Fantastic Four 1 came out in November 1961. This book is about 4 superheroes, who got bombarded with cosmic rays and got superpowers afterward. Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic is the leader of this group. He can stretch into incredible shape. Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman is marred to Reed. She can make herself invisible and project force field. Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch is the younger brother of Sue. He can fly and produce flames. Ben Grimm aka The Thing was a college roommate of Reed. He has superhuman strength. There has been 4 movie adaptations of Fantastic Four. The first one was in 1994. The most popular of these 4 movies was the movie made in 2005. That movie did well and second movie was made called Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007). That movie was not successful and the third movie was cancelled. I actually did liked the 2007 movie. Fox rebooted the Fantastic Four franchise in 2015. That movie bombed. I agreed 2015 movie was no good, took too long to develop the characters. Dr. Doom has very little screen time in that movie. This 2015 movie was the last Fantastic Four movie developed by Fox because the rights to Fantastic Four was sold to Disney. The problems with Fox movies, they tend to have the same villain in every one of their movie. Dr. Doom is every one of the Fantastic Four movies. They need to mix it up a little. Same thing when Fox made all of those X-men movies, they have Magneto as the villain in almost every one of those movies. I know Marvel Studios will make a great Fantastic Four movie. How can they make a great movie?
  1. Marvel can skip the origin story. That story has been told twice already. Three times if you count the 1994 movie. I know that’s what they did with Spider-man. They didn’t do a origin story when Marvel rebooted the Spider-Man franchise with Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017).
  2. Marvel will need to come up with another villain instead of Dr. Doom in the next movie. I know Dr. Doom is their main villain. We seen him already. We also seen Galactus and Silver Surfer too. Maybe the new movie should start out with Namor as the main villain.
Fantastic Four 1 comic came out in November 1961. This book is not cheap. Low grade copies of this book will around 6k to 10k. In July 2019 at the San Diego Comic Con, Kevin Feige stated that Fantastic Four movie is in development. Internet rumors stated that he is mapping out 10 years of movies with Galactus as the main villain like Thanos. Time to pick up Fantastic Four 1 before he officially announced the movie date for that movie. img_2055

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