Hey, everyone! Welcome to another All the Rage. Before I go on, I would like to thank that large group of people who wrote in to give me their ATR well wishes. Thank you! You guys are awesome. Yes, even the two of you that wrote me to complain, you?re awesome, too. Why? Because you emailed me and you were honest. I really like that.

It seems it was another terrific week scoops and rumours-wise. I worked my gnome, ninja and kobold minions to the bone trying to find The Good Stuff. Poor little guys.

We?ll cover Rob Liefeld contacting me (remember last week?s ATR?), something about Sean McKeever, a few Marvel morsels, your customary dose of 2000AD, some terrific indie comics picks, news on an upcoming Battlestar Galactica comics project, information about future title Half Dead, and some more!

So get comfortable, relax and enjoy the ride?

Rob Rage

Remember my ?challenge? to Rob Liefeld last week? I know, I know, it wasn?t a challenge at all. It was more of an open request, really. Although I could have just, you know, emailed him, I thought it made for a nice little piece plus I wanted reader input, which I got in spades! Thanks you guys for writing in!

Mr. Liefeld was kind enough to take me up on my offer to talk (thanks to some fans that spotted the article; big thanks to them) and talk we did. Now, I?m not out to smear Rob or anything, and frankly I don?t care all that much about what he did or didn?t do 15 years ago. As a matter of fact, you?ll notice right away in the interview that the kibosh is put on mucking around in ancient history, anyway. Some of you may think I kid-gloved Liefeld, but truth be told, I?m a nice guy. I just can?t savage someone in an interview, unless they?re like a bona fide Nazi, psychotic political pundit, bacon thief, or some-such. I must say that Rob was prepared, though. He really wanted me to sock it to him! Sorry about that, then.

Look out for the interview going up in our features area at SBC in the next few days. I?ll update this here column when there is a permanent link available, but for now you can check out the current interview here, which just so happens to be my chat with Tony Lee, writer extraodinaire.

This Has A ?I Don?t Need No Stinking Feet!? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

DC Loves Sean McKeever??

The gnomish pipeline passed me information that the talented Mr. Sean McKeever has signed exclusively with DC, and will start when he finishes up with his Marvel commitments. It is rumoured that he?ll be working on one of their bigger crossover projects of 2007 with editor Mike Marts, which I?m told could involve the New Gods.

Is this indeed a possibility? Are the stars right? We?ll see. I find this to be terrific news? if true. I hear that the official announcement will come at New York Comic Con.

This Has A ?We?ll Waiting Place And See? Factor Of Seven Out Of Ten

New Warriors for the Civil War of Annihilation

Whereas the gnomes succeeded in some respects, my handy-dandy kobold minions managed to get me (and thus us) some Marvel tidbits.

One thing I?ve always wondered is if Civil War and Annihilation will crossover themselves into this great big mega-crossover or something. Although I cannot say if that will happen or not (But wouldn?t it be neat?), I have come across some information that Nova (who, as many of you no doubt know, has been hanging with the Annihilation lads) will end up back on Earth and as a follow-up will link with Civil War. Not a total crossover, mind you. We should be looking for big things in late 2007 / early 2008? It seems that Civil War is just a large piece of an even larger puzzle. Apparently reading and being familiar with Avengers Disassembled has a lot to do with the overall scope of things to come.

My kobolds have also offered their loving taskmaster some news that yet another New Warrior will be popping up in the Marvel mix. We all know now that Penance is Speedball (poor guy) and that Nova is coming back? Are we to see more from the team whose destruction helped pitch the 616 into the throes of Civil War? Yes, I hear. He or she will be appearing in Avengers: The Initiative (with Dan Slott writing it, Stefano Caselli on art, and Jim Cheung doing covers? Great team, if you ask me). Who will it be? I don?t know for sure, but I?m hoping for Night Thrasher! Who do you want it to be? Let me know!

Marvel also recently announced Civil War: The Return? Nifty!

This Has A ?Night Thrasher Was Obviously Steve?s Top New Warrior Next To Nova? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

More Marvel? Why Yes, I?d Be Delighted To

Speaking of the Avengers? Anyone else as excited as me for the Avengers / Transformers happening coming up in July? Ooooo! I cannot wait! *sends more diminutive scouts out for some energon and more data*

Another newsy-treat to include is that we shall either love or hate Marvel with what they?re going to do with Captain America in the near future. This makes me nervous, because I love Cap?

As you may know, ?Clor? will be showing his Goliath killing self again soon. Also, I understand the big, buried, and quite under-appreciated guy is ?dead dead?. His demise wasn?t as meaningless as one might think, by they way, for it?s supposed to have an even deeper impact? er, so to speak.

And, of course, we have Thor #1 to look forward to after Civil War. Exciting times over at Marvel, indeed!

This Has An ?If Captain Marvel Comes Back As A Zombie, I?ll Explode With Glee? Factor Of Seven Out Of Ten

Comicarchy in the UK: Gaze into the Fist of Zarjaz!

It looks like a whole lot of you highly enjoyed the 2000AD coverage last week. That makes me excessively pleased! Keep checking here for weekly items regarding the Galaxy?s Greatest Comic and I?ll try not to disappoint. As for UK small press news, Shane didn?t have anything for us this time around, but he?ll have something for us pretty soon. Oh, and before I go on, I?d like to send some serious ATR love to my favourite ninja, Craig. You rock, man!

My spy-droids have picked up some nice items I hope you like?

First, we have this page as done by Simon Fraser for the upcoming Nikolai Dante story, Hellfire. Looks quite nice, yeah? I can?t wait to read it!

Up next is the black & white version of the Savage cover, by Lawrence Campbell. Exquisite, I must say. Very dark and thus most certainly very fitting.

?Tooth is seeing some of its best times in this columnist?s humble opinion. Someone give those over-worked talent-bots a funting raise or something! Next week I hope to have some words to give you from a certain fleshy someone. We?ll see? Who is it? You?ll see.

In case any of you Squaxx dek Thargo have been in a coma, the Future Shop has new Classic 2000AD T-shirts for sale.

This Has A ?This Is Mutie Country!? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Indie Front: Sasquatch Wears a Black Coat When Against the Wall

If you read my previous (and first) instalment of ATR, you?ll know already that I?m all about new sections and what-have-you. In the spirit of saving some space, I?ve decided to compress some of the smaller independent items in to this one section, ?Indie Front?. Here, I will prattle on about various indies I think you should check out. You may already know about them, but most of you will not. I pick up quite a few independent titles, so I just want to spread the joy.

The first item of interest is Against the Wall, as released by Caruso Comics (visit: http://www.carusocomics.com/). This 80 page original graphic novel is a real pleasure to read. It?s unique, interesting and downright good, which is a rare commodity these days. Read all about it at the Caruso Comics site and the book?s production blog. In fact, Against the Wall has been mention by John on ATR before! This comic is worth a second mention and even more, I?m sure. What the heck is it about? I think it?s best for the creators to explain:

Against the Wall

    tells the story of Dalton Prior who dreams about making independent movies. To earn the necessary cash, he gambles on his own one-on-one baseball games (known as ?wall ball?). Enter Bags… a former wall ball king who lost it all to Dalton in a past game. Bags sets up a sting involving a dangerous woman and a high-stakes game with local heavy Madlock. Watching from the sidelines are Dalton’s best friend Phyllis (an artist who has a secret crush on him) and a mysterious Old Man whose past will affect Dalton’s future in ways that neither could imagine. Dalton Prior is a guy with a dream – but his enemies have him ?Against the Wall??

Ape Entertainment (visit: http://www.ape-entertainment.com/) has put out two things that really kicked my ass. The first is the brilliant TPB, A Call to Arms, of The Black Coat pre-American Revolutionary War title that runs rife with intense action, tantalising suspense, outstanding writing and character development, as well as great art. Do not miss this fantastic graphical yarn! Another thing I?ve read from the Ape stables is Magnitude #1. It?s claimed to ?(put) the hero back in superhero and the fun back into superhero comics?. You know, Ape is not far off the mark at all. I really enjoyed reading Magnitude. If you want a fun superhero title on your pull list that?s downright entertaining and looks great, please take a look-see. I should mention that John Byrne does the cover for this first issue, and wow, my hat is off to you Mr. Byrne: Excellent cover-work. Ape offers another intriguing title, Athena Voltaire, a favorite of past ATR scribe Blair Marnell, which I have yet to read. It?s on my list, though?

This just in! I?m pleased to be among the first to announce that the follow-up Black Coat mini-series, ?Or Give Me Death, which is due to hit stands in May. Trust me when I say that this will be totally worth checking out. In addition to this cool news, Ape Entertainment is running a contest where the winner will get their face immortalised in the new series, and they?ll get signed copies of the first Black Coat trade as well as the one they appear in. Four runners up shall be the recipients of signed copies of the bombshell A Call to Arms trade. How cool is that? Check out the contest here. (visit: http://www.the-black-coat.com/contest.php.)

Finally, we have a new project coming out from Viper Comics (visit: http://www.vipercomics.com/) called Sasquatch. It appears that Josh Howard (Dead@17, Black Harvest) is heading it up with some other fine talent. Here?s the non-final cover:

Sasquatch is an anthology ?as big as the creature itself? and ?seeks to highlight the lore surrounding the missing link in a book that will feature over two dozen writers and artists lending their own unique perspectives on the mythical monster?.
My first reaction on hearing this? ?!!!!? Then it became more like ?YAY!!!? Or was it, ?HUZZAH!?? Oh, well, you get the point. Keep your eyes peeled, readers!

There are plenty of independently released comics out there, and I encourage you to seek out and find as many as you like as inhumanly possible. I am only able to cover a mere few a week, for I could easily fill up the next several days of your life making you sift through my ramblings on indies.

This Has A ?Give Me Indies Or Give Me A Nasty Inconvenience!? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Battlestar Galactica to Examine ?Peggy? More

A couple of days ago, actor Richard Hatch (Tom Zarek on the new Battlestar Galactica series, Apollo in the classic show) and Brandon Jerwa (writer of the BSG: Zarek comics) participated in a live forum chat for about an hour or so over at the Sci Fi Channel?s message boards. It?s quite interesting to read if you?re into BSG, and I even asked a question (Sadly it went unanswered? curse you Hatch and Jerwa! Heh, just kidding, guys!). Here, go read some of it. (visit: http://forums.scifi.com/index.php?showtopic=2258854.)

To a question in the chat, Brandon Jerwa replied:

      I am pleased to announce that I will be carrying on in Dynamite’s Galactica Universe, and the first of my new projects will be a

Battlestar Pegasus

    one-shot. You heard it here first! The script is done, we’re just waiting for it to be approved by Universal.

Later, during a follow-up concerning the story’s setting…

    The PEGASUS book starts right after the Peggy’s arrival at the shipyards and follows them through the Cylon attack and the days that follow.

Then, when asked if the book covered everything about the Pegasus and its post-Cylon attack adventures…

    The story leaves some room. (And that means “room” as in “buy lots of copies and maybe they’ll let me fill in that room!’)

Sounds good, yeah? Salivating yet? That?s directed to you Battlestar Galactifans? I can just see someone going ?Um, no. Do you have anything else regarding DC??. Anyhow, I tracked down Mr. Jerwa and got him, upon pain of being placed within a Caprican based Cylon terror-dungeon that is not so unlike Tony Stark?s current all-star accommodations– *deep breath* I got him to tell me something:

    Holy majoley, news travels fast around here! I really can’t say much more about BATTLESTAR PEGASUS just yet, but I will tell you it’s 48 pages long and covers several things mentioned during the “Pegasus” episodes in Season Two. Expect some death, destruction, subterfuge and a very high body count. And don’t forget a metric ton of Cylons, including a sneaky, sexy blonde named Gina…

Well, well! Sounds frakking awesome to me. Now to get the devices that make Mr. Jerwa work faster readied. So say we all, eh?

Since we?re talking about Mr. Jerwa, don?t forget to pick up his latest BSG comics offering, Zarek. Be warned: Zarek will pull you in and won?t let you go! It?ll leave you yearning for #2, just like it did me. I?m pining for it right now. Bravo, Brandon, brilliant work.

This Gets A ?I Love Both Cains For Very Different Reasons? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Half Dead and Loving It

Park and Barb Cooper are writers: good ones, in fact. Frequent SBC readers might recognise their names from their excellent column The Park & Barb Show. They also have a new project that Park would love to tell you all about. I?ll admit that I knew little going into this, but man, afterwards I was hooked! Read on?

ATR: Hi, Park, and thanks for joining us here on All the Rage! I hear you have a new project in the works that will be unleashed soon…

PC: Yep, Half Dead, from DBPro and Marvel, newly listed as “certified cool” in the current issue of Diamond’s PREVIEWS, and available to order from there right now.

ATR: Tell us a bit about Half Dead, if you don’t mind.

PC: It’s slightly hard to classify Half Dead. It’s horror, action, conspiracy, supernatural, medical… it’s a comic for the 21st century, with all the coolness and unwholesomeness that that brings. It’s not a period piece — it’s got the present written all over it.

ATR: That sounds like it’ll be really cool.

PC: Chapter One contains some rather unpleasant acts of terror in the London Underground… which we wrote some time before actual terrorists bombed it in reality. We were thinking more of the sarin gas attacks in Tokyo… but then reality followed suit and caught up to the script we wrote, a bit. Half Dead explores the line between the genres of horror, terror, and reality (it’s a really tangled, squiggly line) and the things in each that each drive individuals and institutions to do things in the name of combating one another?

ATR: As the old saying about life imitating art and all that goes… Nice. You’ve got my interest, that’s for sure. Now, you co-wrote this with your wife, Barb, yeah? How do the writing duties break down?

PC: Yes. Like Lennon and McCartney, things go back and forth. A great deal started with her bouncing things off of me and just writing it. However, once the basic plot and beginning was laid down, I often came in and added things as she went… usually not scenes, usually just speeches and visual details. Anytime anything changed later on down the line, and some part had to be rewritten, that was me.

ATR: Sounds like you guys have the teamwork down. That’s great! And how did you come by artists Jimmy Bott and Dean Welsh, as well as letterer Simon Bowland? I have to say, the art looks *fantastic*.

PC: Barb met Jimmy when she did a Government Bodies interview which came out from Across the Pond back when she was still with Sequential Tart. He liked the nastier elements of Barb’s comic GUN STREET GIRL (visit: http://www.panel2panel.com), and when collaboration was discussed, we showed him the first issue of Half Dead and he loved it. There was talk about him doing a GSG story as well, but Half Dead took off before he had time for that. Jimmy found colorists Wes Wong and Dean Welsh, as well as Simon Bowland, and cover artist Lakota Sioux (Afua Richardson) and all the artists who did the art for the chapter divisions and pin-ups.

ATR: It came together nicely then! Very cool. What part do Marvel play in all of this?

PC: Marvel and Dabel Brothers Pro made their deal to jointly publish DBPro’s line of graphic works based on various fantasy/science fiction writers’ novels, and they wanted Half Dead as well. So it’s simply published by both, and will have two company logos on the cover, or so I understand.

ATR: My next question is of the very usual sort: What inspires you to write this material? Your influences in general?

PC: It varies wildly. Lately (like, in the last month or so) Barb and I have been watching the TV movies of THE NIGHT STALKER series, the second of which was THE NIGHT STRANGLER (Finally, a movie where someone says, “FINE! DON’T believe the killer has to take the blood of his victims in order to remain immortal! But THE KILLER believes it, so would you please admit that if you try to CATCH someone who like that, your odds will improve?”). Last night we watched the late great Nigel Kneale’s writing on the movie of Britain’s THE QUATERMASS EXPERIMENT on TCM. We’re constantly ingesting not only comics but movies, books, the world news, watching CNN and MSNBC… last month Barb had me read Jane Eyre for all the ghosts and spooky atmosphere and now I’m reading Wuthering Heights for the same reason. And then I go and teach English classes and come home and tell her all about it and it creeps into our work sometimes, although you see that less in Half Dead, that I’m aware of, aside from perhaps page 3.

What we were reading, watching and consuming back when we wrote it, heaven knows. Other BBC horror, for one thing, I can tell you that?

ATR: All good stuff! It certainly makes me even -more- interested in HALF DEAD. When can we expect it to hit shelves?

PC: You should expect it to arrive in the local place you shop the first week of March — but especially if you order it now.

This Gets A ?Bring On The Unwholesomeness!? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Blogonaut: Wherin We Pick Nits from Ferret Librarians

Now it?s time for some links to cool blogs that you might overlook in your meanderings of the Internets. My criterion is simple: Fun to read. I don?t care if it?s not the ?best thing EVAR? out there or if it gets millions of hits. If I stumble across it and like it, it ends up in here.

Searching for an interesting blog where interesting comics creators share their musing on comics, art, the creative process, politics, the web and life? Ferret Press has one (link: http://www.ferretpress.com/weblog/) that you might be in to checking out. Every Monday they do ?Guess the Artist? and it?s always good times.

Next up is a blog maintained by a madman who goes by MaGnUs, from the wonderful country of Uruguay. The Nitpicker?s Blog (link: http://thenitpicker.blogspot.com/) is exactly that: a web-blog where this dedicated fellow nitpicks comic books. Honestly, I found it charming and I hope you do too.

Here we have Mark Cardwell?s fantastically amusing and quite illuminating blog, badlibrarianship. (link: http://badlibrarianship.blogspot.com/) Mark?s primary online presence is always worth a perusal. If you don?t laugh at least once, there?s something seriously wrong with you. He?s also good with ?zee info?, if you will. Nice job there, man.

This Has A ?Picking Nits Is Nutritionally Sound? Factor Of Seven Out Of Ten.

Comic Web: Flashing Back to the Broken Voice of the Cyborg Hamsters

Webcomics and online only comics is what this section is about!

First, allow me to introduce you to Flashback Universe (link: http://www.flashbackuniverse.com/) if you happen to be unaware of it. Basically it?s a site that brings you free comic books designed from start to finish in CBR (Comic Book Reader) format. Go and take a look for yourself, and you?ll find that gifted gents Jim and Pierre do a nice job of explaining how everything works. The future of comics books, at least in some form, is there. Oh, and there?s good comics there, too!

Next, we have Broken Voice Comics (link: http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk/), which is a site presented to us by David A. J. Berner with his admirable work and the work of other fine talent. Comics like Shades, The Spires, The Long Vigil, Immortality and others are here to be discovered by those looking for some new reading material that isn?t bad at all.

Lastly, but most certainly not leastly, there?s Jens H. Altman?s site (link: http://www.jensaltmann.com) which has some fun webcomics. Come on, what?s NOT to like about a comic called Cyborg Assault Hamsters? Right? Plus there?s Primal, Beserker: The Wild Hunt, and some other things that Jens has worked on. Take a look, for I?d say it?s worth your while.

Please send me any online comics or webcomics you come across that you think should get some attention here in ATR?s Comic Web!

This Has A ?In My Day I Had To Walk Uphill Both Ways To Get My Comics? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

That?s it for this week, folks. Another hefty edition, to be sure! I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. As always, comments, tips, rumours, suggestions, threats and other correspondence can reach me at steves@silverbulletcomicbooks.com.

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