Jackpot movie
In August 2018 Sony announced Jackpot movie is in development. Jackpot first appeared in the Free Comic Book Day Spiderman: Swing Shift (May 2007) (see above picture) published by Marvel Comics written by Dan Slott and drawn by Phil Jimenez.
The news of this movie has stalled. We haven’t heard too much about this since.
However, on May 21 2020 Sony has hired Marc Guggenheim as a screenwriter. He was write for Green Lantern (2011) and Percy Jackson:Sea of Monsters (2013).
Jackpot is made up of two fictional superheroes, Sara Ehret  and Alana Jacobson. Sara is the original Jackpot. She achieved her superpowers by accidental being exposed to a virus. The virus changed her DNA. She became part of a super-team afterward. However she wanted to go back to a normal life.
Alana Jacobson recognized Sara and offered to buy her identity and license. Sara accepted. Alana got her superhuman strength by drugs. Alana fought alongside Spider-man in many battles. In 2010 Jackpot had her own mini-series.
It will be interesting if Sony will have two Jackpots like the comic book version or just one. So many of Jackpot stories were tied in with Spider-man. Also will be interesting if Sony don’t have Spider-man in the movie either.
Spiderman: Swing Shift  sold on ebay for $35.99 plus shipping on August 9 2018. The hype has died in 2019, there were some sales going from $3 to $15 for this book.
Now with the recent announcement, this book is selling for $20 to $75.

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