Birds of Prey  began production in January 2019 with Kathy Yan directed the film with the screenplay by Christina Hodson. Kathy is an American and Chinese director famous for directing Groomed (2016) and Dead Pigs (2017). Kristina is an American screenwriter famous for her writing of  Unforgettable (2017) and Bumblebee(December 2018). In April 2018, DC Comics tapped her to write Batgirl movie.
Birds of Prey comic books published by DC Comics came out November 1995 titled Black Canary/Oracle:Birds of Prey written by Chuck Dixon and drawn by Jordan Gorfinkel. The original team was Black Canary and Barbara Gorden (former Batgirl)-now called Oracle. Other superheroes have joined and left. Huntress was a staple to this team.
This blog will talk about Black Canary. She, Dinah Lance,  first appeared in Flash Comics #86 (August 1947) (see picture above) published by DC Comics written by Robert Kanigher and drawn by Carmine Infantino. Unfortunately, she is not on the cover. Dinah is a martial artist with ultrasonic scream.
 WB casted Jurnee Smollet-Bell to be Black Canary. They wanted a diverse cast in the movie Birds of Prey. Picture above is courtesy from Pinterest. She is famous for her roles in NBC drama Friday Night Lights and HBO vampire drama True Blood.
Black Canary had appeared in CW TV show Arrow. In that show, there was Black Canary, Dina. Her sister, Sara,  taking that role of Black Canary but was called as Canary. She passed away. Dinah took the role of Black Canary back. She passed away. There was a resurrected Sara called White Canary. There was a doppelganger named Black Siren. So many characters affiliated with Black Canary in that show.
This movie Birds of Prey won’t have that many characters associated with Black Canary. It will be too hard for them to make a movie.
You can now watch Black Canary in Birds of Prey because DVD and Blu-ray are now available.
A  copy of Flash Comics 86 CGC 4.5 restored  sold for $4,800.00 in summer of 2018. Unfortunately there are many of these comics on sale right now.

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