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On with the goss…

Harry Potter

Sam sent me the following few comments from a webreview of the latest Harry Potter film:

    Just like most any Star Wars fan will tell you that Empire is the best, the majority of Potter fans easily dub Chamber as the worst (or the least great) of J.K. Rowling’s books… Well we’re in good shape if the worst of the books can be turned into a movie this fun. And with Alfonso Cuaron (of Great Expectations and A Little Princess, both fairly underrated) on board for the next film, it can only get better from here…It’s clich? to say this, but I will anyways: The first movie was a magical and fantastic introduction to the world of Harry Potter, and the second picks up from there (granted, less romantically) with a much darker tone. The film is literally darker, moodier (is it a stretch to note the noir-like camera angles?), and scarier…the bizarre Shining-meets-Lolita incarnation of Moaning Myrtle.

Thanks for that Sam as if our appetites weren?t whet enough…

Now mentioning Lolita…

This Has ?Another Neat Segue? Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

Chicks On The ?Net

More on the Dononvan & McGarrigle Show:

    to whom it may concern,

hello, im writing in response to something i saw on your website. I am hotrebelliouschk1. And what I gather from what was said, it seems to me that some people think I’m younger than I truly am. I am 18 years of age. So, legally I can flirt with a 22 year old man, if i wanted to. Im not trying to send hate mail or anything, just trying to clear up some bad information. thank you for your consideration


Fair enough. I really don?t think that the quoted section was presented in a way that intentionally painted you as being younger than you are but you?re not the only one to interpret it in that way. You flirt away, Hot Rebel, I was 18 when I started to date my wife, she was 28 at the time.

This Has A ?Hot Rebellious Chick? Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

More Follow Up

Phil emailed us to let us know that he isn?t aware of any deal with DC to keep American Century running (but God bless them for doing it) but that he did know they were negotiating with Chaykin for the rights to reprint American Flagg in a series of books due around 2004. I have emailed DC for a comment but they didn?t get back to me.

This Has A ?Quid Pro Quo? Value Of Six Out Of Ten

Yet More Follow Up

Grant emailed us to say that Adam Phillips of DC Marketing contacted him regarding the DK2 returnability thing in ATR this week. This is what he had to say…

    Regardless of what ‘Josh’ has been told by retailers (and I have to wonder how many that could be), DC has placed no limits on the quantity of copies of DK2 that can be returned.

Another email came to us from Peggy:

    You may have a little faulty info on your “DK2 not quite so returnable” rumour. Each week on the invoices of Diamond customers is a list of all books currently returnable. There was no qualifier for these – all copies of all three issues we ordered (over 600 copies total) were eligible for return.

We apologise sincerely. If any retailers are having any problems returning copies of DK2 let us know and we?ll chase it up for you. It is most likely that this was a case of some retailers blaming DC when they were trying desperately to make a few sales. This is an old tactic, how many retailers blame Diamond for shipping late when it?s actually their fault for not paying their bills? As it stands, however, DC are excepting them as returns and we say good for them.

That said, the following email arrived from Pete just before my deadline:

    Phantom of the Attic, Greentree, PA – The clerk showed me a printout from Diamond detailing that only a percentage of DK2 could be returned. 30% of #1, and 70% apiece of #2 and #3. So maybe it isn’t DC but Diamond that put on the restrictions.

So perhaps there is still more to be revealed on this story after all.

UPDATE… I’ve just got word from Eide’s Enertainment in Pittsburgh. They have full returnability, BUT they aren’t getting full credit. DC’s only giving them $4.00 on each book, and the shop has to pay its own shipping & handling charges. By the clerks calculation, it worked out to about $3.60 credit per book.

This Has A ?Return ?Em All? Value Of Four Out Of Ten

Wizard Out To Destroy The Future?

The following arrived from Doctor Legg just before my deadline not giving me time to seek the opinions of those concerned so I invite Wizard, Mr Quesada, Future Comics and anyone else affected by this to email in a response that I?ll print in full next week:

    There is a conspiracy going on with Wizard against Future Comics. The boys at Future have been making the buzz with their no Diamond stance, yet have gotten “zippo” attention from the supposed number one comic news magazine. I hear from partying with some of these fellas, that there are a lot of Valiant guys at Wizard who are dissing Future at very opportunity. Also, I hear that the Wizard boys are VERY tight with the Q man at Marvel. Everyone knows how he feels about Bob Layton, the man had the audacity to allow Valiant to fire his ass and he has NEVER FORGOTTEN IT!! Why do you think Bob and David were shunned from Iron Man since Heroes Return. Nearly every freaking Iron Man fan wanted them.

Just to clear up a couple of the points above for our readers. Future Comics is a company that has deliberately set out not to use the monopoly holding comic book distributor Diamond. Wizard is generally considered to be the number one comic book magazine around. The magazine started as a price guide but it has come a long way since then. There is a tendency for Wizard to focus on the big boys an awful lot (mind you comics from these companies do account for a great deal of their readers buying habits) and some of my readers have e-mailed me to say they believe Wizard to be rather biased towards Marvel comics (the ?Q man? comment in the above mail).

So is Marvel controlling Wizard? Are Wizard out to get Future Comics? What is the real story? I?ll get back to you with any comments I get sent during the week.

This Has A ?Wheels Within Wheels? Value Of Six Out Of Ten

Peter David: A For English, F For Geography

Personal gripe here. The following comes from the Peter David site:

    I keep hearing people wondering why the current administration is so hot to go after Saddam Hussein… so hot, in fact, that we’re pretty much the only country in the world interested in doing so (England’s supporting us, sure, but if we dropped the notion, does *anyone* think Tony Blair would continue to bang the drums?)

Um…look, quick point to everyone in the world here. The UK is more than just England! When a Scot does something good he/she is British but when they do something bad they are Scottish! Tony Blair is the Prime Minister of the UK, not just England. Other than that, fair point. I think you will find, however, that the UK isn?t that hot to go after Saddam perhaps we would be except that Blair appears to many to simply be a lap dog to that psycho you have in the White House.

This Has A ?Secret Service Knocking At My Door? Value Of Five Out Of Ten

Hasbro Vs Diamond, Round 2

After last week?s reports that Hasbro were coming down hard on Diamond and Dreamwave for selling the Transformers comics outside of North America (a story broken in All The Rage) we have had further details sent to us.

The big question of course is why it took Hasbro so long to stop this ?illegal? activity. On the surface the official answer is probably that they just didn?t know what Diamond were up to, and Diamond didn?t know they shouldn?t ship outside North America because Dreamwave didn?t tell them. Doesn?t say much for Hasbro protecting their interests, though, does it?

Some have suggested, however, that the answer may lie in their recent sales figures. The toy giant?s sales have dropped by 8% this quarter with the only big gains for licensed products being big rises for ? GI Joe and Transformers. Hasbro?s chief rival Mattel had a 40% increase in profits.

So why potentially reduce their income by cutting off the international market for some of their products? Marketing, plain and simple. Ricky has passed us information that leads us to believe this current enforcement is nothing short of a marketing ploy.

1) Sites such as this one raise the awareness of the product in question by running the story. Mainstream news companies often pick up such stories if they are deemed interesting, further increasing the publicity.

2) They, in theory, could then claim for damages on top of their cut of the profit.

3) They can renegotiate (or rather actually negotiate) the international licenses to be far more in their favor based on the established markets.

We approached Hasbro to comment on the above, they answered:

    Thank you for your email to Hasbro UK Ltd.

The Dreamwave comic is available at the moment in the US only, however there will be a children?s Transformers comic released in January 2003. Also, they can refer to for range information.


Children?s comic! MMMMmmmm. So basically they didn?t read my e-mail. At least they replied?and confirmed that the UK (and presumably European) market will be exploited separately?

This Has A ?Money, Money, Money? Value Of Four Out Of Ten

More Pulse/CrossGen

The following is from the Pulse, you know the first bit bear with us until the end though:

      After nearly ten years at The House, Bill Rosemann has resigned from Marvel Enterprises, Inc. Beginning his career as a writer for


    magazine in 1993, Rosemann officially joined the staff as Assistant Copywriter in 1995. Over the next seven years Rosemann was repeatedly promoted, finally named Marketing Communications Manager in 2001.

This has been widely reported across the web and it is of course sad when an institution comes to an end. However the Pulse, as always, had their own unique spin on things and the following was the first comment posted on the story:

    Well, CrossGen’s expanding, you never know… Tampa’s not that bad a commute from Orlando…

Do I really have to say anything after the story a couple of weeks ago?

This Has An ?Impartial?? Value Of Four Out Of Ten

Unclaimed Treasure

It is (for me) the single most important comic book in the history of publishing. It is either the most expensive or second most expensive comic book in the world (depending on the status of Action Comics #1). It is the Christmas present the SBC staff are getting me this year. AND? it is unclaimed!

A copy of Detective Comics #27, that featured THE FIRST APPEARANCE of BAT-MAN is apparently lying unclaimed in a safety deposit box that has been abandoned for years in Missouri. Apparently the State Treasury department has tried to contact the box?s owner but to no avail.

All I can say is that if he doesn?t want it…

Thanks to Willy for spotting that in the Wall Street Journal for me.

This Has A ?What A Berk? Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

Repeating The Mistakes Of History

I?m afraid this is another one of those stories where I didn?t have time to seek a comment from those involved. Retailers received an open letter from Bill Jemas at Marvel comics. Mr. Jemas discusses Marvels policy re: overshipping, and he also gives details about future ?Marvel Must Haves? and that many will be shipping only a few weeks after the original comic and that they will be available to order at that time (i.e. they?ll print more than the original orders allowing retailers to reorder, overshipping). His reasons for this are simple, to give readers a chance to catch up on hot titles that retailers may not have ordered enough of. It also means that retailers don?t have to take such a risk by over ordering on these titles just in case they become hot.

Then why don?t Marvel just overship the original comic? Simple. If they did there would be no collectors market. No books would be so hot they sold out. Retailers and savvy collectors couldn?t make a mint by buying up/holding back hot comics, bagging them and either ebaying them or just selling them in shops at hugely inflated prices. Like Mr. Jemas himself says ?Dirty Money?.

Fair play to Marvel for doing the Must Haves. It makes sense that everyone who wants to read a story is given the opportunity to do so, it creates future sales. But not every title is going to become a hot one. Not every title will be a Must Have. Not every retailer gets it right. So if a retailer cocks up he?ll either be left with disappointed customers or too much stock. Either one is bad for business, I know from experience. Frankly I am disappointed that we still have companies pandering to this kind of market. I would have hoped that the speculators boom and bust would have taught everyone a lesson. Marvel doesn?t profit from the huge mark-ups that some retailers make on hot books (except if they ebay a few themselves) and their safest market is to hook readers with good stories and good art, these are the readers who will return week in week out. Collectors are a poor market to pander to, they are parasites that will suck a commodity dry and then move on to the next thing.

This Has A ?Can?t We Actually Care About The Real Readers For Once? Value Of Seven Out Of Ten

We Love JMS Day

Man, this is a story that won?t go away. During the week I received the following email from Mark, a comic book insider; I quote only the pertinent section to avoid anything that may give away his/her identity:

    …JMS is most likely NOT to blame for the lateness of his projects there. ?Top Cow have a definite tendency to give their artists as much rope (and more) as is necessary to hang themselves with, as the shipping schedule of any number of Top Cow books NOT written by JMS will indicate. I’d give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that the shipping record of his Top Cow titles is not typical of his own timeliness.

We?re happy to go along with this as fact, which of course opens up another can of worms. We have emailed Top Cow to ask for their comments but they declined to respond at this time. Next week ? why Kevin Smith is the slowest writer in comics?

This Has A ?Hey, I?m A Fan Of Rising Stars And Midnight Nation, Too? Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

More Moore…Just Kidding

Every bloody week I seem to have an Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman story. You?d think they were important to the comic book industry or something!

This week it is Gaiman again. Pauline spotted the following on the Neil Gaiman site. Gaiman was questioned about the format for the up coming Endless stories he was doing, this was his reply:

    It’s a 140 page book, containing seven stories, one for each of the Endless. Six of them are strict comics. One of them, “Fifteen Portraits of Despair”, with art by Barron Storey, is closer to something like Storey’s Marat-Sade Journals than regular comics.

Very cool.

This Has A ?Reserve My Copy Now? Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

Inhumans, The Movie?

Bianca has sent me information that Gene Simmons of Kiss fame may be producing an Inhumans film, from a script by Jon and Erich Hoeber.

I?ll get back to you when I have more info on this.

This Has A ?One Word Could Destroy The Universe? Value Of Seven Out Of Ten

The Watchmen Film, Just Wait!

Ain?t it Cool News has published a review of the latest Watchmen script to be bandied around. The script by David Hayter receives the highest praise I have ever heard for any comic book adaptation, ever. I?ve not seen the script myself but Moriarty?s review of it has got me so buzzed I want to knock down Universal Studio?s doors myself and demand the film is made as per this script.

For those of you who have been living in a blast-proof bunker with ten thousand cans of baked beans for the last fifteen years, Watchmen is generally considered to be the single most important work in comic book history. While some believe it hasn?t aged well (I?m not one of those) it?s effect on the industry and its influence on creators is undeniable. So complex is the story telling style that even the great Python himself, Terry Gilliam walked away from this project.

According to Moriarty?s review this script works because it treats the original with respect, as if it is a work of literature (which many consider it to be).

Well… whatda know? I?ve gone and done an Alan Moore story after all.

This Has A ?Let?s Start The Campaign To Get It Made? Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

Rebellion In Trouble?

Rebellion, the computer game company who currently own the rights to 2000AD and associated Judge Dredd material have finally announced a release date for their long awaited Judge Dredd game:

    Judge Dredd vs. Judge Death is being developed for PlayStation 2 and PC, and is planned for release in the second-half of 2003.

Excuse me? Late 2003?! Hell the PS3 will be out by then ? well, maybe not. This is a game that has been promised for over two years. When Rebellion took over 2000AD they were only too proud to show off some brief scenes from the ?upcoming? Judge Dredd game at UK convention, Comics 2001. The impression was given that this had been well in hand for some time and would be out very soon.

This isn?t the only strife at Rebellion. Apparently the company has now demanded that all creators sign away their right to contest ownership of or to attempt to gain any returns from any and all properties they may have created or worked on for 2000AD for nothing. This means no money from films, graphic novel collections, games or any other type of reprint. Our source, Sharon, has told us that if the creators don?t sign they can?t work for Rebellion.

So we could be denied the work of some of the best creators in the comic book industry at the moment such as Alan Grant or John Wagner. We can only speculate as to the reasons behind this. As you may recall there were problems with the Zenith collections, and at that time I pondered if it would open up the floodgates to similar problems. None of 2000AD?s various owners have exactly been patrons of creator rights (for more on this see Dave Bishop?s history of 2000AD in the Megazine) but this is pretty bad. Are Rebellion merely covering their asses? Have they heard rumours about planned legal action?

My guess as to the answer to question one is that perhaps most computer games aren’t publicised until they are nearly ready, whereas information about the Rebellion Dredd game was made public from the outset. Wasn’t there something in the first computer mag preview about how unusual is was to have a feature on a game so early in its development? I don’t think they’ve ever said it would be ready before 2003.

Perhaps Rebellion are due praise rather than scorn for letting us in on the details of their computer game so early but the impression all those I spoke to was that it was very late (but hey, that doesn?t mean they were right). No new news on the whole contract thing, other than a brief statement that the dodgy contracts in question were only meant to be discussion documents, rather than proper ?please sign me? letters? wonder what would happen if anyone actually signed, would Rebellion turn around and say ?no, no, only kidding??

This Has A ?Thrill Sucker? Value Of Six Out Of Ten

Hulk/Wolvie Rematch

The following was sent in by Dot:

      Old sparring partners The Hulk and Wolverine are set to go at it again in a new mini-series written by Bruce Jones.

Hulk/Wolverine: 6 Hours

    will be four issues drawn by Scott Kolins with covers by Simon Bisley. The story revolves around a young boy terminally ill crash-landed in the forest with Bruce Banner and drug dealers. Wolverine comes upon the scene.

Obviously we hope it won?t read as a retread of Sam Kieth?s wonderful four-part miniseries for Marvel Knights, Wolverine vs. The Hulk (to be collected in January, order it now fanboys) ? with Jones producing some lovely work on the monthly Incredible Hulk series we have reason to be optimistic.

This Has A ?SMASH!? Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

Marvel T-Shirt News

Yet another late-breaking story that was sent to me just before my deadline. This time Angie was the sneaky little Rage-mite who spotted it. Apparently the licensing arrangement for t-shirts between Graphitti Designs and Marvel Comics is at an end and they will not be able to supply any more Marvel based T-shirts, even those from their back list.

It is not clear why Marvel has taken this decision. Some speculate that this is a further example of the company consolidating its assets and licenses in preparation for being sold off. The future of any Marvel based T-shirts is just as unclear with many possibilities being on the table. Until then don?t wear your Marvel T?s too much, you don?t want to wear them out!

This Has A ?Let?s Hope It?s Sorted By Summer? Value Of Six Out Of Ten

Star Warts

Now there?s a title to catch anyone?s interest. Quick snippet from an interview with the artist Cam Kennedy on the 2000AD site. Spotted by Dirty Den:

    You did some great design work in your STAR WARS DARK EMPIRE books? Were you approached to do any design work for the new movies?

Well, no. The thing was when I was first offered DARK EMPIRE, I’d never actually seen the films. I’d been living in France and got into a way of life where watching these things wasn’t important. So I’d never seen them and had to watch them on video before I started. Some of the designs were good but they weren’t my best. I kept the best stuff for myself. I’d be sketching and I’d come up with something and I’d think “Oooh that’s good! I’ll keep that design for myself”. That way I could make a bit of money off it. George Lucas doesn’t need more money but I do. I was explaining this to TOM (VEITCH) on the phone and he said “My God, Cam, how can you not give your best stuff to George?” and I replied “But when has George ever given his best for me?”

Once more I?ll let you draw your own conclusions… personally I liked, it but there you go.

This Has A ?What A Dark Horse, Mr. Kennedy Is? Value Of Seven Out Of Ten

Journey Into Speculation – OP/ED – Not The REAL Reason Hibbs Is Suing Marvel

From Brian Hibbs? two interviews in Brandon?s lovely Ambidextrous column, I am left with, to quote someone famous ?a bad feeling about this?. I just don?t buy it. I don?t buy the timing of the lawsuit (what a coincidence it happened as the Spidey movie opened). I don?t buy it being done for financial reasons. It?s all very well saying the motivation behind the lawsuit is to make Marvel meet their contractual obligations, but why then launch it to gain the maximum publicity for the case and the maximum embarrassment for Marvel? I can only think of one reason for this?skip to it at the end of the article if you like, but keep this Rumor Barrier in mind? it?s only my opinion of what I?ve read and heard.

Why don?t I think it?s about money? Well, a little mole, Little Mo, sent me a post by Hibbs stating that superheroes form roughly one-third of his business – that’s all forms of superhero comics – Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and so on. It would seem reasonable to assume that Marvel form one-third of this portion of his business, making Marvel responsible for 11% of his takings.

Figure into this how many Marvel books should’ve been made returnable, and out of these, how many he actually would have wanted to return through not being able to sell? This month, Marvel has fifty regular books solicited; let’s take that as a reasonable average. How many of this fifty would need to be returned? Five books? Ten per cent? Sound fair? Therefore just 1% of his business each month should have been returnable and wasn’t.

But how much would he actually have returned? Just because a book is late doesn’t mean that every single sale is lost – it doesn’t seem reasonable to me to assume that more than 25% of sales are lost (given that everyone who has a copy of a late comic put in their pull box will buy it, and that casual buyers will see it on the shelves when it finally does come in and buy it anyway). The argument that if a comic is late people drop it from their lists is, excuse my french, a load of dingo?s kidneys. People who drop comics like that are hardly reliable customers, in my book anyway, so couldn?t be counted on to buy anything? you drop a quality comic because it?s a couple of months late? You drop a book you enjoy because it?s a bit tardy? Rubbish.

So, to my mind, Hibbs has been losing just one-quarter of one-per-cent of his business via this Marvel situation – so it ain’t about the money, baby.

If it’s not about the money, is it purely self-promotion? Is Hibbs such an egotist that he needs to see his name in lights? Certainly you can enter his name into a web search and see him and quotes from him all over the place, would he start a sure-fire win case just to boost his own ego? I don?t think so, but it brings to mind the question of why set the case in motion simultaneously with the release of the Spider-Man movie? I reject utterly the argument that cases that time to prepare so it was coincidence, as the release date of the movie was set and publicised well in advance. If he didn’t want to exploit the movie’s opening then he could easily have delayed the case by a couple of weeks.

Is that it, then? A boost to his self-esteem? Bit of a silly thing to do, spend the money on a lawsuit just to promote oneself, though if you?re sure you?re going to win, and you?ll have your costs recouped, and maybe some compensation for your time, then?

On the other hand, said search on the net reveals some tensions between Hibbs and the dynamic duo of Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada. Some serious sniping from both sides, some real criticism from Hibbs of Marvel?s policies under these two, and of JQ?s performance at a keynote speech at a recent con. It seems blindingly obvious that they don?t like him, and he doesn?t like them?

So putting it all together, what could be the motivation behind this case, if the (denied) assumption that the case was timed to coincide with the opening of the Spider-Man movie is taken as true?

One theory leaps to mind. One possible motivation. If Marvel?s thunder from the Spider-Man opening is stolen by a court case, if the people at Marvel responsible for this situation are deemed to have embarrassed The Company, then the usual way forward is for those in power to make a scapegoat of those responsible ? to whit, the dismissal of Bill Jemas and/or Joe Quesada from Marvel.

I don?t believe a word of it.

This Has A ?Once Again, What The Hell Do You Think The Rumor Barrier Means, Anyway?? Value Of One Out Of Ten

Ennis & Fabry On Thor

In case you hadn?t picked it up, the Thor mini-series by Garth Ennis and Glenn Fabry is to be called VIKINGS ? presumably to keep it in line with ORIGIN, TRUTH and the upcoming BORN.

Minimalism is obviously back in vogue at Marvel.

This Has A ?Just Squeezed In Under The Wire? Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

A Voice From Beyond The Grave

Follow up to a story last week. Just in on time. The following comes from a ghost at Last Gasp:



Thanks for the clarification, Ghostly Ron, hope those books kick ass ? retailers, order a bunch now. Now, any chance of next week?s lottery numbers from the after life?

This Has A ?Spooky? Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

That?s it for another week.

If I?ve offended you (then I?ve done my job properly), if I have made a mistake (then that would make a change, right?) or if you?ve got info for me (come one, come all), then get off your backside and e-mail me the details! Just remember that telling on me to teacher ? you and I know who I mean ? is a very poor show and abuse of position.

Many thanks to all those Rage-mites who have helped to put the column together, the rest of you bear in mind there?s always room at Rage Towers for more moles?

Until next time TTFN.

Alan Donald, signing off, from an increasingly cold island.

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