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It?s 10pm Thursday night; a gentle rain beats against my window. The lights are turned down low. I lay back in my chair prepared to write this week?s All the Rage.

I sift through the various emails that have poured in over the last week deciding what to use in this week?s column, trying to avoid thinking about my wisdom teeth surgery this Saturday.

4 teeth impacted into the jaw. It?s going to hurt like a bitch.

Here are the rumors and gossip, and other assorted comic book innuendo that you all demand.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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I?ve Seen The Future

Do you recall Future Comics, the Florida based publishing company formed by Bob Layton, David Michelinie and Dick Giordano?

Though the company has appeared to be lying low over the summer, they’ve actually been laying groundwork for what, they assure us, are some of the boldest plans the comics industry has seen in quite a while.

Sources close to the company say Future Comics have long-term plans that will dramatically impact upon the market. Apparently they’re calling it “Futurephase 1”, to be revealed publicly some time over the next few weeks.

Our Future Comics insider said, “Several major creators, after reading the Future Comics preview books, called Layton and asking about the guidelines for working at the publisher. Word has been spreading around the artists’ community that the Future Comics material is some of the best stuff that Bob Layton and David Michelinie have ever done.”

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Everyone?s Got A Contract

A couple of people from the Marvel offices have been trying to discourage creative talent to pitching to CrossGen?s new imprints.

They have been telling freelancers that CrossGen requires freelancers to sign a contract before pitching that would give CrossGen exclusive rights to the idea for a period of 30 days.

Another rumor also making the rounds is that CrossGen has 30 days to pitch the idea to Hollywood. If they can sell the project in the 30-day timeframe, creators don?t see a dime. It is only after 30 days their royalties kick in.

While there might be hints of truth in this, these fine folks at Marvel should realize that CrossGen has the contracts available to download off their website. Has Marvel made their contracts public?


In fact Marvel may have just a controversial method of taking in submissions, by doing round robins to determine the creative team on a title.

Pot shouldn?t call the kettle black guys.

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Furious Fabry

Glenn Fabry, acclaimed artist and now male model, got a little hot under the? uhhh? let?s just say he got all hot and bothered about All The Rage?s appropriation of his photographic image last week. He, wrote, ?While I’m very flattered to be referred to as adult-orientated content and fabulous to boot(y) if you are going to nick pictures of my website could you at least mention it for me??

Okay, fair cop, Glenn? here?s that photo again, swiped from http://www.glennfabry.co.uk

And by the way, Glenn, what?s your ?porn star? name? Take the name of your first pet, and the street you grew up in and stick them together. I?m told that SBC?s editor in chief, Jason Brice, is known as ?Fluffy Bickerton? in some circles.

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Walt Simonson Prefers It Solo

DC is set to launch a new anthology series called Solo.

The book will feature a new creator each issue, who will get to tell whatever story they like, in whatever format they prefers. Ranging from full-length 48-page stories, to a series of shorts.

Walt Simonson has already been selected as one of the creators who will help to launch the anthology.

This Has A Rumor Value Of 7 Out Of 10

AOL Shakeups At DC

This rumor seems to pop up every six months, so consider it with skepticism, as always.

AOL?s recent financial trouble may lead to a change in management, apparently some feel that DC may be mishandling some of their properties, and that opportunities to market DC heroes in mainstream media, will be handed off to other sectors of AOL/Time Warner.

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MIT Steals Ideas From Comics?

Here is an update from Brian Reber, about his Radix project for Image:

    Long time no update huh? Well, I have some not-so-good news to inform everyone of.

Back in March a breaking news story was pointed out to us that involved our artwork and concepts being used in a proposal to receive a very large government grant for research. Sounds neat, but it was without our knowledge and credit was given to another person. This unfortunately has taken up all of our time to gather research and information to reinforce our case. Today the Lais went public with all of the information we have gathered. Keep an eye on your favorite news stations in the coming days.

What this means is Radix has been put on hiatus while we sort this out. This has become very time consuming and has distracted us from the comic. We feel it isn’t fair to you or us unless we can devote our full attention to the creation of our series.

Radix will be back, so don’t worry.

Here are a couple of the many news links that ran the original story:



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Mark Texeria Embraces The Storm

Mark Texeria may be doing a number of fill in issues on Stormwatch for Whilce Portacio; who has been falling behind on the art chores.

With many fans having a negative reaction to Whilce?s art from issue #1, it will be interesting to see how long Texeria will remain on the title?

Wildstorm had no comment.

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Hear The Lion Roar

The Lion, the new cliffhanger book from Jim Kruger and Ed McGuinness, will be a three issue miniseries. The mini-series will feature strong Christian themes, reflecting Ed?s wish to bring his religious views to comics.

Unlike Wildstorm?s other big Christian publication, Left Behind, The Lion promises to have lots of fast paced action to keep readers entertained.

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Sexual Harrisment

Well?you can?t really be surprised. It?s not like you could expect Harris Comics to show decency and respect for women.

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Well, that?s all for this week. Write to me at ian@silverbulletcomicbooks.com if you hear and juicy gossip or rumors and I?ll promise you absolute confidentiality, and perhaps immunity from All The Rage ridicule for a week or two.

And a final parting request, also write in if you know any comic book creator ?porn star? names. We?re starting a collection!

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