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Livin? On The Edge

A few months ago, we heard a rumor that Joseph Michael Linsner was working on something for Marvel. Further information on that front was hard to come by, but we now know exactly what the project is? a three issue Black Cat/Wolverine miniseries called Claws.

Joining Linsner on this one is the writing duo of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. The story finds Black Cat and Wolverine kidnapped and trapped together on a remote island, while being tracked down by hunters armed with high tech weapons that can take out ?anything?, even Wolverine?

The first issue is expected to hit in August. Between this miniseries and her membership in the upcoming Heroes for Hire, it looks like Marvel is giving Black Cat a serious promotional push, which reminds me of the way that Spider-Woman and Ms. Marvel were positioned for their new ongoing titles. So I won?t be too shocked if Marvel has similar plans for the Black Cat?

This Has A ?Better Watch Your Step? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Secret Agent Man

Over at Waiting For Wednesday, artist Sean Phillips dropped some hints about re-teaming with Ed Brubaker on an upcoming Marvel project:

    Ed and I do have a new series starting in a few months. I can’t say anything until it’s officially announced, but I’m really excited about it. I’ve already started work on it, and it will hopefully be my main project for the next few years. Apart from that, Duncan Fegredo and I have got a book of new paintings and drawings out from Image in the Fall. Please visit my updated website, www.seanphillips.co.uk for a sneak peak…

Phillips also seems to indicate that a Marvel Zombies follow up might be in the works?

This Has A ?Galactic Hunger? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Imminent Invasion

I?ve got to admit that the following rumor took me by surprise? but there is word that a new Mars Attacks comic will be coming out later this year. I?m not sure where it?s being published, but this appears to be on the fast track?

I never really cared for the Tim Burton movie, but I did enjoy the Mars Attacks comics that Topps put out in the 90s. So I?m cautiously optimistic on this one?

This Has A ?Nice Planet. We’ll Take It!? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Silent Moves

In another surprise return this week, Steven Grant?s Whisper is coming back in a one-shot through Boom! Studios in August. The artist attached is Joseph Cooper with a cover by Kody Chamberlain, which you can see below:

Long time comic fans may remember the original incarnation of Whisper from First Comics, though I?m told that this is an ?all-new re-imagining, Ultimates-and-All-Star-style? that?s closer in tone to 100 Bullets than Elektra?

This Has A ?Who Is Alex Devlin?? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

In The Absence of Light, Darkness Prevails

I?ve mentioned that Lee Bermejo is one of my favorite artists more than a few times in this column. Like many of you, I was disappointed to hear that he wouldn?t be finishing the forthcoming Hellboy: Darkness Calls miniseries. A few of Bermejo?s Hellboy pages were shown online last year, though another one has shown up recently. Wildstorm editor, Scott Dunbier has posted the following page from his personal art collection:

Man?. Someone needs to put Bermejo on a book, NOW.

This Has A ?We Bump Back? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Dance Or Die

ATR Agent, John Voulieris sent in the following links, featuring clips shot by Jamie Coville at last weekend?s Toronto Comic Con:

See Jango Fett sing and dance!

See The Scarlet Witch dance and sway!

See Heidi MacDonald dance and FAIL!

Hey? the Heidi video is missing? And it was there yesterday? Jamie, what happened man?

All kidding aside, I thought The Beat! did a great job of covering the show?

This Has A ?Next Time Don?t Eat The Seafood? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Kathy Kane, Is That You?

Last month at the Pittsburgh Comic Con there was a report that Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Amanda Conner would be working together on a miniseries for DC later this year. Now a rumor has come in that the miniseries in question is the much talked about Batwoman.

I don?t know? It makes sense, but I?ve been burned on Batwoman rumors before?

This Has A ?Gotham Central? Factor of Four Out of Ten

Boom! 2

We?ve got some more Boom! news this week, coming out of their Free Comic Book Day appearance at Earth 2 in Sherman Oaks, CA. Apparently there are two new sketchbooks coming from Boom! in August: the 2006 Dave Johnson Full Color Sketchbook and The BLVD Sketchbook.

The Dave Johnson sketchbook, as you might expect, is loaded with Johnson?s art done for various comics, TV, and motion pictures. But The BLVD Sketchbook is what really caught my attention here. All of The BLVD members (John Paul Leon, Tommy Lee Edwards, Bernard Chang, Sean Chen, and Trevor Goring) will be contributing original short comic stories in the book, one per creator, in addition to the sketch art and commentary.

Can?t wait?

This Has A ?King of The Streets? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

All Things X

Finally this week, some X-men related art from around the web.

First up, Steve Gordon (Ultimate Avengers) has posted some of his art from the X-Men 3 books he illustrated for HarperCollins.

And we have a first look at one of Chris Bachalo?s pages from X-Men #188.

Now, I think the fanboy thing to do here is to complain about Rogue being too powerful again.

But damn? That was cool.

And we are done. Next week?



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