Ok, it’s the eleventh hour, the gossip is pouring in and the editor is breathing down my neck, so straight into the rumours…

2000AD Films

Following the announcement last year that there will be three more Judge Dredd films, an insider at 2000AD sent us the a snippet found on the 2000AD website:

      2000 AD FILMS PLC


      2000 AD Films plc is intending to shortly be offering shares for subscription in the company by the issue of a prospectus under the Enterprise Investment Scheme.


      The minimum investment is likely to be set at 2000 Ordinary B shares (of 50 pence) each at a price of ?1 per share. If you would like to register interest in receiving the prospectus, 2000 AD Films plc can be contacted via films@2000adonline.com and a prospectus will be sent to you when it is published, expected to be on or around 20th September 2002.


    Only investments made on the Application Form set out in the prospectus will be accepted.

Well, I’m still awaiting my prospectus, but one has to wonder what has prompted this action, and why now? Rebellion, the current owners of 2000AD are due to release their Judge Dredd game very soon (only 2 years after it was first announced… it better be good as there are a lot of very frustrated Dredd fans out there) and the Dredd films were announced some time ago, so why now?

Are Rebellion running out of money?

Are they struggling to find backers?

Have their announced backers pulled out?

Or, more tantalisingly… are they seeking funding for other films? Will we finally seek Johnny Alpha or Rogue Trooper on the big screen?

We will keep investigating and we’ll let you know when we’ve heard more.

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The Last Fantastic Four Story ? Redux

As first mentioned by Ian some weeks ago, we may see the last ever Fantastic Four story sooner than you might expect. Our continued research should put all you fans of cheesy, very tongue-in-cheek and comfortably familiar comics at ease.

In a post to Alvaro?s ComicBoards, John Romita Jr. has confirmed that he will soon be working on a double-sized Fantastic Four one-shot written by Stan (The Man) Lee. The source of the confusion was that this will be the last time Stan Lee will write a Fantastic Four story.

That is until next time…

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Turtles Game Coming Soon

Hot on the heels of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon (starting 14th September on Fox in the US) 4Kids Entertainment has announced that Konami has been awarded the exclusive rights to any new TMNT games. The new game is due out for the 2003 holiday season and it will be available across multiple game platforms.

Those of us old enough to remember the Knight Rider era of TV will recall Konami held the original gaming rights to TMNT back in the 80’s. I, for one, remember spending big bucks on the arcade version and I can’t wait to see this on the PS2.

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Fraga Fragged?

Dan Fraga, who recently took over the pencilling work on the Black Panther from the popular Sal Velutto has been dropped after only 2 issues.

Black Panther #52 is to be pencilled by Jorge Lucas. Our insider was very cagey about the whys and wherefores, but fans of Fraga point this is his first regular title and that his style is extremely detailed. Lucas has filled in on BP before, and his work on #47 was highly praised by online critics.

So is Fraga for the chop? Is he on a scheduled break? Was he too slow? Or are we all barking up the wrong tree?

We’ll get back to you when we know more!

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Peter Parker Dies!!!

Well, not exactly. The title Peter Parker, Spider-Man is due to be dropped from issue #50, to be replaced by Spectacular Spider-Man #1 the following month. Marvel just keeps on recycling those titles doesn’t it?

Writer Paul Jenkins has confirmed this, and presumably he’ll be the main scribe on the freshly minted book. No word on artist though, which is a shame, I for one love the work that Mark ?Bucky? Buckingham does. It is nice to have an artist who really loves the character he’s working on.

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More Marvel Muck…

Hot tips seen at JoeQuesada.Com:

1602 will be an eight-issue series, written by Gaiman, drawn by Kubert, digital colour painting by Richard Isanove, out from the middle of 2003 – likely to be in the same format as Origin.”

Neil Gaiman at Marvel! What’ll be next? Marvelman, The Silver Age? With the speculation that Bucky has just pulled from Spider-Man and the well-established rumour that Marvel are funding Gaiman’s legal action against Todd (the… nope sorry can’t think of a nick name, shame) MacFarlane, could we see the old Mirage team back together?

Bucky told me he didn’t think he’d return to Marvelman/Miracleman if the chance came up but that may change if Gaiman was definitely the writer…

“JMS is doing a top secret project for Marvel Knights, rumoured to be Dr Strange.”

Hmm, well, let’s not hold our breath here; I’m still annoyed over the lateness of Rising Stars and Midnight Nation. Mind you if anyone can make this title work it is JMS. It has been rumoured for a while that Strange is returning to his own title, so there may be a lot more to this. I can think of one former Dr Strange artist who may be at a loose end but if I mention Bucky’s name again the editor may slap me.

Alias looks to be moving from MAX to Marvel Knights, another nail in the coffin of the MAX line – looks like MAX is being cancelled slowly and quietly rather than being shown the door in one go.”

The biggest surprise here is that the title isn’t being axed entirely. Marvel is trimming down its line to sell the company off, so the death of the MAX line was a forgone conclusion. A shame really, as it was nice to see Marvel experimenting a bit. I’m just a little shocked to see this surviving. I can imagine the sales pitch to the shareholders: “and for all you anal sex fans…”

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Too Late!

Paul Jenkins has revealed that he was due to return to Hellblazer for a one-off story, with Jae Lee as the artist. Unfortunately neither of them could think up a story in time!

Now will someone find Jenkins and beat him over the head with a rolled up newspaper for depriving us all of what could have been another classic.

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The Rock Has No Cock

Thank you to the ever dirty-minded Craig Lemon for the following twisted interpretation of a recent comic book:


Fantastic Four #60

      (the 9c one) very carefully. On page three the group are travelling and Johnny says, ?Are we there yet? Are we there yet?? Ben comments that Johnny should’ve drained the lizard before they left – i.e. he should’ve had a piss first. Johnny’s response is revealing; ?All those who even remember owning a reptile, raise your hands.?


    Ben gets really annoyed at this – the implication? That Ben Grimm as the Thing does not have a penis!”

Surely Johnny can just turn his penis to flame and pee steam?

Have you noticed a dirty interpretation of a recent comic? If so email us now! Yes, we have got nothing better to do.

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Not Even Zenith Can Fight The Lawyers

Fans of the UK’s only real superhero have long been expecting a reprint of his classic adventures but we may be waiting even longer than expected.

UK publisher Titan has printed the first Zenith trade paperback, and 10000 copies or so are sitting in a warehouse, but they cannot be shipped to stores due to a legal entanglement. No-one has specified what the entanglement is, but it is believed that maybe Grant Morrison wasn’t paid for doing the work in the first place, meaning that IPC / Fleetway / Rebellion / Titan do not own the rights to reprint.

However, found at the Copyright and Authors? Rights website:

    IPC had for years been demanding that contributors sign the back of their cheques before they could be cashed, claiming that the signature handed over “world rights” in the work. Freelancers who attempted to negotiate different terms were told by some editors that they had no choice: they could sell all rights or not work for IPC, the largest publisher in the UK. The NUJ believes that IPC’s attempt to impose conditions through a signature on the back of its cheques is illegal under the UK law which defines “a cheque”. IPC’s action, like many other publishers’, also bears investigation under the European Union catch-phrase “abuse of a dominant position”.

IPC was 2000AD?s owner at the time when Morrison was working the magazine, and it could be that Morrison’s case has been taken up by the NUJ… which is why nobody is allowed to comment on it!”

Is this just a one-off situation, or could the whole back catalogue of 2000AD work be under scrutiny? The history of 2000AD published in recent Megazines points out a whole list of instances of various publishers abusing the rights of creators. Recent legal changes and the European Court of Human Rights (the site of some of the more bizarre interpretations of Human Rights legislation imaginable) may well open the door to many creators trying to get the rights to their work. We’ll have to wait and see.

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Well, that’s it. Done. Send us all your rumours and let us know if you want us to use your name or not. Otherwise we may drop you in it and we can’t have that!

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