Cobb: Of The Leash

I’ve laid hints down in the last few months on this new project of mine that I’ve been working on for the past year. Well, since it’s so close to Christmas I thought I’d finally give y’all a little gift before the fat man with the white beard and red suit comes into your house for milk, cookies and a fling with your girlfriend.

In May 2006 my new creator owned mini-series will come out from the good guys at IDW Publishing. It’s called Cobb: Off The Leash.

The story centers on a man named Frank Cobb.

Some people are born to do certain things better than anybody else. Sometimes it’s because they ‘re driven to be the best by their own motivation. These people work hard to become the goal they have set for themselves.

With other people it’s different. They do it because it’s hardwired within them. Something they can’t quite explain. Something they can’t deny no matter how hard they might try. It’s an instinct, a natural reflex. It’s a way of life.

That’s the way it is with Cobb.

Ever since he can remember he has had the urge, the desire, the instinct to protect. Like breathing, he can’t stop it. He can’t live without it. Although from time to time he has tried to hold his breath, in the end he has to inhale his desire for protection or he feels he will die.

From as early as defending the weaker kid on the playground, being an All American linebacker in college protecting the goal line from the opposing team, a soldier defending his country against the enemy, all the way to being a Level One Secret Service agent protecting the president of the United States. Cobb has always been a protector.

Cobb has always had a special ability to see danger before it occurs. He can smell it before it enters the room. More times than not he can stop an attack before it blooms into an act of violence.

It’s his gift. It’s also his curse.

A gift in the fact that he can help those that can’t help themselves from others looking to harm them. A curse in the fact that to do this he must sometimes become more brutal than the those doing the harm.

Out of the service and a few aimless years later, Cobb finds himself drawn back into a world he thought he left behind. A world occupied by the Russian Mafia and a powerful terrorist cell.

Cobb is not a psychotic, revenge driven nut with a weapons fetish. He is not a traumatized, anti-social, know-it-all that dresses up in a flying rodent costume. He’s not the kind of standard tough guy others write about in what they think is hard-boiled noir.

I promise you this. Cobb is different. Come May 2006 you’ll find out just how different.

In taking on Cobb I have called upon my many years of study and research of the Russian Mafia, Terrorists groups as well as the last year researching the Secret Service using the web, tons of books, former law enforcement officers and tons of time in the library. I’ve gotta say that the government has been very helpful in their generosity in answering my questions on the Secret Service.

I’m also lucky to be working with a long time friend of mine on Cobb. He is an artist that has at one time or another drawn every character and every genre that you know of in comics. He is a master craftsman that is the benchmark for his artistic peers in comics. His name is Eduardo Barreto.

For Cobb I needed someone that knew how to tell a story like it was not only a comic, but a movie put to print. This is Eduardo Barreto. For the mood and feel that I wanted to get across I knew Eduardo’s talent for shadowing, spotting blacks, lighting and use of body language and facial expressions would be a must. He was the one and only choice.

Eduardo delivered all this and then some. The art for the first issue came in last week and it was far beyond all my most manly expectations. It was like Eduardo stepped into my head and pulled these images out and put them to paper.

Eduardo and I have worked close together to make Cobb the next step in “two-fisted tough guy” stories. One of our goals was to throw away standard comic book action scenes that have come before. There are no badly thrown haymakers with speed lines that you are used to. There are no kung fu kicks and stances that have been done and done again from artists and writers that think that research is swiping moves from Jerry Bruckheimer and Tarantino movies that swiped the moves from Asian movies to start with.

We have done our best to make the gunfights as imaginative as possible without losing their realistic foundation. No self-back patting here, I know guns and how to use them. It will be the same with the fight scenes. Boxing, mixed martial arts, military self-defense, submissions, little known exotic fighting styles and down and dirty true street fighting have all been researched and employed in Cobb.

Did I mention that you’ll also enjoy the story and the characters?

Sometimes I get so carried away with violence and mayhem that I forget the little things. (I’m joking? really.)

So today I’m gonna give you the first exclusive looks from Cobb: Off The Leash. I hope that you’ll come through and back me and Eduardo on this series. Unlike other creators in comics, I know the fate of this book lies in your hands. As may draws closer I’ll be sharing more with you on Cobb. The favor I ask of you now is to pass the word. Send this link to anyone that you think might have an ounce of interest. I’d like to prove to the world that word of mouth is the best advertising that there is. I wouldn’t ask ya to do this if I didn’t believe in the storyline in Cobb.

Art by Eduardo Barreto

Take a look and enjoy. My thanks go with you.

Busted Knuckles Manly Comic Book Cover Of The Week

Exciting Comics #35
1944 Standard/Better/Nedor Publsihing.Cover Art by Alex Shomburg.

This issue of Exciting Comics was another manly comic book that I got from my dad many years ago. It is one of the reasons I vowed to one day write Black Terror in a comic book. A vow I took serious and achieved along with the great help of my buddy Chuck Dixon in 1989.

How manly does this cover get? The Black Terror and his sidekick, Tim are not only machine gunning the Japanese with manly Thompson machine guns (See the new King Kong movie for more of these wonderful weapons) but they are squashing them like insects under the great American made steamroller! There is justice!!!

The art is by the art legend Alex Shomburg. Shomburg is famous for all the great comic book covers of this time period. His talents graced the covers of Captain America and many more comics during this decade free of politically correct crybabies.

It’s a shame ya don’t see this kinda cover with Osma Bin Laden and his thugs under the weight of of the USA built steamroller.

Make sure you check Chuck Dixon’s website at for his lame attempt at finding a more manly cover than this.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

I don’t know who this lovely young lady is or any of her background. All I know ifs one of my Knuckleheads sent it to me as a suggestion for the Busted Knuckles Babe of the Week and as a possible actress to play Wynonna Earp.

Since you see it up here you know I thought she was worthy of being a Busted Knuckles Babe. As far as an actress to play Wynonna Earp? where did they park my casting couch?

Thank you, amigo for your entry. It was VERY much appreciated. If any of you other Knuckleheads have any suggestions just email em’ to me here are the ranch and if it’s good enough it’ll get posted up here at Busted Knuckles.

The More The Manlier

It seems the word is getting out on Busted Knuckles. In the last couple of months there has been a huge surge in readership for Busted Knuckles. I’d love to claim the credit but I think I’ve got all you long time regular Knuckleheads to thank.

Seems that you’ve been passing the word to others and linking Busted Knuckles from your own blogs, websites and passing the link around. I wanna thank all of ya that have been doing this. It is much appreciated.

Keep passing the word I can always use new readers and help in getting’ the manly word out there in a business filled with Elves, Hobbits and other troll-like creatures that tend to steer people to a softer way of life.

James Meeley Of The Comic Asylum Honors Comic Book Legend Don Heck

Folks, my very good amigo and Knucklehead, James Meeley of the great comic book website The Comic Asylum has honored my all time favorite comic book artist and great friend, the late Don Heck. I suggest in a manly and threatening way that you get over there and check it out. He has written a wonderful piece on Don in the latest episode of The Comic Asylum which you can read and visit by clicking on this link: The Comic Asylum: Underappreciated Masters: Don Heck.

It’s Been Real?Except For The Parts Where I Lie

I wanna thank y’all for stopping by and keepin’ me company. I always appreciate the good conversation and the free beer. You’re a great bunch of guests.

I’m sorry to report that my Chicago Bears winning streak got busted up by the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was a manly game in the wind and snow. I was so hoping for a victory, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Jerome Bettis ran over the Bears like fat lady on her way to a free buffet. I’m hoping that next week’s game against Atlanta at Soldier Field will end with the Bears in the win column.

I went to a very manly surprise birthday party for my long time best friend Ray Crabtree‘s 50th birthday this weekend. It was at the finest Italian eatery in the state of West Virginia, Rocco’s, right here in Ceredo. Not far from the Flying Fist Ranch.

We all had a very manly time and the ladies present were very glad of it. The food was wonderful and the drinks for adults flowed in and endless stream. Crab’s much younger girlfriend, Krista organized an incredible party. At one point in the evening, after quite a few beers jogged my memory, I rose and educated the crowd of escapades that Crab and I have been involved in during the 39 years we’ve been best buddies.

Ray Crabtree, Marshall University Football 1974

One was the tale of the first time Crab got drunk. (6th grade, thanks to me.) Another was when we were on a triple date and my date told me that if Crab attempted to “get lucky” with his date that she would “give in to his manly advances. We were parked on a golf course fairway late at night. I proceeded to dog crawl to the 9th hole to inform Crab of this good news. Needless to say it was dark and half way there my date and I got distracted and decided to count stars if ya know what I mean and I think you do. Needless to say it was info that Crab could have used. He remained intact if you know what I mean and I think you do.

The party went on until late and all had a very good time. Crab is another year older, but yet no wiser. After all, he still hangs around with me.

Well, it’s time to go add more gifts to my ever-growing Christmas list. I hope you are doing the same.

Y’all stay outta trouble.

Your amigo,

Beau Smith
The Flying Fist Ranch
P.O. Box 706
Ceredo, WV. 25507

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