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Worldstorm Rising

Over on his myspace page, artist Ryan Benjamin lets his fans know that he will be penciling a fill in issue of Teen Titans soon, and will then be the artist on a new Grifter / Midnighter mini series for Wildstorm.

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Second to Last Son of Krypton

Adam Kubert is only slated for a 6 issue run on Action Comics and will then leave to tackle on some other DCU characters.

His replacement has been selected and is described by Geoff Johns as someone who was ?born to draw Superman?.

It is not Pete Woods as some have suspected. Pete is indeed finishing off a Superman arc, but that will only be scheduled between major story arcs to give the regular, current Superman creative teams a breather, similar to the Ostrander / Mandrake fill in run on Batman.

As for his next project after the Superman arc, Pete describes it thusly on his livejournal:

    And when I do finally come back too work I have what sounds to be the coolest, most fun to draw, and high profile book I’ve ever done. Can’t say anything more about it yet other than it’s an event book and it isn’t 52. Looks to be hitting the stands early next year. I’m a lucky guy.

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Working the Double Shift

Over on the Image message boards, C.B. Cebluski has posted some more preview art for his upcoming projects: Loners, No Quarter, and Holidaze.

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Break out the Neutralizer

As reported a while back on ATR, there is some definite interest in the ROM property by various publishers. One in particular had plans for a new series relaunching the character (creators were lined up and ready), as well as reprints of the Marvel comics run.

This has all been shelved due to difficulties in coming to an agreement and a lot of legal mumbo jumbo (not the least of which is the old Marvel series has TONS of tie-ins and guest appearances from Marvel Universe regulars, so reprinting it by someone other than Marvel will definitely pose a problem and/or cost a fortune).

So I am sad to say that despite interest, there will be no ROM series in the near future.

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Shark Attack

Michael Town sent us the following update:

      We’re planning on teaming up with Image following our next comic,

Shark-Man #2

    . Our future book (tentatively titled “Thrill-House”) will be a combination of Shark-Man and Cryptid stories, about 12-14 pages each. Both artists use time consuming processes to achieve their respective looks which makes publishing full length versions of those comics every month nearly impossible.

Michael also sent us the preliminary cover for Shark-Man #2 by Steve Pugh:

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Infinite Remix

The various changes made in the Infinite Crisis hardcover edition have been making the rounds on various message boards (along with this double page spread re-drawn by George Perez). I got this summary and analysis from a poster on the Geoff Johns forum:

    There are several flat out hints that Earth-2 is coming back/still exists in the new IC HC. These line changes completely change the previous meanings in the monthly issues.

1.) In IC #5, GrannyLois is dying, trying to get Kal to realize he’s been in denial. Lois says, “With all your powers, with everything you saw and did… you still never…” Clark says, “It can’t end this way,” and Lois says, “…It’s…not…going…” and then dies.

HOWEVER, the new test has Old Lois saying, “I see the truth now, Clark. A truth even Alexander didn’t see… there’s something else out there… out there…” Clark still says, “It can’t end this way,” and LL still says “…It’s… not…going…”

QUITE a significant change. Of course, this could mean “Heaven”, but I think it means Earth-2, when combined with the next examples.

2.) Also in IC #5, the Wonder Woman of Earth-2 gives her spiel, but one line is drastically changed. “But now that I’ve left Olympus, the gods’ blessings are fading. Soon I’ll no longer exist.”

In the new version in the IC HC, Wonder Granny says instead, “But now that I’ve left Olympus, the god’s blessings to keep me here are fading. I’m being?pulled…somewhere.”

“Somewhere”, just like Lois knowing there’s something else out there, hidden from Alex.

3.) In IC #6, when Alex is mixing up the various Earths, Psycho Pirates makes an observation: “I can feel them. Phantom beings from the fabric of Earth-One and Earth-Two, pulled from their restful place, reborn in pain and given essence — then destroyed. Billions at a time.”

Alex replies, “I planted this garden, Psycho Pirate. I have every right to tend to it.”

MEGA-MAJOR changes occurs in the HC, where PP says instead, “I can feel phantom beings pulled from the fabric of the Multiverse, recreated and destroyed. For some reason, Earth-Two remains vacant. Why when billions of other beings appear across the Multiverse like ghosts. Reborn… then destroyed.”

Alex’ completely changed reply is, “The anomalies of Earth-Two are not my concern. Finding the perfect Earth is.”

So, here, Earth-Two is a special case in all this merging.

4.) In IC #7, SPB is whining that he doesn’t like Earth-One. Alex replies, “This isn’t Earth-One, Superboy. It never was. And now this “unified” world, this New Earth has been altered again. There are changes within its history.”

In the HC, Alex’ words are significantly different: “This isn’t Earth-One, Superboy. In fact, it never was. I tried to divide a New Earth. Instead, I only altered its history.”

5.) And the Biggie… When Kal-L is dying in Kara’s arms, in the comic book, Kal tells Power Girl he’ll always be there for her and now he knows what Lois was trying to say. He says, “It’s not going to end. It’s never going to end… for us…” then two wordless panels, with Kal looking up into space, then the panel where he says Lois’ name for the last time, and then he dies.

WELL….. In the IC HC, those two wordless panels gain some dialogue from Kal. After he says, “It’s never going to end for us…” he then tells Power Girl, “…One day you’ll see… they’re still out there…” Then says Lois’ name and dies.

“THEY’RE still out there?!??!!!!!”

Finally, in the interview in the end, Anton Kawasaki brings up IC #6 and “New Earth”. Geoff Johns replies: “We always knew we were going to do something with New EarthS. THEY’RE important to “52”. Big revelations there” (Emphasis mine).

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One Morning in NYC

Vito Delsante and Tom Williams from THE CHEMISTRY SET stopped by to talk to us about their amazing webcomic STUCK:

ATR: Tell our readers about STUCK ? what is it about? What makes it different from all the other webcomics out there?

Vito: STUCK is about the riders of New York’s “N” Train and the events surrounding one morning heading into NYC. It’s such a simple way to say it, but if you’ve been reading the strip, you know that there are a lot of layers to it. At its core, though, it’s a story about tragedy and survival. I really do believe that Stuck is a celebration of the New York spirit.

I don’t know how different it is from other webcomics, but it’s pretty different than anything I’ve done because it’s so heavily steeped in real life. I usually deal with fantastic elements and extraordinary situations, but STUCK is based on elements that we’ve seen in our own daily lives.

ATR: Tell our readers about the creative team.

Vito: Let’s see if Tom and I can intro each other:

Tom Williams drew the highly underrated NO DEAD TIME for Oni Press a few years ago, and I urge everyone to go out and find it. If your local comic store doesn’t have it, special order it! He’s the owner and proprietor of, which houses SPB RISE!, Tom’s other webcomic.

He lives in Ohio, home of many great cartoonists (Shuster, Bendis, and many others). The sonofagun just turned 32, which makes him a year and two months younger than I am.

Tom: Vito Delsante is one sexy mother? shut your mouth. Vito’s written stories for Marvel, DC Comics, and Speakeasy (R.I.P.), as well as for his own creation, THE MERCURY CHRONICLES. He has various side projects to boot – film, music, etc. Vito hails from New York City: home of many a cartoonist and writer.

ATR: Why webcomics? Why not pitch to a publisher or self publish? Any plans to go to traditional print?

Vito: Instant gratification. The fact that a million people could be reading it at any given moment is really attractive. More and more folks are seeing that the internet’s just a tool to use. I did plan on pitching STUCK this summer at Comic Con in San Diego but this feels so much more gratifying to me. If someone is interested in publishing it after seeing the first chapter, then it speaks well of Tom and myself as creators. We’ll collect it at some point unless someone out there wants to print it now (hint, hint).

Tom: Honestly, if BONE were to come out today in a serial format, it’d be on the web. It’s a smart way of getting unlimited exposure for only a little start-up money. I think we’ll start seeing more indies going online in the future, either in webcomic format or a pdf document for serials with trades/collections going out to stores. This is mostly because of the way the market (that is, Diamond and many retailers) looks at the indie comic, which sometimes makes it tougher to develop an audience.

ATR: How does the medium affect pacing, story structure, etc? How do you approach the writing?

Vito: Well, I sit down and try to crank out 6 pages at a time. I take a few weeks to try to hammer out the story and then send Tom a beat sheet for what will be happening in the chapter. Then I crank out the dialogue and go back to rescript. I think, when I first sent Tom the opening chapter, I even had some dialogue that was unscripted at first.

The medium really doesn’t affect me, but Tom has the real task of making this readable on a computer screen. He also has the unenviable task of making me look like a genius week after week. So far, he’s passed with flying colors.

Tom: Vito started out with a 9 panel grid system that works well for the scrolling. Both print and web have their benefits.

ATR: Tell us about the Chemistry set. What else should our readers be checking out?

Vito: How about this: they should be checking it out every day! We don’t have a bad strip on our site. I invited writers based on the fact that I knew them all to be solid storytellers and in turn, the writers asked their artists to join based on the fact that they had faith in them. Without sounding like a jerk, we’re all very very good at this. And I really want everyone to make The Chemistry Set a part of their web surfing every day.

Bookmark the site! Make it your home page! Add us to your RSS or LiveJournal feed! It really is more than a labour of love for all of us…it’s some of our best work. As for a favourite…I really don’t have one. Each strip scratches a niche itch. I don’t know if the others would say the same about STUCK, but that’s how I feel.

ATR: Any other projects you want to plug?

Vito: Folks usually ask me about THE MERCURY CHRONICLES, and I can tell them that something will be announced in the next few weeks. Also, I have a Scooby Doo coming out in January (or shortly thereafter) that is a full-on musical, with lyrics and music and everything. That should be fun.

There are a few other “hush-hush” projects either waiting for approval or waiting on me to write them, but STUCK is the one thing I can plug with true certainty. You come by on Mondays, you’ll read a new page of STUCK, guaranteed.

Tom: SPB Rise! on and / or

I also have some strips coming out in anthologies this fall: Not My Small Diary #13, I Keee You! (debuting from Atomic Books at SPX), and Panel: Travel (

Plus the first collection of SPB (, which will feature some new material. Everything else is up in the air for now, except STUCK, of course.

Thanks for taking the time guys, I urge everyone to check out STUCK.

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