My favorite Superman writers of a now-disparaged era were Martin Pasko and Cary Bates. What are these two gents doing these days (and why the hell aren’t they doing comics)?
– Richard Pachter

Actually, Marty IS doing comics. He is a Senior Editor at DC, in charge of the various custom comics they produce. That would include such projects as the CELEBRATE THE CENTURY books that were done for the U.S. Postal Service, as well as comics for Con Edison, the San Francisco Giants, Six Flags, Best Western, and OnStar. [For a look at the OnStar online interactive comic starring Batman, check out Make sure to check out the credits!] Marty’s been back at DC for a number of years now, following a stint in California as a TV writer and editor.

As for Cary, I haven’t heard anything from or about him in a number of years. I think the last time I saw him was back in the 80s when he was a writer for the Superboy TV series. [Anybody out there know where he is?]

And while we’re on the subject of finding people…

Where is Larry Stroman?
– Unsigned

Out there drawing something, I suspect!


Whatever happened to Tom & Mary Bierbaum, who wrote Legion of Super-Heroes several years ago?
– Juanma (

There’s a recent interview with Tom and Mary at ComicBookGalaxy.


I’m looking for information or family history on artist John Giunta. I’m part of a film group who is doing work on a film documentary about Frank Frazetta, and this is just another piece of the puzzle. Do you have any ideas?
– Shane White (

My online and offline searches have come up with very little about him, other than references to his being a mentor to Frazetta and that among his many works were issues of THE FLY for Archie Comics in the 60s. (Amusingly, a link I followed brought me to one of my own SBC columns in which I listed “John Gee” as one of his “pen names.”)

Anyone else have suggestions?


Does Paul Norris do commission sketches?
– Unsigned

Mr. Norris, perhaps best known among comics fans as the original artist on Aquaman way back in 1941, is closing in on his 88th birthday. While I am only speculating, I suspect he is not doing sketches these days. Also, I was unable to locate an address for him. You might try writing to him care of the Comics Buyer’s Guide; they have a fairly large list of addresses and are amenable to forwarding mail.


I have designed a partner for Spider-Man. He’s pretty cool; wanna see some designs? And can I have Stan Lee’s e-mail address?
– Ertan (

I don’t have an email address for Stan ever since Stan Lee Media went belly up. And since I have no say whatsoever about what Marvel does, showing me designs for a partner for Spidey is not going to get you anywhere.


I have a poster of Spider-Man that I want to have John Romita, Sr. sign. Do you know how I would contact him via E-mail or telephone or letter writing?
– Glenn Kenworthy (

As I suggested to Unsigned about contacting Paul Norris, you might want to try going through CBG.


I remember hearing a rumor years ago that DC penciller JJ Birch was an already established artist who wanted to “reinvent” him/herself? Do you know if there is any truth to that?
– Derrick Williams (

As I recall, JJ was actually Joe Brozowski.


Is there going to be a sequel to the X-Men movie?
– Unsigned

Yes. (Next year.)


ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN… canceled or not?
– K Nolan (

No. (At least, probably not any time soon.)


Do you know what the numbers in the card back of a recharge deck means?
– Bruno Cevallos (

No. ( I don’t even know what this question means!)


Does Marvel plan on including Venom or Carnage in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN?
– Drew (

Maybe. (I don’t have any sources at Marvel to bug for such info.)


Marvel will publish a Sub-Mariner Masterworks volume in March? Do you know what other titles will follow this year?
– Klaus Hoffmann (

No. (I still don’t have any sources at Marvel to bug for such info.)


Do you have Spider-Man buddy icons for AOL?
– Bob (

No. (And since AOL-Time Warner owns DC Comics, it’s unlikely you’ll see any.)


What was the first (labeled) Imaginary Story done for Mort Weisinger’s Superman line? Also, what was the last book he edited before he retired from DC?
– Barry Alan (

That famous first was “Mr. & Mrs. Clark (Superman) Kent” in SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE #19, way back in August, 1960. (And the term led to the immortal advertising disclaimer, “Not a dream, not a hoax, not an imaginary story…”)

There’s some debate about which issue Mort worked on last, but I’d vote for SUPERMAN #231, the last regular issue before the Julie Schwartz era on the Man of Steel began. (Yes, I know Julie started with #233; the issue in between was a GIANT reprint, edited, presumably by E. Nelson Bridwell.)


Hi Bob! One thing I loved about reading DC comics in the late 70s was your column, “It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s the Answer Man!” I have always wondered — when did the Earth-1 and 2 Supermen first meet?
– Bizzaro Beatle (

The Golden Age Man of Steel joined the Justice Society in the annual team-up with the Justice League in JLA #73. He and his Earth-1 counterpart came face to face in #74.


I’m for two issues from my youth.

The first was, I think, a WORLD’S FINEST story where a box of kryptonite pills appears on earth and allows anyone who eats them to have super- powers. A criminal mastermind finds the pills and uses them for ill-gotten gain. Somehow Supes loses his powers and Batman and Robin take the pills and fight the villain with the powers they gain. I think I read this in a treasury edition or reprint somewhere in the mid ’70’s. Any ideas?

The other issue I’m looking for contained a back up WWII story about a masked pilot who flew for the Flying Tigers in China. I’m not sure if this was DC or maybe Charlton?? Again, this issue is from the ’70’s.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
– C. G. Kirby

“The Reversed Heroes” appeared originally in WORLD’S FINEST #87. In it, Superman loses his powers after taking one of the pills, an act so foolish you’d have expected Jimmy Olsen to be commiting it instead of the Man of Steel. The story was reprinted in WF #223, a 100 PAGE SUPER-SPECTACULAR issue.

By the way, this story is not to be confused with “The Super-Batman” in WF #77 in which Superman lost his powers and Batman gained them thanks to a raygun. Or “Battle of the Super-Heroes” in #95 in which Batman is given super-powers by aliens so he can more evenly compete with Supes. (Makes you wonder if somebody at DC jumped up once a year and said, “Hmm, time to give Batman super-powers again!”)

I can’t help you with the second story; perhaps someone out there recalls it?


I understand that the Red Torpedo found an undersea city called Merezona in CRACK COMICS #7. Could you give me any details on the story including a description of the natives?
– Unsigned

Way back in “The Shark and the Mermazons” in 1940, the Red Torpedo encountered Queen Klitra and a race of mermaid amazons. Unfortunately. I don’t have the issue, so I can’t give you any further details. As to what they looked like, use your imagination!


I need some help to find stuff for my homework.
– Don (

You aren’t alone in that, Don. As this next batch of questions demonstrates.


When did the H.M.S. Titanic hit the iceberg and when did it crash?
– Courtney (

I would say that it crashed at about the same time it hit the iceberg. You can find all the information you need in an encyclopedia or the book “A Night to Remember.” Or, you could just go to Blockbuster and rent “Titanic.”


What is the longest word in the dictionary?
– Seth Thomas (

No, WHAT is not the longest word in the dictionary. But What is the name of the second baseman.


Which current NBA head coach was once a draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys?
– Dylan (

Do I win some kind of sports trivia quiz if I tell you the answer?


How many islands in Greece?
– Nick Butler (

Too many for me to count. However, they are located in both the Ionian and Aegean Seas, they represent approximately 20% of the total land mass of the country, and Crete is the largest one.


Yo, Bob! There was also a Super-Sons story in the pulped ELSEWORLDS 80-PAGE GIANT! I colored it.
– Rick Taylor


During the Alan Moore Swamp Thing craze, DC announced Len Wein and Berni Wrightson were reuniting to create another Swamp Thing tale. Whatever happened to this? You printed this question and asked Len to respond but he never did. Could we try again?
– Billy Cox (

Len? Oh, Len…?

Next week: My 100th column for SBC! We should do something special to celebrate! (Hmm… I guess I better start thinking about what that something should be.)

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