Lots of variety this week from Warner DVD?s to Virgin Comics, let?s jump right in:

From The Cutting Room Floor

November 28th is the official release date of the Superman Returns DVD (regular and two disc editions), as well as the Richard Donner cut of Superman II.

The Donner cut will incorporate tons of footage that was never released (here is a small taste), while the Superman Returns DVDs also promise to feature most (but not all) of the scenes edited out of the theatrical cut by Bryan Signer.

The official Topps trading cards for Superman Returns give fans some insight into what deleted scenes we can expect to see on the DVD:

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Two Years Later

One of the many projects coming out after DC?s weekly 52 event is over next year, will be written by Shane McCarthy (Detective Comics, Legends of the Dark Knight).

The mini series will feature many of the DCU?s evil geniuses, mad scientists, and all around villains currently on a mysterious island in 52.

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Remember The Armor With A Nose?

Ryan Sook is working as the artist on an Iron Man arc that will be published early next year as a stand-alone mini series.

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Everything Must Go

We?ve reported in past ATR columns that the BLADE TV series may still have a hope of being picked up for another season on a new network.

This seems to dispel that notion. Seems like the studio is auctioning off everything from the set, including gun cases, coffins and swords!

It?s too bad because I really thought that the show hit its stride in the last few episodes.

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Two Smoking Barrels

Astute readers noticed that in this week?s issue of 7 Brothers, by Garth Ennis and John Woo, that a new ?directors cut? comic from Virgin would be making its debut: The Gamekeeper by Andy Diggle and Guy Ritchie.

Andy confirmed it and gave some more details on his blog:

      And now I can reveal that the “offer I couldn’t refuse” is a project I’m developing for Virgin Comics with


    writer-director Guy Ritchie.

THE GAMEKEEPER is a Director’s Cut mini-series about a killer who’s more in touch with the natural world than he is with his own humanity. Guy came up with the original character and premise, and I’m developing it into a 10-issue series to be illustrated by DEVI’s Mukesh Singh

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Back In My Day

Everyone remembers when John Byrne deleted his Wikipedia entry (he claimed that it distorted the facts and made him look bad), right? Here, I?ll let Wikipedia summarize it:

    In 2005, Byrne complained about his Wikipedia article, claiming it was full of “opinion, rumor and borderline libel” but did not specify what he objected to within the article. He attempted to “delete lies and troll-fodder” [29] by removing most of the article [30], but it was soon restored. The article was revised following a complaint from Byrne to Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Recently though, I was sent a link to a John Byrne wikiquotes page. This is similar to Wikipedia, but it just contains quotes from the man himself. The page contains some of Byrne?s greatest hits, including gems like this:

      On Mature Comics:


      ?I repeat, bullshit. Pull your head out of your ass for a moment and look at this not as a long time comicbook reader, but as a civilian. This looks like a comicbook, feels like a comicbook, smells like a comicbook, tastes like a comicbook. No “uninitiated” person is going to look at this and think “Ah! This lurid cover illustration indicates this book must be intended for mature readers!” They are going to think “Look what they are selling to my children!!”* And those children are going to think “Co-o-o-o-o-o-ol!!!”


    * And in far too many comic shops around the country, they will be right.”

On Steve Irwin:
?Okay, time for me to rain on this parade. I didn’t know he had kids. YOUNG kids. This alters the mix considerably. This makes him an ASSHOLE. Cops and firemen, to name but two, place their lives on the line every day to protect others. There was nothing Steve Irwin was doing that he could not have done — as did, say, David Attenborough — without putting his life at risk. This takes this from tragedy to stupidity, and, worse, irresponsibility.?

And there is much much more via the link. The problem Byrne now has is that unlike the Wikipedia page (where he can dispute the facts), here he cannot dispute his own words (the Wikiquote article is complete with references ? there is even a link to an old ATR column by Blair Marnell!). So he will have no choice but to deal with these comments for a long long time.

Once its on the internet you can never take it back people!

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Fool Me Once

Axel Alonso took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about the upcoming FOOLKILLER mini series from the Marvel Max imprint:

ATR: Tell our readers the premise behind the new FOOLKILLER series. What?s it all about?

AA: The Foolkiller is a vigilante with a very distinct modus operandi. He ain?t the Punisher. Frank Castle likes to do things simple. The Foolkiller doesn?t. I don?t want to give away much more than that.

ATR: Is this a fresh start/reboot of the character or is it tied to pre-existing continuity from the 70s-90s Steve Gerber version?

AA: This series offers a fresh start under the MAX banner. There are certain thematic connections to the original Gerber version. That said, Gregg?s ideas weren?t so much an extrapolation on what had been previously written than on the name itself ? ?Foolkiller? ? and the role of the Fool, or Jester, in the King?s Court. The fool wasn?t just a clown who entertained the king; he occupied a unique role in the King?s court — and the King?s life. He was the only guy on earth who could make fun of the King, remind him that he wasn?t a God, but just a man. Flawed. In short, the fool told the King things he need to know, even if he didn?t particularly want to her them.

ATR: What can you tell us about the creative team of Gregg Hurwitz and Juan Barranco?

AA: Gregg Hurwitz is a terrific crime writer whose novels probe the same dark territory that this series does. I was especially impressed by ?The Kill Clause,? which examines just how far one decent man will go to get retribution for the brutal murder of his daughter after society fails him. It?s a relentless story that grabbed me from the opening page, filled with great insights into human nature. Gregg?s books are populated with predators and the bureaucrats and politicians who cut them the slack to continue being predators. If there are heroes in his books, they?re people who have to make hard decisions, who don?t have the luxury of taking the squeaky-clean moral high ground.

Juan Barranco is the nom de plume of Oscar Jimenez, a very talented Spanish artist who?s getting back into the game with this series. His work speaks for itself. Couldn?t be happier.

ATR: How did the series come about? Whose idea was it to revive the Foolkiller?

AA: It?s kind of like what happened with Moon Knight and Charlie Huston. I?d wanted to revive Foolkiller for some time, but I wasn?t sure how until I started talking with Gregg. Right off the bat, he told me he loved the Punisher, but we agreed that it wasn?t the right time. Call it a rain check. I figured Gregg would excel if he could flex the same muscles he does on his novels — write something grim and dark and relentless and bloody — so I suggested Foolkiller, and things just clicked.

ATR: What else do you have coming from the MAX line?

AA: Hopefully more Foolkiller. Gregg?s already got a great idea for a second series.

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That wraps up All The Rage for another week. Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in. Keep it coming people!

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