Saturday, July 6 will be the 3 years anniversary of Pokémon Go launch. This augmented reality, location-based game is owned by Niantic, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. Pokémon Go had broken a lot of records with the game release. Let focus on 5 records that were registered by Guinness World Records.
1. This app is the fastest to gross $200 million ($206.5) after one month of release. However, what is even more impressive, Pokémon Go has staggered release in different countries. United States, Australia and New Zealand got the game on July 6. Most European countries can play on July 13. The game wasn’t launched in Japan until July 20. In August, Central and South America and most of the Southeast Asia. The rest of the other countries got Pokémon Go the end of the year.
2. Most downloaded game (130 million) in the first month. By September it has 500 million downloads. In February 2017, 650 million downloads. In June 2017, 750 million downloads. This game has over 800 million downloads now.
3.Most international charts topped simultaneously for a mobile game in its first month. Pokémon Go has topped 70 different countries download charts.
4. Most international charts topped simultaneously for a mobile game in its first month. This game was top grossing game in 55 different countries simultaneously.
5. Fastest time to gross $100 million by a mobile game. Pokémon Go did it in 20 days. By September, this game was the fastest to gross $500 million. In February 2017, fastest to $1 billion in revenue. In June 2017, Pokémon Go has $1.2 billion revenue.
Pokémon Go will have some competition now. There are couple augmented reality games in play.  There are Jurassic World Alive (May 2018), Ghostbusters  World (2018) and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (June 2019).
With the popularity of Pokémon Go and Pokémon: : Detective Pikachu movie that came out in May 2019, fans are not into Pokémon comic books. Why read when you can catch them all.
The first 4 issues of Pokemon: Electric Tale of Pikachu can be bought in a sealed pack for $20 on ebay.

Pokemon was created in 1995 as a pair of video games for the original Game Boy. The popularity of this Pokemon first appeared in the comic books in 1998. The Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu published by Viz Communications was the best-selling comic book of any type in the United States. The volume was released in September 1999 consisted for 4 issues titled
01. “Pikachu, I See You”
02. “Clefairy Tale”
03. “Play Misty For Me”
04. “Haunting My Dreams”
Bonus 1. “Tales Of Pikachu In The Wild”

Three more volumes came afterward. They are
Volume 2 Pikachu Shocks Back
Volume 3 Electric Pikachu Boogaloo
Volume 4 Surf’s Up, Pikachu

The characters appearing in these comic books are Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, Gary Oak and Team Rocket (Jessi, James and Meowth).


Final Recommendation: Enjoy

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