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Welcome the return of Lieutenent Kali, our voice round-the-block-from Marvel. Sometimes he’s right, sometimes he’s wrong, but his reports are always well informed (if not always accurate) I haven’t heard from the Lieutenent from a while now, but he’s back with the following rumours from the House Of Identity Crises:

“Cancelled Books : Unlike previously reported, Bishop will now not return after the Gambit & Bishop series, instead it was the first X-Book to get cancelled. Secondly Generation X has also had the plug pulled, but for reasons that will become apparent when Grant Morrison takes over the book, remember his comment of a “Small core cast but lots of supporting” well just like the movie the Generation X kids, and many others, will now be taking up residents at the X-Mansion.”

“Creators : With the above Bishop news, since Scott Lobdell was supposed to be taken over it it’s now more than likely that he’ll be the new Core X-Title writer with Grant Morrison, especially since he’s already filling in on them. Most of the other books will have the same creative team, apart from X-Force, so far neither the current writer or artists contract have been renewed, but it looks like rather than being cancelled X-Force will just get a new team of creators.”

“Claremont’s Legacy : Before Claremont left plans were afoot for a Lila Cheny mini series, Kitty Pryde mini series and an Avengers/X-Men X-Over. All of these plans have since been scrapped and so far only a Psylocke/Wolverine and a Nightcrawler mini series are planned for next year.”

Well, as reported on Tuesday, the rumoured plans may not be as radical as they were first rumoured on Friday. But the little X-fan inside me has started weeping, saying “What? There was going to be a Lila Cheney mini-series? And now it’s cancelled? Waaaaaaah!” Excuse me while I go and beat it to death…

I was e-mailed the following info by another source. “The Lila Cheney mini was supposed to be written by Will (Captain Confederacy Shetterly and Emma Bull, who, IIRC, in addition to being fantasy writers also perform as part of Cat’s Laughing, which has made a few appearances in Claremont books. This is the sort of thing the new regime should be in favor of.”

Lila used to perform with Cat’s Laughing in the comics too… sniff!

This Has A Rumour Value Of 6 Out Of 10


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