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Last week?s minor technical problem has now become a full-blown catastrophe. Until my computer gets fixed, my internet access is going to be limited. As it is, I have to write this week?s column on my buddy?s computer?

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That?s where I am on this Easter Sunday? and I wish I could just post Rob Liefeld?s The Godyssey again.

But then? what?s stopping me?

God? I love that pic.

Greener Pastures

Some interesting details regarding the Marvel/Top Cow packaging deal have popped up over at Millarworld. For starters, long time Top Cow artist, Francis Manapul?s exclusive deal is up and he will not be a part of the Marvel deal. Early rumors have him pegged for DC, but I?ve also heard that he will be working for a French publisher in the near future. There?s also a rumor that he will be working with Jason Rubin (Crash Bandicoot) on a creator owned book, which was first mentioned here last month.

Another popular Top Cow artist, Michael Choi has been dropping hints about his Marvel assignment coming out of the packaging deal:

    Speaking of Marvel, we’re a little closer to finding out what our next project will be. If everything goes to plan, people can expect:

a) Sonia and myself to do more covers,
b) Our return to Sara Pezzini to be sooner than we thought, and
c) Our Marvel project to be very different, but very similar to what we’ve been doing so far for Top Cow.

This Has A ?Crossing Over? Factor of Seven Out of Ten Rro7

No More Living In The Green

There?s word going around that the latest Swamp Thing series may be facing cancellation due to low sales.

If true, that?s really a shame. I?ve been enjoying the book.

This Has A ?Holland Mind? Factor of Five Out of Ten

Life After Flight

I?ve heard an additional detail about 24/Seven, the upcoming Image anthology coming out in July. Apparently it will be 200 pages in full color. And it won?t be the only anthology coming out from Image that month?

Mark Andrews (Colossus), Derick Thompson, Peter Sohn, Nate Stanton, Ted Mathot and several other Pixar animators are collaborating on Afterworks 2, which like 24/Seven will be 200 pages in full color.

The first Afterworks anthology (which was originally put out by E-Ville Press) will also be re-released through Image in June.

This Has A ?9 To 5? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Speaking of Which?

As much as I?m looking forward to the new Image anthologies, Flight 3 is still one of the summer?s most anticipated projects. Kazu Kibuishi and crew have the added advantage of coming out through Ballantine Books. Which, in of itself should draw in new readers. Of course, it also helps to have story and art like this?

This Has A ?Bolt City? Factor of Ten Out of Ten


One of our ATR Agents has supplied us with a glimpse of some upcoming X-Men pages. For starters, a page from Ed Brubaker and Billy Tan?s first issue of Uncanny X-Men:

The girl with the green hair has got to be Polaris. That?s my guess, anyway?

Also, we?ve got a page from the first issue of X-Men: Civil War by David Hine, and Yanick Paquette.

This Has A ?198? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

What Would Jesus Do?

Alright? I?m gonna test my internet here. If this works, you should see some pages from Tim Seeley?s Loaded Bible: Jesus vs. Vampires one-shot, which is coming out later this month?

Well? crap. I tried.

Anyway, the book has been getting a lot of outside attention and fan interest is piqued. There?s already talk of a second Loaded Bible one-shot for later this year?

This Has A ?Kick Vampire Ass? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Love That Lovecraft

And now, for our third anthology item this week (that?s got to be some kind of record), here?s an early look at John Rogers (Blue Beatle) and Andy Khun?s (Marvel Team Up) story from Boom! Studios? forthcoming Cthulhu Tales. Their story is called ?Quality Time? and features the dreaded ?Great Old One? exerting his influence over? a school play?

This Has A ?Heed The Call? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Princes of The Universe

Look for Dynamite?s Highlander ongoing series to start up in July. The writers attached are Michael Oeming & Brandon Jerwa, with Lee Moder (Painkiller Jane) on art. For now, the focus of the series is said to be on Connor MacLeod, Christopher Lambert?s character from the original movies. But it seems likely that Duncan MacLeod (from the Highlander TV series) will get his time in the spotlight as well, given that Adrian Paul just finished shooting a new Highlander movie?

This Has A ?Kurgan?s Prize? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Beyond Reality

This has been making the rounds lately? The Secret Wars Reenactment Society. Just click on this link to see it:

My god? people!

There?s never been a more convincing argument for spandex as a controlled substance?

Though, not a bad idea? I did like the ending.

This Has A ?Back To Battleworld? Factor of Five Out of Ten

For The Girl Who Has Everything

Over at his blog, Paul Dini has been sharing his thoughts on his last animated DCU story, the Supergirl centric episode of JLU, Far From Home, which made its US debut last night. While praising the work of Dwayne MacDuffie and Bruce Timm, Dini also had this to add:

    And now, a scene you WON’T see in ‘Far From Home’ (also known as ‘My Rant Against Stupid Action Figure Accessories’):

And one more?

In other news, Paul?s wife (and professional stage magician) Misty Lee, will be making her Los Angeles debut next month.

This Has A ?Say The Magic Word Backwards? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

The Beaver Is Back

Earlier this week, Freshmen writer, Hugh Sterbakov left the following post on his message board:

    Freshmen II will be a Top Cow book. We’re a go.

I don’t have any more details yet. There will be a press release in a few days, but it’s not likely to have any details beyond a quote from Seth and myself.

Leonard has gone exclusive to Marvel, so we’re unfortunately going to have to venture forth without him. Like we did the first time, artists’ names are starting to be bandied about and we’ll come up with a list and see who is interested and what their take will be. All we can hope for is to find someone as enthusiastic and talented as Leonard to join our crew.

Dunno for sure how many issues we’ll do yet, but it will be another miniseries. No less than six issues, no more than eight. I’ve got the basic story, but I haven’t started figuring out how to break it down into issue segments yet.

News will break here first!

Sterbakov goes on to mention that an October or December launch is expected for the new miniseries. Also of note, Sterbakov?s original post confirms the rumor of Leonard Kirk?s new exclusive deal with Marvel, which we reported here three weeks ago?

This Has A ?Choke Your Robot Chickens? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

More Strangeness

And finally this week, a quick look at the work of incoming Strange Girl artist Nick Stakal, who takes over as of issue 10. Enjoy.


And that?s a wrap. Though I do want to mention that my SBC mail account is still working, so please keep sending your tips to blairm@silverbulletcomicbooks.com. I appreciate them all and could really use the assist while I?m having computer issues.

Thanks? and have a Happy Easter!


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