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Earlier this week, while asking about the availability of the Secret Wars trade paperback, Mark Millar let a few details slip about his next project for Marvel:

    Not Secret Wars 3, but I need to check out a scene here for my final Marvel project for the time being (a special, six-issue crossover). It launches in the Spring and I’m writing the first issue right now. I think we’re announcing it in about a month.

You’ll cream your pants when you hear who’s drawing it. I know I did.

Millar later added:

    When I say crossover, I don’t mean the Crisis/ Secret Wars kind where it ties into other books. This is self-contained, but stars pretty much every Marvel hero and villain ever. Can say no more right now, but this will kick the ass of all others in the Spring. You’ll know what I mean as this gets announced in little pieces.

Previously, Millar?s last Marvel project under his current deal was rumored to be an Ultimate Captain America miniseries. When reached for comment about that project, Millar responded:

    Well, this final project I’m doing already takes me a few months past my current contract and I’m focusing on the MW2 stuff once that’s done so, if Cap ever happens, it’s a long, long way away. This is a shame because I had the most amazing artist and it’s a project I was very excited about. I keep reading that I can write 5 books a month, but I’ve never done more than 29 or so in a single year. That’s less than two and a half. So time really is an issue for me, especially now I’m doing quite a bit of non-comics work too.

When pressed for details of the crossover, he replied:

    Sorry, but I’ve signed an NDA on this one. It’s really big. The plan is to have a teaser ad with the title and a small image in about a month and then, a month or two later, release the creative team details before talking a LITTLE about the project at the end of the year before I disappear for six months. This launches when I’m gone so the publicity will all be done around December. It’s going to be huge, though. Biggest book of next year, almost certainly. A nice swan-song before I disappear for a while and then come back with creator-owned.

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You?ll All Be Sorry!

Word out of DC is that Gail Simone is being considered for “consultant” position similar to the editorial roles of Geoff Johns and Mark Waid. If it goes forward as described, she would oversee certain characters in the DCU while continuing her monthly books as well.

(If true, the following may be considered an Infinite Crisis spoiler. Peruse the hidden text at your own peril. Highlight the text below with your cursor if you are unafraid of spoilers.)

It is also rumored that Simone will be writing a new Batgirl title post Infinite Crisis, with Barbara Gordon back in the cape and cowl. Supposedly, this would be one of those initially unexplained stories from the ?one year gap?, with Babs making a full recovery and returning to her earlier costumed persona. The current Batgirl, Cassandra Cain?s whereabouts may also factor into this?

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The Great Escape

The story about Pascual Ferry?s departure from the Mister Miracle miniseries broke last Tuesday, but what wasn?t known at the time, was why he left. The hot rumor among industry insiders is that Ferry has jumped over to Marvel and may be their latest exclusive artist. Ferry?s next project is also said to have a significantly higher profile than his previous books?

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Middle Ages

Javier Grillo-Marxuach?s The Middleman has been picked up for another four issue miniseries by Viper Comics. The first issue of the new miniseries will be out in January 06, with the trade paperback of the previous mini shortly beforehand. Les McClaine will be back on art. And in December, there?s going to be Legends of The Middleman one-shot anthology, with three short stories about Middlemen throughout history. However, there?s no word yet about the artists for that project?

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River Runs Red

Michael Oeming?s next creator owned project will be Blood River, an OGN coming out in December from Image. Oeming is co-writing the story with Dan Berman and art by Brian Quinn. According to Quinn, Blood River is ?? a horror story that takes place in a NJ coastal town during the mid-70s.?

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Attack of The Clowns

Here?s a quick look at Daniel Way and Steve Dillon?s five-issue Supreme Power: Nighthawk miniseries, which I believe is coming out this Wednesday.

No, I don?t know what?s up with that clown?

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It?s been over a year since the American Bible Society?s Metron Press seemingly imploded, leaving projects developed by creators like Brian Augustyn, Christopher Priest and John Ostrander without a publisher. At the time, Mario Ruiz mentioned that he would attempt to find a new home for these projects and a few of them are mentioned on the website for his current venture, Valor Comics.

However, there?s a new rumor that Mike S. Miller is pursing some of the former Metron projects in order to publish them through Alias.

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Art of Destruction

The Art of Comics has posted several character guides drawn by Bryan Hitch for the Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction video game.

You can check out the rest here. Some of the art is still available for sale?

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Under The Weather

According to recent post on his blog, writer Steve Gerber was laid up in the hospital recently due to pneumonia. Gerber also elaborated on his current condition: ?I?m home now but still very weak ? and tethered to an O2 machine day and night for at least the next couple of weeks.?

Direct your best wishes here.

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Ho, Ho, Ho?

Over on his blog, Jeff Parker mentioned that he will be writing a story in the Marvel Holiday Special 2005. His story will pit the New Avengers against Ultron? who?s been reprogrammed to think that he?s Santa Claus.

No, seriously?

Mike Carey and Shaenon Garrity are also contributing stories, with Reilly Brown, Mike Perkins and Roger Langridge on art. Stuart Immonen will be providing the cover. Expect the book in December.

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See? I Told You They Were Evil…

We?ve got two pages here from Tim Seeley and Dave Crosland?s upcoming Hack/Slash: Land of Lost Toys miniseries, in which the ?Evil? My Little Ponies hoof their first victim.

And just for kicks, here?s some inked pages from Top Cow?s Necromancer #2 by Francis Manapul.

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