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Look Who?s Doing The Smurfs

Last week in All the Rage we announced that Wildstorm had picked up the rights to do a comic based on the Smurfs.

It looks like that Planetary and Captain America artist John Cassady will be providing covers for the series. (He was a Smurfs fan as a kid). JJ Kirby will handle interiors for the book.

This project just gets weirder and weirder.

This Has A Rumor Value Of 6 Out Of 10


Nick Bertozzi, who received an Eisner nomination for Talent Most Deserving of Recognition, got arrested at this year?s Comicon in San Diego.

He was on the beach with a 6-pack behind him and wasn?t even drinking!

The cops came by and arrested him for drinking in public.

This Has A Rumor Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Oops! Pt. 2

Gary Erskine shares an embarrassing convention story with All The Rage:

    ?I remember attending a UKCAC convention around ?96 or so and being on artists alley on the Saturday. We were about seven or eight strong with a healthy queue of fans asking for the usual Batman or Dredd or Lobo sketches.

?One wee lad appeared to get a rebuke from the first artist at the far end of the table. Undeterred the boy continued down the line?and each time the next artist ‘knocked back’ his request. Andy Lanning was to my right and just as curious as to the little boy?s inability to get his ‘sketch.’

?Artist by artist the boy continued with no luck and then he reached me…

?’Could you ink this pencil sketch for me?’ he asked.

?Andy and I looked at it. It was a Steve Rude original portrait of Nexus.

?’Sorry?can?t do it,’ I said. ‘Frame it!’

?’But it?s only in pencil’ the boy replied.

?’You can?t ink that? it?s a great sketch!’ Andy piped in.

?The wee boy sighed and went away?oblivious to the piece of art he had in his hand.

?That?s the story. Not great but less than embarrassing than my ?Who?s the old guy sketching?? comment at Earl?s Court.

?It was Moebius.?

This Has A Rumor Value Of 8 Out Of 10

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