Adventure Time #40 (Cover A Paul Pope), $3.99

Adventure Time #40 (Cover B Lauren Dawson), $3.99

Adventure Time #40 (Cover C Simon Leclerc), AR

This issue is double-y great because it’s a one shot and it’s interactive! There are two fun stories in this comic that include such wonderful things as fragile egg people, volcanoes of crows, and of course an axe bass.

big trouble in little china

Big Trouble In Little China #11 (Cover A Brian Churilla), $3.99

Big Trouble In Little China #11 (Cover B Toby Cypress), AR

Eric Powell’s love for the original Big Trouble In Little China film continues to shine through in each new issue he writes. If you’re a fan of 80’s cult classics, you’ll likely get a kick out of this book.


Bravest Warriors Tales From The Holo John #1 (Cover A Jonathan Brandon Sawyer), $4.99

Bravest Warriors Tales From The Holo John #1 (Cover B Artyom Trakhanov), AR

As always, the Bravest Warriors are adorable, but this collection of short stories focused on the Holo John take their wackiness to a whole other level. Combine the Holo Deck with the only bathroom in the Bravest Warriors place and you can imagine how hilarious things get.


Capture Creatures #4 (Cover A Becky Dreistadt), $3.99

Capture Creatures #4 (Cover B Amelie Flechais), $3.99

Capture Creatures #4 (Cover C Lorena Gomez), AR

You can’t go wrong with adorable critters, great writing, and fantastic art. In this issue the action intensifies as creatures are evolving and new species are popping up all over.


Curb Stomp #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Devaki Neogi), $3.99

In this final issue of Curb Stomp the story is wrapped up. I was going to say wrapped up nicely, but on second thought, I wouldn’t exactly call gang violence and police brutality nice. However, the ending of Curb Stomp #4 is very well done and the art continues to be bold and full of emotion. This is a fantastic finale to a consistently great series.


Garfield Volume 6 TP, $13.99

Do you like lasagna and hate Mondays? Then you’re probably going to like these all new stories featuring our favorite grumpy cat.


Munchkin #5 (Cover A Evan Dahm), $3.99

Munchkin #5 (Cover B Paul Maybury), AR

What do you get when you mix time travel with the great characters of Munchkin? A great read, that’s what! The Munchkin books never fail to entertain with their cheeky humor and frolicking storylines. I’m especially excited for this issue because everything’s more interesting when time travel is involved. Plus, I think you’ll recognize a few of the people our protagonists run into along the way.


Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol. 3 #3 (of 4)

The storytelling competitions continue at the June Alley Inn! This issue features stories from Ramón K. Pérez, Jake Parker, and Mark A. Nelson.

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