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The Gen On Gen 13

I hear the new artist for Gen 13 is none other than Ninja Boy‘s Ale Garza. Apparently he’s finished drawing Ninja Boy and has been spotted with a bunch of Gen 13 designs for Claremont. That should please the moaning minnies, don’t you think?

Wildstorm sources did not choose to comment on the rumour.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 5 Out of 10

Image Less

I hear that Marketing mogul of Image Comics, Anthony Bozzi has been let go. While I am assured that the details are terribly, terribly juicy, the details escape me. Anyway, they probably couldn’t match those being passed round about Lee Patin after her departure from Image earlier this year.

No replacement for Anthony has yet been named.

Jim Valentino did not respond to e-mails.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out of 10

Four Goes Further

Which well-known British creator recently let it be known that he’s been offered the Ultimate Fantastic Four writing gig? While he’s still considering the offer, he’s been heard to say, “In the sixties when the FF were created they were based on America’s Royal Family, which was the Kennedys right? Nowadays who are America’s pre-eminent family? The Simpsons… I’d love to try and translate that over with a neighbour like Flanders going: ‘Oh Reed didley dumpkins neighbouroonie, have you opened the portal to the Negative Zone again!'”

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 Out Of 10

California Dreaming

This week, DC Comics published the first issue of JLA: Haven. In which a big spaceship hits California, killing thousands and making a real impact on the DC Universe.

Which gives more fuel to the fire that Authority wasn’t cancelled due to it’s widescreen levels of mass destruction, but more its general attitude. The way the characters actually try and fix the world’s problems, the way they have a healthy contempt for all lesser forms of “authority”, a general irreverence to all the comics have made holy and the fact that, when you come down to it, the Authority are, and always have been, the bad guys.

And as DC start to build a greater media profile for themselves with non-industry adverts, influenced editorial and outside appeal, is it worth noting that Authority was one of those titles that didn’t need a marketing budget to get noticed by the likes of Entertainment Weekly?

This Has A Moaning Minnie Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Double Blade

With Blade of the Immortal #61 shipping next week, fans of this manga title from Dark Horse may be scratching their heads as to the availability of issue 60 – since that hasn’t shipped yet.

Not to worry, it looks like Diamond have found the copies and the missing issue will be shipping very soon.

I remember the days when Diamond UK shipped a couple of copies of Cerebus out of synch. However, it was during the Going Home boatride with F Stop Fitzgereald, so no one actually noticed.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Culture Vultures

Earlier this week, Twist and Shout Comics, my soon-to-be-awakened self-publishing wing received the following e-mail. I just had to share it with you all…

    “I’ve self published a children’s book that I think could be a successful comic book. The book is probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The title is Velma the Vomiting Vulture. It’s about a friendly, attractive vulture that uses her ability to vomit to save kids who are in danger. As you can imagine, when kids see the book it immediately gets their attention. Other than giving the book to family and friends I haven’t done much with it. If you have an interest in producing comic books based on Vomiting Velma, please contact me anytime and I’ll send you a copy of the book.”

You bet I replied! Extracts from Vomiting Velma as and when we receive them.

This Has A Vomiting Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Bless This Comic

Look forward to some very significant changes for my favourite Marvel comic, Black Panther. Originally scheduled to coincide with Marvel’s Black History month, they’ve had to be revamped. Look forward to a very different book, but still marinated in that very special Priest sauce we’ve learnt to love.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Storm Hits Cable

Igor Kordey of Cable has signed exclusive contract with Marvel and will be leaving the Cable after #104.

He’ll be moving on to do the fill-in art on New X-Men #119 and New X-Men #120 and a Black Widow mini-series with Greg Rucka – but his big project will be an original Storm graphic novel with Chris Claremont. This will be published late next year or early 2003.

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Turner Gain

Quite a while ago, All The Rage printed a story about how Ted Turner tried to get the Superman and Batman properties taken away from DC Comics and given to Cartoon Network, who he believed could exploit the properties more fully.

One reader clarified that whole situation saying:

    “Oh, Turner wasn’t casting about for something to do. He knew exactly what he wanted to do: castrate Warner Studios, in revenge for his treatment in Hollywood at their hands during the time he owned MGM. Turner wanted to be a big player in Hollywood in a big way and was thwarted at every turn. So when he merged his companies with Time-Warner (notice how nobody calls it Time-Warner-Turner anymore?) his first order of business was to assault the Warners branch, which controls all the media properties. He called for an internal audit to prove Warners wasn’t earning their keep so he’d have ammo for dismantling them. Since, in the bizarre corporate structure of Time-Warner, DC falls under Warners jurisdiction, DC was caught up in this.

“Turner saw how the Superman-Batman-Robin-Wonder Woman licenses were bringing in a lot of licensing revenue to the Warners coffers and started making noises about how Cartoon Network could exploit those properties properly where Warners couldn’t. It wasn’t about the comics, it was about shifting that revenue from Warners coffers to Turner Networks coffers, thus strengthening his own economic stability and destablizing his enemies.

“There were a lot of moves like that going on behind the scenes, and eventually Warners started fighting back. There was little chance the properties ever would have shifted to Cartoon Network — Turner, of course, is the invisible man since the AOL merger and no longer the heir to the throne he thought he was, while a Warners man has taken over the Turner Networks and is rebuilding them in Time-Warners’ image — but from what I understand it was all a big wake-up call for DC, which was no longer in a protected situation.”

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Go West!

Over at the Batman 66 Message Board, Andy Fish posted the following:

      “I was talking to a buddy of mine the other day who works at DC Comics, and we got to talking about the

Realworlds Batman

    project that came out last year. The cover featured the logo from the TV series. He and I both thought it would be wild if there was a comic book done like the TV Series.

“A nearby DC Editor told me that there is indeed one in the works. It’s tentatively called Pop-Art Batman and it’s done in the style and vibrant colors of the TV show. It should be in stores in 2002. The artist is Mike Allred, who has a terrific pop style, and happens to be a big Adam West fan.”

This Has A Rumour Value Of 6 Out Of 10


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Indeed it is, at: http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1901250482

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