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Please, Don?t Feed The Zombies

Steve Niles is writing a new 48 page one-shot for Boom! Studios called Fear The Dead: A Zombie Survivor’s Journal. As the title suggests, the book will be ?guidebook of the undead? as told by one of the few remaining humans. Niles? narrative will tie together pinups and artwork from a number of different artists, including John Bolton, Guy Davis, Kieron Dwyer, Tom Mandrake, Eric Powell and Gus Vasquez. Expect this one to hit in January.


This Has A ?Flesh & Bones? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

And Yet The Dead Still Walk

We can?t have a horror comics column without mentioning The Walking Dead, one of the best books out there, in my opinion. There?s been a lot of speculation among TWD fans as of late about the solicitation for issue 25, which simply said, ?Everything is different now.? The following solicitations have also been sparse and the creative team of TWD has been keeping a pretty tight leash on spoilers. Though the first two pages of issue 25 are online now, and from what I can see, I?d say that we?re looking at Morgan Jones and his son Duane, who were last seen in the very first issue of TWD.

Now, as for the book?s ?bold new direction?, I have my own theory about what?s going to happen, which I stress is only a theory and not a rumor. But if I?m right it could be a SPOILER, so click on the spoiler text below if you really want to read this:

I think that Dale?s prediction from issue 18 will come to pass?

Robert Kirkman, ladies and gents? BUY HIS BOOKS.

This Has A ?Bite The Hand, Not The Foot!? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Afraid of The Dark

Stuart Sayger checked in this week, with update on his creator owned book, Shiver in the Dark:

      I’m still working on

Shiver in the Dark

      … The next issue is going to be a full color first issue with double the page count. The first three have sold so well for me that it is time to make the jump. I also am itching to get some new


      related goodies out. I just made some new buttons and I?m working on having a new T-shirt? this one will come in girlie sizes too (Now you don’t have to ask me any more if I?m making baby sizes!


      Just one problem. I’ve been asked to work on so many other projects that I’ve found it hard to find time to get back to


      ! I’ve been busy producing art for several sets of the DC comics card game “


      ” and I’m also the new penciler and inker for the


      comic based on that LEGO toys. …And just yesterday I agreed to draw some wallpaper for cell phones! if you want Batman by me on your phone, your opportinity is coming! To make it easier to keep up with all my projects, I now have my own messageboards through BUZZSCOPE….

visit my boards



    As always, I?m still traveling doing a lot of conventions. I should attend about 17 or 18 shows in 2006?

This Has A ?Dark Designs? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Masters of The House

Those of you who have the Showtime Cable network may have had a chance to catch Masters of Horror, a weekly series one hour movies by noted Horror directors like Dario Argento, John Carpenter, Joe Dante, Stuart Gordon and John Landis. IDW is publishing the comic adaptation, which will debut in December. Each episode of MoH will be adapted into two issues of the comic, with rotating creative teams. Chris Ryall and Jeremy Haun will take the first two issues, which will adapt last Friday?s debut episode, Incident On and Off a Mountain Road (which was directed by Don Coscarelli). Here?s an early look at some pages from that story:

Ivan Brandon (NYC Mech) and Dennis Calero will take over on issue three and adapt Stuart Gordon?s Dreams In The Witch House, which is in turn, based on a H.P. Lovecraft story?

This Has A ?Sinister Forces? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Down The Drain

C.B. Cebulski is making the most of his recent return to comics. He?s writing a new Marvel Mangaverse miniseries and his creator owned Vampire epic, Drain has found a home at Image Comics, as Cebulski elaborates:

      When I decided I was going to come back to comics, I had two properties,




      , that I was going to be shopping around. And I was meticulous in my research, I looked into the deals that all the publishers out there had to offer, from the smaller publishers to the larger ones. It seems to me that there was always a give and take with most publishers, where for instance, if you wanted a page rate you had to give up some of the ownership, or if you wanted ownership you had to give up some of your film rights. There was always some kind of back and forth. I just wanted to own it completely and have complete creative control. That was something a lot of publishers want people to give up. I?ve heard some horror stories about that?



      After researching all of the deals, Image, who I’ve worked with in the past, was the best one. I knew Eric Stephenson, but I didn’t know Erik Larsen, so we arranged a meeting out in San Diego. Erik couldn’t make it unfortunately; (he stopped by briefly at the end). So it was me, Eric Stephenson and Brett Evans. We just went out, talked comics for a few hours over beer and I showed them the stuff. I told them what I needed from Image and they told me what they wanted and everything just seemed to line up. It was an easy decision for me.



      The origin for


      came from fear: I?ve always been afraid of bats. When I was growing up in Connecticut, there was a barn on our property that was infested with bats. When you?re younger, it?s kind of fun to test a bat?s radar sense by bouncing tennis balls off a wall. But then at one point, one of the bats came down low and got stuck in the hair of one of the girls we were hanging out with. It freaked all of us out. ?Oh my God! Bats are actually dangerous!? So, for some reason in my mind, I became convinced that the Bats in our barn were vampire bats. Which they weren?t, of course. But from that point on I?ve had an ingrained fear of bats. I used to hate to read about vampires because of that. But flash forward several years, a friend of mine got me addicted to the Ann Rice books, which helped me overcome my fear of bats. I became kind of saturated by the whole vampire culture. From classic to goth, to trend or tribal? There was so much you could do with vampires and I wanted to explore some of the essence of vampires that hasn?t been explored yet and put my own stamp on it.



      The story takes apart a bunch of different genres and puts them back together again. It originally starts out as a Samurai/Ninja period story in Japan, about Chinatsu, a female ninja who gets involved in a conflict with another group of ninja and she is infected? bitten by a vampire. This is her story, how someone from that era, with more traditional Japanese beliefs (who hadn?t even been exposed to foreigners yet) how she deals with vampirism, her purpose in life and how she travels from era to era, country to country, experiencing life through the eyes of an immortal.



    All of the art is completely done by Sana Takeda. She does layouts, pencils and then paints them digitally. The book is an ongoing, tentatively for Spring of next year. We?ve got a few issues in the can already, so we?re well ahead of the curve.

This Has A ?Life Everlasting? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Let The Luv Shine In

Keith Giffen and Benjamin Roman are coming out with I Luv Halloween v2 next March from TOKYOPOP. I?m told that the story involves wanton destruction by a horde of the undead as they rampage through the city? all of which is completely ignored by the main characters as they continue their hunt for candy?

This Has A ?Poopocalypse Now? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Blood Runs Cold

I?m told that there will be a trade paperback collecting Grant Morrison and Mark Millar?s run on Vampirella early next year. From what I?ve heard, the collection will also include an early Mark Millar Vampirella story called ?A Cold Day In Hell?, which places Vampi in an arctic environment for the first time?

This Has An ?Eternal Nightmare? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

More To Speak Of

Just a quick follow up to last week?s Speakeasy story. Frank Espinosa confirmed that Rocketo will be moving to Image after issue six. He also mentioned that Image will be putting out the trade for the first six issues. Additionally, I?ve received confirmation that Hero@Large will be ending with issue 4.

Also of note, Chuck Satterlee from Chimaera Studios refuted a rumor that previously appeared here: ?We have not left Speakeasy at this time and unless someone offers me personally a much better deal, I am staying if Adam will have me.?

This Has A ?Heard It Through The Pipeline? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

And that?s a wrap.

Happy Halloween!


PS If anyone has any rumors, stories or news to share, please email me at blairm@silverbulletcomicbooks.com. Thanks to everyone who has been sending stuff in. It?s greatly appreciated.

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