Sometimes, Space gonna Space. S’what Space does. But c’mon, Space, why you gotta be like that?

We ask the hard questions around here and to dig deep we require some help. This week the Reboot Comic Book Club welcomes Ann Uland, Emily Willis, and Cat Batka of the creator-owned gender bending retelling of Julius Ceaser’s story Cassius!

The group also discusses their other projects, including the status of Willis and Uland‘s ongoing mystery (and erotic!) webcomic Grave Impressions!

And to get to the heart of our opening question, we discuss Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod‘s space odyssey Kaptara. The hit Image Comic deals with wayward explorers surviving an exotic-yet-hostile alien landscape, capturing the same spirit in stories such as Flash Gordon and John Carter.

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Next week, Sina Grace returns to the podcast to discuss his autobiographical OGN, Self-Obsessed, a shared obsession with Jenny Lewis and Rilo Kiley, and Ken Niimura‘s English-translation of Henshin!

Next week will see Nick Marino join the show to talk comics! and after a scheduling mishap, the Sina Grace/Henshin episode will go up next week!

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Intro: “aNYway” by Duck Sauce
Outro: “Carrion” by Fiona Apple

Because Ethics in Comics Journalism: Full Disclosure, Joe and Ann met at the CBLDF party at SDCC ’15 in July. Joe commissioned Ann to create a 10 page mini-comic that was completed in September. If you’re so inclined, you’ll be able to find it and read it for free. Use your Google skills.

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