This is the second part of a two part column. Apparently the powers that be at Silver Bullet Comics reckon that you’re suffering from some attention deficiency syndrome and cannot cope with 2400 words of rumour, gossip, innuendo and cheap self promotion. So, we’ve split this week’s column into two digestible portions… now you may notice that two blatant self promotions appear in both columns. That’s right, I’m not going to let a split column decision get in the way of as much cheap publicity as possible.

Gorilla In DC

Enough of this malicious, evil gossip rumouring, why not some positive gossip rumouring instead, like DC picking up a title that looks like a lot of fun!

Remember Joe Kelly and Pascaul Ferry’s GiGi And The Big Four that would have come out through Gorilla Comics, before their financial rearranging? Joe’s decision to pull the book means he may have started looking round for another publisher…

Well, I hear that it’s DC who have taken him up on it, possibly through their Homage imprint at Wildstorm. I hear Kelly’s very popular among DC editors, but one word of warning, how likely is it that Pascaul can keep up his art duties on both GiGi and on Superboy, where he also works with Joe? The rumour has it that this new creative team will only stay on the book for 6 months…

Joe Kelly told me “This is not true.” However, he didn’t specify whether this was work on Superboy or on GiGi And The Big Four. Let’s hope we can have our cake and eat it!

This has a Rage Value of 7 out of 10.

Pot Calling The Wizard Black

All The Rage, a scurrilous rumour and gossip column, seen by some as responsible for spreading malicious lies and causing damage wherever it treads, dares to call Wizard on a few issues. But they do involve your friend and mine, Mark Millar.

  1. They state that his Superman project, Red Son is cancelled. Not true, it’s scheduled for Spring 2001, with Killian Plunkett taking over #2 from Dave Johnson and doing all of #3 himself in a very complementary style. I’ve been raving about this book for years, it had better be worth it.


  • As mentioned above Wizard have reported that relations between DC and Marvel are frosty over the Captain America-substitute raping Apollo and a couple of nurses. Not so, according to writer Mark Millar who tells All The Rage “The idea that Marvel Comics was annoyed by the Marvel parody stuff is ridiculous. Especially when they called me and asked me to write Ultimate X-Men on the strength of how much they enjoyed this story-arc. Lots of Marvel editors and freelancers e-mailed me saying they got a real kick out of The Nativity more than anyone else. This is just another rumour someone started on a Message Board and tried to turn into a story. I mean, who at Marvel has said they didn’t like it? Marvel are good guys. They’re MUCH cooler than that.”This has a Rage Value of 8 out of 10.

    Down With Warren Ellis

    The Top Cow project that Warren Ellis might be involved with mentioned in the last Gutter Press column? Not Panic Nation as I speculated, but something new. The title? Apparently it’s simply called Down.

    Warren’s response to a query about this? “Now I know you’re making things up. ‘Top Cow’? What a ridiculous name for a comics company. Try harder, lad.”

    He’s repeating himself you know. Last time I enquired about something then unknown, a Pop Comics line being lined up at Wildstorm, he said he’d never even heard of ‘Scott Dunbier’. Ha.

    This has a Rage Value of 7 out of 10.

    Defenders Of E-Bay

    The rumour reported on Ramblings 2000 prior to the San Diego Comics Convention about a new Defenders project by Busiek and Larsen was confirmed everywhere.

    Larsen has been bidding on a couple of Defenders run on E-Bay. Gods, you think Marvel could have sorted him out with some reference, wouldn’t you?

    To find out what else our Erik is interested in, and maybe find some clues to future projects, try here at Larsen’s Bids On E-Bay.

    This has a Rage Value of 8 out of 10.

    Pay The Piper

    Okay, I’m skint. Down to my last two pennies. So I’m selling a batch of comics on Ebay. See what I’ve got here at Rich’s Books For Sale On E-Bay.

    This has a Rage Value of 10 out of 10.

    Have You Had Your Hole?

    Oh and while I’m self serving, have you checked out my new online comic strip at Twist And Shout Comics? It’s called Holed Up! And it’s about a family… well, you’ll see exactly what morbid and sick twist I’m giving it as the weeks go by.

    This has a Rage Value of 10 out of 10.

    Right To Reply

    Anonymously or on the record, if you’ve got a clarification, a denial, more details and insightful comment, speak out. First out of the gate, Ed Brubaker, writer of Deadenders and a fave of mine from way back writes, concerning the ‘My Name Is Bond, Shelly Bond’ article from the last Gutter Press column.

    He says “Just to point out a fact, Shelly edited the Hellblazer Bad Blood script, before Philip was attached to either her or the project, and I believe someone else, Jim Higgins and Will Dennis, edited the final product. Other than covers, Shelly doesn’t edit Philip.”

    Thanks Ed! Nice choice of words…

    Okay, your ordeal is over. And return next Sunday for Marvel’s turn to receive the heavy treatment. Now, remember all scoops, rumours, gossip and basic back-stabbing to the usual address at

    On Sunday, well yes, you’re right, there’s been far too much of this DC bashing. How about some Marvel bashing to even things up a bit? Watch, wait and learn…


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