Fans of archival comics material are living in a true golden age for reprints, with the entire history of comics mined for some of the most classic material ever presented.

Canton Street Press has now joined that reprint parade with the forthcoming The Complete Golden Age Airboy & Valkyrie Hardcover, a 136 page, full color, hardcover with Smyth Sewn binding printed in the USA, to be available in specialty comic book stores on August 28, 2013 and in the mass market on September 15, 2013.

Airboy and Valkyrie

The Airboy/Valkyrie stories are some of the most fun and mature adventure comics of their era. Tim Truman will be writing the introduction to this book, and shares his thoughts on the femme fatale: "Unlike most female comic heroines of the time, Valkyrie is no 'goody-goody.' Beautiful and tough, she's also clearly dangerous. Though Valkyrie eventually ends up defecting from the Nazi cause, readers could never be completely convinced that she could ever completely shed the lingering vestiges of her dark past."

Originally a female pilot for the Nazis in WWII, Valkyrie commanded a squadron of female fighter pilots known as the Airmaidens. Following her confrontation with Airboy, Valkyrie and the Airmaidens join the Allies and fight alongside Airboy throughout WWII. Inspired by Milton Caniff’s Dragon Lady, artist Fred Kida designed a striking costume and Valkyrie was developed into one of the most compelling female characters of the 1940s. Also included is the second Misery story that does not include Valkyrie, but introduces one of the creepiest villains of the 1940s – one who entombs the souls of dead Allied pilots in a mold encrusted plane. Combined with the Valkyrie/Misery story ("The Return of Misery"), this book collects Misery's complete Golden Age appearances as well.

Airboy and Valkyrie

These comics were first reprinted back in the 1980s by Eclipse Comics. I loved them at the time. They were more sophisticated than most comic books of the 1940s – full of thrilling, sexy action. It's great news that this new publisher is taking on the reprinting of these wonderful comics. They also have a wonderful looking collection of sexy Matt Baker comics listed on their website and I hope they will fill a special niche in the comics reprint game. Heaven knows there are enough great archival comics waiting to be reprinted.
For those who care about such details, this book collects the following comics: Air Fighters Comics V1 #12, V2 #2, V2 #7, Airboy Comics V2 #12, V3 #6, V3 #12, V4 #10, V9 #2.
– Alex Jaffe 
Airboy and Valkyrie