Jenkins Makes A Splash

Paul Jenkins will be writing a new Namor, Sub-Mariner mini-series for Marvel. No artist attached as of yet…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Dillon On

Brandon Botyl has set up his own personal website. Making reference to last week’s column’s rumour about a Punisher ongoing series written 6 months on, 6 months off with Ennis and Millar, he writes “.From what I’ve heard, it’s safe to say there will be an ongoing series (Marvel would be dumb not to) and the art team of Steve Dillon and Jimmy Palmiotti will “be on him for a bit”. Cool!”

He also has a weird Travis Charest Metabarons sketch, and Garab Shamus’ empty personal page… whadda fun guy!

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Talking To My Lawyers About Joe Illidge

One individual forwarded me this private e-mail from a unnamed comics professional, made a few years ago. It reads “xxxxx is a racist. Ask anybody black pro in the business who the racists are. It’s an open secret. Every black pro in the biz knows xxxxx, xxxxx, and xxxxxx are not our friends. They are predisposed to think negatively of us and our work, and there’s not a damned thing we can do about it.”

Naturally the xxxxx are mine. Why? Because I’m a coward.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 6 Out Of 10

Writing X

As previously Rage-rumoured, Newsarama confirmed that Grant Morrison would take over one of the X-Men titles. But who for the other? On his Delphi forum, Counter X plotmaster Warren Ellis believes it might be Tom Peyer but Generation X writer Brian Wood posted that heard rumours that it’s Jeph Loeb. And others think Tom Peyer is up for JLA instead.

Warren says “If Grant’s already turned in a two-year timeline, then he is, if you like, The Plotmaster. And The Plotmaster gets to choose who works with him. Morrison will call in friends whose work he admires, and Peyer’s a friend whose work he admires.”

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Talking To Priest About Last Week’s Column

Christopher Priest, mentioned by some in last month’s columns wanted to address a couple of points made, one about the comparable careers of himself and Mark Waid bade by Joe Illidge, as well as his departure from DC made by an anonymous source.

Priest says “Waid and I are pals. And Waid hit one out of the park with The Flash and later Kingdom Come. These are the cards that got dealt, and got dealt to Mark, who completely deserved them. I am enormously happy for Mark and don’t feel the least bit slighted to play Tito to his Michael Jackson. There are plenty of white writers who have been in the game at least as long and who have not had the opportunities I’ve had.

HAWKMAN was cancelled BEFORE I wrote my first issue. I chose to stay on and help editor Kupperberg with the final issues.

”The major problems with XERO were as much about me and Cross as about Dan and Ali. My main complaint about XERO was the lack of adequate proofing, that left dozens of typos and production gaffes in the book. XERO ending at #12 was MY call; Dan was willing to string it out another few issues.

”I have long been aware of Mike Carlin’s issues with Cross’ storytelling style. In my opinion, Mike’s objections are reasonable and have nothing whatsoever to do with Cross’ race.

STEEL‘s paper was changed at the same time as SUPERBOY and other Supes family books. The Millennium Giants x/o was editor Mike McAvennie’s call and, once he made the call, I got on board and supported him. McA was doing everything in his power to keep STEEL afloat, even after *I* suggested we cancel it.

”At the time of my leaving DC staff, DC wanted me to stay. Paul Levitz, Neal Pozner, Terri Cunningham and Mike Carlin tried to talk me out of leaving. I was on track for Senior Editor and had been given charge of departing Group Editor Mike Gold’s group. I left to try and save my failing marriage. Had nothing to do with race. I firmly believe, had I stayed, I’d have moved along my career path based on my work.

“In fact, at the time of my leaving DC, I had just been given a *big* raise. The departure was completely amicable.

”My interest here is only in addressing the factual correctness of the above statements.”

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From El

A number of websites reported on DC’s problems with Superman Annual #12 which featured a wrongly coloured Mexican flag. Looks like this might only be the start. Bear in mind that this is from a third party, and not actually from any of the people involved, so reliability may vary.

An Argentinian reader of All The Rage writes “This guy named Freddy Ojeda created a comic book character named El Muerto. He appeared on his own fanzine a couple of years ago. Ojeda is a big Humberto Ramos fan, so he sent him his fanzine. Then Superman Annual #12 came up. Ojeda heard that Superman was meeting this Mexican superhero named El Muerto and that Ramos was illustrating the cover of that annual. “How odd” he thought. Then he learned that Ramos’ buds (who helped him create Crimson) were the ones that were writing it. Then he saw some art samples, and he went mad. El Muerto and El Muerto were much alike.”

The source continued, saying “Editor Eddie Berganza and Francisco Haghenbeck (co-writer of the annual) contacted him and tried to reason with Ojeda, but he still thinks that they ripped his character off, so now he’s taking legal actions, since his character is copyrighted since October 1996.”

When asked, DC preferred not to comment. But All The Rage prints a scanned shot of Ojeda’s version of the character alongside the cover to Superman Annual #12, featuring El Muerto for your comparison. Actually, whether he’s being ripped off or not, Ojeda’s not a bad artist, is he?

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Mature Decisions

One regular source e-mails me to say “Marvel Vertigo? I don’t think so. While Papa Joe is going around saying that he and Axel Alonso are developing a mature reader creator-owned imprint. It ain’t gonna happen. It seems that no one bothered to tell Marvel’s owner Toy Biz about this and they are dead set against it.

“Why? Well there are the usual reasons. Giving creator ownership denies the company the licensing rights. And that’s were the REAL money is. Also, In America the Federal Trade Commission just issued a scathing report on the entertainment industry’s marketing “mature” content to kids. Congress recently held hearings on the subject. Now in the FTC report comics are only glanced at. With no specifics made. But the report DOES mention that comics are a “kids” medium. The report has scared the shit out of the entertainment industry. No way that Toy Biz even with their low profile in the Entertainment industry and even lower stock price (below $ 5 a share as I write this) is going to want some politician holding up Marvel’s newest mature reader extravaganza which is in the same basic format as Spider-Man, on every TV news show in America.

“What about DC? Their profile is even higher than Marvel. Well from what I hear there is serious discussion or is that serious arguments at the top levels of DC and Warner Brothers about whether or not there should even BE a Vertigo. Warner could pull the plug any second.”

Ah. The famous ‘Vertigo’s for the chop’ rumour. I only hear that every eight months or so these days. And Vertigo still survives.

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Plugging Parking

Time to plug a website. Parking Lot Is Full has a number of rather amusing cartoons that are a cross between Far Side and Blue Jam.

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Trouble Shooter

Comic Book Resources ran an entertaining interview with Jim Shooter last week.

Michael Roberston posted to rec.arts.comics.misc a private e-mail he’d received from Acclaim Comics employee James Perlham.

“No, he hasn’t been paid for the script to #5… I’m trying to find out why that hasn’t happened and get it taken care of. His attitude of “I’m not doing issue #6” and they can’t solicit me on it totally bewilders me. I can understand wholly him not wanting to give us the script to #6 until he’s been paid for #5, but saying that he won’t do it period is just plain silly. I received my first and only call from the guy a week ago… and that’s when he said he hadn’t been paid for #5. That’s the first time I heard about it. He did plot all six issues… so we can solicit his name on it. Acclaim Comics ain’t dead… but it sure seems everybody is out to kill us.”

And a few minutes later, Perlham posted officially to rec.arts.comics.misc saying, “What Mr. Shooter said about not getting paid for the script to issue #5 is true, unfortunately, but I’m doing what I can to get that resolved as quickly as possible. I’m holding out hope that, once he has been paid, I can convince him to script the last issue.”

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Comedy Trip

The new issue of Tripwire, featuring Brian Bendis and a cover by Ashley Wood also has an amusing parody of this very column, entitled “Act Your Age”. Look for it!

This Has A Rumour Value Of 10 Out Of 10. I’ve read it!

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