Look Who’s Stalking

Who was that familiar face a source saw drinking with the likes of a bunch of Scottish comics creators in town the other night? And then again in a pub with a certain publisher of Comics International exchanging Marvel stories? And more importantly, who’s that been seen by another source at Northampton train station being greeted by a hirsute gentleman with a large staff, before being whisked away? Sadly none of my stalkers could afford a taxi to follow them. What? On the salary I conveniently forget to pay them?

Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada is in town. And he’s gone to see Alan Moore, folks.

You know that line from Newsarama’s report on Miracleman? About how Joe said he’d like to print the Miracleman books? Of course, if Todd McFarlane does own 70% of the character, Marvel may have to find another name to publish under. I wonder what name they might choose…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 6 Out Of 10

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