So I just finished my first beer to kick off the pre-Wizard World party. My friends Matt and Dan have been drinking at the airport since 3:00 PM and have called me every hour to reveal a new level of intoxication. They don’t even board the plane until 7:30 PM.

Last year Dan and Matt came off the plane with their arms around a flight attendant and big drunken smiles stretched to their ears. This year, I’m worried I might look out the window and see them being rolled onto a luggage cart.

But whether they end up getting the girl or a face full of suitcase, I think it’s fair to say that Wizard World is on.

To officially get the party jumpin’ I decided to do a special advance mini-ATR for you guys. Mostly it’s just a reminder that I’ll be attending the show and that you should feel free to approach me with alcoholic gifts. But I also have two informational snacks to pass out. So put your trays in the upright and locked positions..

Ultimate Team-Up

I’ve been hanging on to a little rumor for damn near two weeks now. I wasn’t planning to reveal it, but multiple informants have come forward, all claiming the same thing. Since Wizard World begins tomorrow and an announcement from Marvel is expected in the next couple days, I’ve been cleared to print the news by my initial source..

I’m hearing that writers Mark Millar (Ultimates) and Brian Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man) will be writing the long-awaited Ultimate Fantastic Four together. The book will be drawn by Adam Kubert. I don’t know if they will take turns on the comic like Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker on Gotham Central or if the they will be collaborating on every issue.

One thing I do know is that the rumors about New X-Men writer Grant Morrison were based on more than just speculation. The now exclusive DC scribe did have ideas for an Ultimate FF series. He reveals his now defunct plans for the FF today on

    One thing I wanted to do was “Ultimate Kree/Skrull War” (or Kree/Chitauri War…) which would reveal that the original Super-Soldier serum was genetically-engineered by Kree scientists using shapeshifting Skrull/Chitauri Dna. The Kree, hidden on our planet for centuries, were attempting to create a race of genetically-perfect supermen to protect the Earth in the oncoming Kree/Skrull conflict. The Skrull Super-Soldier mix, applied to the not-very-fluid human anatomy, would have also explained why Banner turns green… among other things…

In related news, Mark Millar has recently denied any involvement with Ultimate Hulk on his website, Millarworld, saying:

      I’m definitely not the writer on

Ultimate Hulk

    , although I can see why this rumour got out there. You’ll see what I mean soon.

This denial means I have absolutely no clue what Mark’s second Marvel project will be. But I wonder if Ultimate Hulk is still a go with a different creative team..

This Has A “Blow Shit Up With Lots of Talking Heads Scenes” Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Lost Magic

I’ve been informed that Roaring Studios tried to secure the rights to Harry Potter in order to create comic books based on the character. Sources say the attempt failed due to the high cost of the rights. I’m told the figures were around $200-300K. Here are some pics, presumably created to try and make the deal a reality.


The first two pics are clearly illustrated by Brett Booth (Thundercats: Dogs of War). The third pic I can’t pin down. I’ve been told Mike Miller (Adventures of Superman) is the artist.

This Has A “Empty Magic Crayon” Factor of Ten Out of Ten

That’s it. There is a possibility that I may post news or rumors each day as I hear things, but frankly I’ll probably be too drunk to type. No new Rage this Sunday as I will still be at the Con. I will work on something Monday and hopefully have a column up at the end of that day.

Okay, now I must continue drinking. If you are attending the convention and you enjoy the taste of quality brew such as Guinness, please come over and shoot the shit with me, Matt, Dan and the rest of my crew. Don’t fear us. We will not hurt you. If you drink beer like Miller or Coors or some other repugnant shit, you can still say hello, but know that we will make fun of you and your terrible beverage selection. Here are some pictures of us (I‘m the brown man in the dark red shirt):


See you there!

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