What About The Workers?

A short column this week… and one of the articles is a parody piece too! Damn, if only someone would pulp another book… bring back Paul Levitz, all is forgiven!

Colour Me Curious

The word is that Marvel’s latest cost-cutting scheme has been “encouraging an internal free market in the spirit of excellence and efficiency”. Or rather making their colourists and colour studios bid against each other to get work. Apparently there was some deal going where the colourists were banding together on price and conditions, but I’ve heard that Haberlin Studios (the new name for Avalon) ducked out of this and put in an extra-low bid.

Look out for colourist chaos and a bunch of Haberlin credits on your favourite Marvels.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 5 Out Of 10

Marvel’s Mature Reader Line Comes Early

“Hulk ashamed” grunted the green behemoth. “Hulk hiding this side of Hulk from puny Banner for years and now this!”

This outburst was prompted by the release of a visual for the Ultimate Spider-Man Team Up book featuring The Incredible Hulk, his face writhing with ecstasy, as he engages in horizontal jogging with a very friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. For years, comics have shied away from explicit homosexuality, despite pummelling the nation’s youth with extraordinary amount of homoerotic material with near-naked men in skin-tight multi-coloured garb wrestling each other. The decision to portray a scene reminiscent of certain videos available in a select corner of your local video store on the cover of a high-profile comic book indicates a move to exploit other niche markets.

“Hulk ask Spider is this Spider’s first time. Spider say no, Spider forgot to take off spandex off.”

This Has A Rumour Vale Of 0 Out Of 10

Kung Fu Fighting

We reported on Ninja Boy coming to Wildstorm in a recent All The Rage, amid speculation it might be a Cliffhanger title.

Well, Matt Hilton on the Crawlspace Message Boards writes about something called “Raiden”.

“It’s coming. It’s Wildstorm’s newest imprint (people seem to love making new imprints these days – it’s like the variant craze of the 90’s!) It’s the equivalent of WS’s action, anime-ish, HK flick style books.”

“Apparently Ale Garza’s Ninja Boy will be the flagship title of imprint. Story details are unknown right now… Interesting point: It’ll be colored pencils – no inks here.”

“Not much is known of the other titles coming from the imprint. There are a few rumors going around: Tommy Yune (Speed Racer) is supposed to be writing a few books.”

Could this be a mutated version of the ‘Pacific Rim’ imprint that Eric deSantis was setting up before he left?

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Rumour Killed!

A nasty little rumour began circulating earlier this week, that the person responsible for the recent Marvel art theft was ex-editor Jason Liebig.

Since then the rumour has surfaced in a number of places, so here’s a chance to kill it dead.

Liebig writes “When I heard that artwork had been stolen after my dismissal I was as upset as everyone else. I find this kind of thing absolutely disgusting. From what I understand, though, an arrest has been made on this matter and much of the stolen artwork has been recovered. And no, I won’t comment on who is being charged with the theft.”

“My own office had been the victim of art theft while I was an editor, and I consider that the lowest-of-the-low. As an editor, I found it somewhat unethical to even accept gifts of artwork from artists, as it can create a conflict-of-interests. But yeah, I’ve accepted a gift once or twice when I was fairly certain no hard feelings could come up later.”

“But for pity’s sake, let’s be clear: I was let go from Marvel, but I’ve done nothing in retaliation for that. Stealing artwork from artists doesn’t hurt Marvel anyway, it only hurts the artists. These days, if a theft or loss occurs, Marvel does NOT reimburse the freelancer in anyway. They simply wash their hands of the matter. And that leaves an artist empty-handed, which ain’t cool for them.”

Joe Quesada also confirmed that Liebig wasn’t the individual fingered, he said “No, Jason had nothing to do with this theft and I take great offense at anyone insinuating that he or any of our employees are responsible without any basis in fact. Rich, this is someone just trying to kick Jason when he’s down, he’s not a thief.”

As previously reported, there does seem to be some effort by some comics individuals to brief against Jason in a number of ways… this may be one of them. However, Joe Quesada’s carefully-worded statement doesn’t contradict another rumour that the robbery was an “inside” job someone not on staff but with easy access to the Marvel offices.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 0 Out Of 10

DC Departures

There have been some more recent “departures” at DC Comics, not in the limelight of the direct market comic books but in the Promotions department – otherwise known as the place that makes the money.

Account manager Paula Doyle and Assistant manager Debra Sills have both left the Promotions department at DC. These are the guys who do stuff like the Burger King deals, Superman postage stamps that kind of thing.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 Out Of 10

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