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Road To Hollywood

I’ve been told that Road to Perdition by Max Allen Collins, won’t be seeing a reprint version at DC.

I understand that DC did have the reprint rights but editor Andy Helfer let them expire, despite having the contracts sitting on his desk the whole time.

Despite having a film based on the book, I hear Paul Levitz decided that it didn’t matter because it wasn’t superheroes and would flop or wouldn’t even get made.

Production started on March 23rd, the film is directed by Sam (American Beauty) Mendes, starring Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Jude Law and Stanley Tucci.

However a quick word with Patty Jeres at DC reveals that DC is looking into making Road to Perdition available again.

And other DC sources are divided as to veracity of the events about, some saying it’s spot on, others that the version of events is sheer nonsense.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 5 Out Of 10


So Spider-Girl has been saved… but the battle is continuing across the globe. In Spain, the publisher of Spider-Girl also announced it was to be cancelled from issue 20.

The success of the USA campaign has inspired Spanish fans to take up the cause on their own homeland. See it for yourself, here: http://www.mlcomics.com/spidergirl


Glenn Fabry has taken the online plunge setting up a portfolio in the hope of scaring up work by showing his vast range. Although, he does point out “Will do sketches – will not dress as farmyard animals and moo in a strangled vibrato. Never again.” You heard the man. He‘s a funny writer as well as a beautiful artist, so see the magic, here:

Rob’s Moving On

Rob Liefeld seems to have new influences… and they’re French! After, presumably reading loads of Metabarons, and Travis Charest (now working for Humanoids), All The Rage is proud to present examples of his new working style, seen here on Cable and Wolverine. There’s still a lot of problems with anatomy without an internal consistency which can grate on the eye, but this is a serious step in a direction of better work, don’t you think? All hail Rob!

Kryptonite Flavour

I understand that the popular and award-winning Walkers Crisps ads in the UK, starring whiter-then-white footballer player and now sports commentator, Gary Lineker proved so successful the company wanted to export it to Europe.

The ad campaign is based around the much-loved Gary Lineker stealing packets of crisps from kids. But because Gary doesn’t have the same appeal there as he does in Britain, the company and agency wanted to use someone with the same reputation but on a more universal level. They wanted Superman. But the idea faltered when DC wavered. In the end, DC stated they’d only allow the character to appear in the ads if he gave the crisps back afterwards.

Funnily enough, this was Walkers Crisps first reaction when the agency originally presented the work with Gary Lineker, but were eventually talked round…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

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