By Beau Smith

Tell me little pardners, when was the last time you really thought about the comic books you’re buyin’?

Are ya givin’ em’ much thought or are ya just throwin’ money at your retailer and callin’ it a fair deal?

Perhaps you should take a little more time to decide what new books to buy or if you should continue to buy the same books that you’ve been getting’ for years. Do ya have a comic book budget or do ya just wing it?

It might be the time to do up a little budget, amigos.

You might wanna judge a book not by its cover or its cover price, but by its content instead. After all, your readin’ enjoyment is where the bottom line is drawn.

Some of ya might find yourselves buyin’ a certain comic book because you’ve always bought it or have a complete run of it. That’s fine and dandy if you have loads of money to throw away every week, but if you’re like most of us then you’re no Donald Trump.

Just like the weeds in your garden, ya gotta yank em’ out now and then. You could have a couple of books on your pull list that are suckin’ money away. Money you could be spendin’ on a new comic that ya just might enjoy readin’.

With the internet there are loads of places where you can read reviews on new comics. It’s a great way to do your research before ya throw down all that money. I try and buy a new comic book every month; one that I haven’t tried or read in a while. I just recently got back into The Avengers and Captain America. I hadn’t bought those books in years, so I thought I’d try em’ again. I cut loose a couple of books that no longer held my manly interest and added the other two to my pull list. I still spend the same amount of money, but now I get two new books that I enjoy rather than two books I was just doin’ time with.

Ask your local retailer what books they would suggest. Sometimes they will even give you a one time trial discount on a new book if ya wanna try it. At least the really smart ones will.

I suggest buying the Diamond Previews catalogue to find out what ya want and what ya don’t want. It’s big, thick and has all sorts of stuff in it. Kinda like a Christmas catalogue to look at every month. With the Previews catalogue you can get all the info you need to design a pull list that will interest and entertain you. It’s a great way to shop. You’ll also be up on all the latest comics and trends.

I use my Previews catalogue like the buying tool it’s supposed to be. It also lets me keep up on what creators are doing what books. I’m a better informed buyer. Anytime I can be better informed it’s a good thing.

Of course the internet is also a good way of checking out new stuff. There are lots of comic book news sites out there that shove new comics, interviews and features at ya on a daily basis. Use them to also add to your smart buyer tools.

In these modern times there is no way you should be wastin’ money on comics ya don’t like. Not with all the buying tools you have out there. Nobody should be makin’ dumb buys.

These are just a few suggestions that my beer soaked brain can give ya. The best source is word of mouth. Talking to other readers and seein’ what they think is good. It’s done with movies, why not comics. Find a smart comic book forum and see what other folks think of some of the comics that are out there. Don’t waste your time with the ones that whine and cry. It’s easy and unmanly to complain. Just look for the sites that pass along the good word.

I hope this week’s Busted Knuckles has helped you be a little bit better comic book buyer. If I can help ya find some comics you’ll like then I’m a happy man. I like hookin’ up good comics to good people.

I hope ya find somethin’ good. Let me know if ya do. I ain’t hard to find.

Your amigo,

Beau Smith
The Flying Fist Ranch
P.O. Box 706
Ceredo, WV. 25507

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Beau Smith is a writer for Comics Bulletin