Zorro is back and the Germans have him!

Some of the finest and most popular comics and pulp stories of all time have featured the adventures of the masked adventurer in Old California. Now German publisher Classic Heroes has acquired the license to Zorro and are releasing special limited edition collections of classic Zorro stories featuring the writing of classic comics writer (and Comics Bulletin columnist) Don McGregor. These comics are available for readers in the US and the rest of the world.

Finally Don McGregor's wonderful and intense take on Zorro is back in print as the exciting Zorro Vs. Dracula and Zorro's Renegades have come back into print, soon to be followed by a second collection of the rollicking Zorro daily comic strip, with breathtaking art by Thomas Yeates. Don has frequently talked about how these comics are some of the favorite comics he's ever produced, and how his thrilling character Lady Rawhide is one of his favorite creations in the comics medium.

But not only are these stories close to the writer's heart, they're also thrilling and fascinating, dark and intriguing and heroic. And at the price of €10 with free shipping, they're a real bargain.

Also available is a collection of classic Zorro pulp tales. Zorro – The Masters Edition is a compilation of more than 50 short stories, novellas, and novelettes in high-quality hardcover volumes in a handsome, uniform look with all original Zorro magazine illustrations and completely new cover art by Joel F. Naprstek. Get the complete Zorro collection in this outstanding limited edition!

These comics are produced and print in Germany and only available through import from the website zorro-edition.de in a limited edition with the permission of Zorro Productions. Generously, these comics have no shipping cost to mail to any part of the world.

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