The mad pulper becomes the mad hatchet man!

A source close to the action reports DC group editors Andy Helfer and Dan Raspler, and assistant editor Morgan Dontanville, have left the company. Our source maintains Helfer was a particular favourite of ex-Publisher Jennette Kahn, so his departure was always on the cards after Kahn’s parting of the ways with DC on January 1 this year. As for Raspler, our source suggests he may have simply annoyed too many DC staffers in recent times.

In related news, former Vice President – Executive Editor, DCU Mike Carlin is returning to a more hands on role. Carlin is now Senior Group Editor (looking after Jeff Smith’s Shazam mini-series, amongst others), whilst Dan DiDio steps up to the plate to take Carlin’s former role with the job title Vice President – Editorial. Speculation is that DiDio will attempt to regain some of the PR ground lost to Marvel. Carlin loses his VP title.

Here at ATR central we think it’s a logical move given DiDio’s prior careers in other media… maybe DC finally has it’s Bill Jemas-equivalent they’ve been crying out for?

This Has A “Heads Will Roll!” Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

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