 festival, studiomate Cully Hamner said, “The reason my lovely and talented studiomate Adam Hughes didn’t make it to the show is because the con’s organizers botched his travel arrangements.

“It had nothing to do with any ‘fear’ on Adam’s part; he was raring to go, but had no way to get there. It’s interesting to me that the show apparently didn’t give a reason for Adam’s ‘cancellation.’ It would have been only fair, considering that they actually cancelled on him.”

All The Rage apologizes to both Mr. Hamner and Mr.Hughes.

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Hi, my name is Ian Ungstad. As most of you are aware by now, Rich Johnston has asked me to replace him on All The Rage. I must admit that I was a bit nervous about taking over this column. I wanted to do something that did justice to the infamous work that Rich has done over the last two years. Rich can currently be found over at Comic Book Resources, where his new column Lying In The Gutter launches tomorrow.

With that I welcome you to my first column. Let the dirt slinging begin.

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Marvel Slashes Stories

A number of freelancers have recently voiced complaints over a policy that will be enforced by Marvel editorial later on this year. The new policy will see the story length of all Marvel books slashed from 22 pages to 21 pages.

So why are Marvel cutting the length of story? To include a one page editorial that will describe recent storylines and provide character information to make the books new reader friendly.

Obviously it is a good idea to make the books new reader friendly, but you think that Marvel could have found a better way to do this? Freelancers are frustrated because that’s 12 pages, or roughly half an issue of income lost per year. One artist has remarked that this change will cost him roughly $3,500 dollars in lost income. Let’s face it, comic creators aren’t exactly the richest people on earth. This one creator is considering what options are open at DC, as the loss of income is more than he is able to afford.

Not only that, but you just KNOW that Marvel fans are going to be upset once they find out that they lose 1 page of story per month?. Should be fun to watch the message boards.

Joe Quesada gave the following response:

      “Oh, that’s no big secret. Turns out fans dig the recap pages like we’ve been doing in the Ultimate books and books like Alias. However, I’m sure the rumors will be that this is a cost saving measure at Marvel when it’s not that at all. Remember how ‘Nuff Said month was to save on lettering.


    What the recaps do is allow our writers to get into the story without having to deal with the weird and unnatural expository dialogue that introduces characters and their powers.”

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Joe Quesada Slams Slow Artists

Following up his statements above, Joe addressed freelancer concerns about lost income:

      “Most of our artist are behind on their books. If we saved them 12 pages a year on the title pages, that’s twelve pages they can add on to their 13th issue, if they’re capable of doing


    12 issues a year. No one is losing work here, believe me.”

Isn’t it the editors job to make sure that books come out on time? Isn’t this almost admitting that the current Marvel regime suffers from a lack of editorial power?

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CrossGen Vs. Com-X Vs. Marvel

Recently certain individuals at Marvel have waged a war of words with Crossgen and British publisher Com.X. Apparently certain individuals at Marvel and DC have been exchanging messages with the freelance community calling Com.X “the UK version of CrossGen,” referring to CrossGen’s supposed sweatshop atmosphere and draconian leadership.

Both Marvel and DC have been telling their creative talent not to talk to the folks at Com.X. Recently Com.X signed Mick McMahon, a veteran 2000 AD artist to illustrate a new book called Heavy Plant. People who have known Mick for over 15 years, now refuse to speak to him.

Though oddly enough Marvel did convince former Com.X artist Trevor Hairsine to drop his plans to move to the CrossGen compound to follow up artist John Cassady on Captain America. I wonder if there’s a connection?..

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Bill Jem-Ass

Apparently Bill Jemas enjoys a nice catfight between comic fans. I am told the man has at least three usernames registered on the Newsarama message boards that he uses to create feuds with comic fans.

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Adam Hughes Fails To Take Flight

Adam Hughes was originally to be the guest of honor at last month’s Comics 2002 festival in Bristol. Sadly though, Adam was too afraid to fly across the Atlantic in this post- September 11 climate. I hope he manages to overcome this fear, and perphaps visit the Bristol convention next year.

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Harlan Ellison And JH Williams Anthologize Together

Acclaimed writer Harlan Ellison will collaborate with Promethea artist J.H. Williams on a short story for a forthcoming DC anthology.

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All The Rage Paparazzi

For the next couple of weeks, I will be running a very special feature. It will demonstrate the unique ways that comic fans express their love towards their favorite comic characters. This week we have a Spider-Man fan, who’s unique use of body paint will have you clawing your eyes out.

Click on the image to the right if you think you have a strong stomach. Be warned.

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So that about wraps it up for my first installment of All The Rage, except to say I hope you enjoyed yourselves… If you did, tell your friends! And remember to drop me a line at ian@silverbulletcomicbooks.com if you hear any juicy gossip, confidentiality is assured.

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