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Moon Unit

Last week’s column proved rather popular, due no doubt to a certain Comics Code Meeting report. So here’s another meeting I’ve heard talk about, from a few years back. And this time it’s about an internal company meeting.

Cast your mind back… before ‘The Quemas Experiment’ took control of Marvel, while Bill Jemas was just a suit and Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada were joint editors of Marvel Knights and were still a professional working couple. When Bob Harras ruled the roost and hadn’t yet been told by a senior Marvel guy to kill his children.

Using their publishing know-how from Event Comics, Jimmy and Joe reinvented a number of key Marvel properties with surprisingly solid critical acclaim and sales to match.

And of course you know what happens when Marvel find a success on their hand? They order twenty. Hence 5 Punisher comics, 25 Marvel UK comics, multiple covers, bagged trading cards, chromium covers, until the whole market sinks under its weight. Spirits of Vengeance anyone? Bloody hell…

So was it really a surprise that when Nancy Dakesian went through the Marvel Art Department to see a Marvel Knights logo for Moon Knight being done up?

A quick word with Joe and Jimmy confirmed what Nancy thought, that no actually, Marvel Knights weren’t doing a Moon Knight comic.

Doug Moench and Mark Texeira didn’t know that however. They’d just been working on a Moon Knight series that Bob Harras thought would sell a lot better if they slapped the Marvel Knights logo on – I mean, hey, look at the sales on Punisher, Black Panther, Inhumans for heaven’s sake. And it seemed to add about 20,000 onto expected sales for a book.

Joe and Jimmy weren’t happy. They hadn’t brought the project to fruition, hadn’t used whatever magic ingredient they’d stumbled on to give this beast life and thought it would be, frankly, a bit of cheat. To the readers, if nothing else.

Bob Harras said they were doing it anyway. After all, it was only a logo…

But Jimmy and Joe had friends. More importantly friends in Sales. An oft-shunned part of comics companies by some creators, causing Peter David no end of grief when he made the move from Sales to Writer, Jimmy and Joe used Sales to fight their case. A huge meeting was called and Sales told Editorial that they could whore our Marvel’s best new imprint if they wanted, they couldn’t stop them. If it was really a matter of the 20,000 sales, then why not put the label on everything?

Indeed one particular guy in Sales proceeded to scream his head off about this, and how it would ruin Marvel’s integrity.

Needless to say he didn’t last long at Marvel. He quit shortly afterwards citing that meeting as the reason to send out his resume.

But the argument was won. And that Moon Knight series came out missing a certain logo…

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Peyer Power

The Authority writer Tom Peyer gave a recent interview to the Syracuse New Times who splashed it over the cover. Factually challenged as many such articles are, it nevertheless provided a few titbits of interest.

It confirms Tom is writing a creator-owned series for Vertigo, that we rumoured two weeks ago might have Chris Weston on art duties as well as writing Punisher after Garth Ennis. On the SBC Message Boards, however, Tom writes:

“OK, I’d love to do a Vertigo (or other) thing with the great Chris Weston, and he gives every indication that he’d like to do one with me. But at this point we don’t know what and we don’t know when, for reasons that would bore anyone to death.”

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It appears that last week’s rumour about a new Homage series from Devin Grayson called Matador and a new crime series from Brian Stelfreeze for the same imprint, were in fact the same rumour! So it’s Matador, a new crime series by Devin Grayson and Brian Stelfreeze for Homage. Better.

Fight Scenes

The internet news reporters are at it again! While externally most comics news sites seem blissful and calm with the occasional explosion, the truth is they’re angrily fighting over turf – who gets what solicitations when, who gets what interview first, who deserves a credit, who doesn’t, hey I’ve been there myself!

The next thing is, I often get cc:ed copies of this correspondence. It makes interesting reading – from an anthropological view of course. Take Rob Allstetter of the Comics Continuum. For the second time he ahs, shock horror, broken the Marvel embargo on releasing solicitations. Which means, basically, Marvel send out solicitations to news sites and say when they can be released. Most companies do similar – hence the ruckus when Comics Newsarama printed the DC solicitations early the other week.

Apparently Marvel operate a 3-strikes-and-you’re-out rule where if you break the embargo three times, you’ll be excluded from any more info. But, since Rob actually does freelance work for Marvel, it might not be such a clear situation.

And so everyone’s up in arms and telling me how angry they are.

Well, I think it’s funny.

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Story Under Our Bloody Noses

From the SBC Message Boards, Jai Nitz says:

Novavolo 2001 Annual is coming along. It should be out the week of the Wizardworld Convention, August 15. I have art from Mike Mignola, Steve Rude, and Phil Hester so far. I know Kevin Nowlan, Steve Lieber and Brian Stelfreeze are working on stuff. The book interiors look great. Greg Kirkpatrick is doing a bang up job on the pencils and we have some great inkers involved too.”

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